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Since publication of the Houston Chronicle articles, members of the United States Department of education, Texas Education Agency, Texas Legislature, State Board of Education, advocacy groups, school trustees, superintendents, educators and parents ...
The Texas Legislature is currently exploring several ways to curb financial exploitation of the elderly; this is important work that should be applauded and bolstered.

Gorzell said the city is looking for a solution in the Texas Legislature. A statement from Lowes said it's always their intention to pay their fair share of taxes.
The passage of such legislation by the Texas Legislature would promote freedom of speech and transparency in elections, the TFRW board said.
Farther down the ticket, very few members of the Texas Legislature - none in the Senate - are in competitive contests. Only a handful of GOP incumbents in the 150-member House are considered at risk of losing their seats, with the list including Reps.
... doors to draft a compromise over how best to deliver healthcare remotely. The TexLa TRC believes these telehealth stakeholders are still working together to find common ground to redraft telehealth language before the Texas Legislature meets in ...

Wallace said the last session of the Texas Legislature, the 84th Legislature that met in 2015, was one of the most pro-business sessions ever.
In 1998 Governor George W. Bush called for the Texas Legislature to set aside funds for the Texas Historical Courthouse Preservation Program.
Finally, some say the Texas Legislature, who is in charge of approving redistricting plans, has delivered on their tough job of creating equally populated districts in a state very divided by urban and rural population.
In early 2015, TJC leaders put the plan in motion and began pursuing approval from the Texas Legislature. Legislative action on the issue first was granted in late 2015, after State Sen. Kevin Eltife, R-Tyler, and State Rep. Travis Clardy, R ...
The last session of the Texas Legislature cleared the way to organize the 440th District Court and went to far as to name 52nd District Judge Trent Farrell as the administrative judge in Coryell County, Coryell County Judge John Firth said Monday.
In the plan, which the mayor hopes to present to the Texas Legislature next year, operating costs would be required to remain within a specified range.
Created in 2001 by the Texas Legislature, The Energy Corridor District (Harris County Improvement District #4) works to enhance the community's quality of life and sense of place by implementing mobility, public safety, landscape design and streetscape ...
Farther down the ticket, very few members of the Texas Legislature - none in the Senate - are in competitive contests. Only a handful of GOP incumbents in the 150-member House are considered at risk of losing their seats, with the list including Reps.
"The Texas Legislature should employ a multifaceted approach to address school-entry vaccine exemptions," they wrote and suggested that this should be a priority item in the upcoming state legislative session starting in January.
A re-enactment in July of a cattle drive at the Fort Worth Stockyards, which is now represented in the Texas Legislature by Ramon Romero Jr.

"The people have already spoken on the issue through the Texas Legislature," the brief concludes. "It would be a detriment to their constituents if this elected Court were to remain silent.
State Rep. Laura Thompson, the first independent to win a seat in the Texas Legislature in more than 50 years, was arrested Thursday on a charge of assault on a family member, according to Bexar County Jail online records.
Moore added he hopes to achieve the District of Innovation designation before the Texas Legislature meets next year. The Legislature, he said, could move to limit the exemptions available to districts of innovation.
"The regulation of medicine is a right reserved for the states, and the board stands behind and will seek future vindication of its state-action immunity for performing the duties assigned it by the Texas Legislature," said Scott Freshour, interim ...
In 2015, the Texas Legislature approved $800 million for border security efforts, largely in response to an influx of Central Americans breaching the Texas-Mexico border.
It is well within the capacity of the Texas Legislature to respond to that challenge. Laurin is a professor at the University of Texas school of Law.
Texas Values president Jonathan Saenz, at right, alongside a cardboard wedding cake celebrating Texas' ban on same-sex marriages at a Texas Faith and Freedom Day rally in 2015.
Austin - Democratic lawmakers reacted angrily, and their Republican colleagues cautiously, to evidence of another breakdown in Texas child Protective Services investigations - this time in Harris County.
The next Texas Legislature will take on some weighty issues. Balancing the budget in the face of a funding shortfall, finding a better way to fund public schools, improving the embattled child welfare system and bettering the state's approach to mental ...
Austin -- Lawmakers on Wednesday pledged to better define when and how state agencies use "emergency leave" to keep paying ex-staffers, but they showed little will to investigate the practice and crack down on its potential misuse.
A member of the Texas Legislature at age 23, a poet and commander of the Eighth Texas Confederate Infantry Regiment, A.M. Hobby was a defender of Corpus Christi during the civil war.
The Llano Estacado Regional Water Planning Group (LERWPG) is tasked with developing and adopting a regional water plan in accordance with Senate Bill 1 and Senate Bill 2 as passed by the Texas Legislature. The group's mission statement is to ...
Experience: former Texas Legislature staff, General Land Office analyst, Texas Water Commission budget analyst, program manager at Comptroller's Office Texas Performance Review and Competitive strategies, Austin Energy senior business process ...
According to the Texas Department of agriculture, the state agency that administers this referendum, the 2009 Texas Legislature established a non-profit organization, the Texas Citrus Pest and Disease Management corporation, giving the Commissioner of ...
Last year the Texas Legislature passed a law requiring a defendant's most recent attorney to be notified when an execution date is set.
Graves, an alumnus of Texas Southern University and Princeton University, served in the Texas Legislature from 1967-73. Along with Barbara Jordan and Joe Lockridge, Graves was the first African-American elected to the Texas House of Representatives ...
VDRs were established in 1985, but the restrictions on voter registration were significantly toughened by the Texas Legislature in 2011 to require county trainings, ban non-Texans, and prohibit VDRs from being compensated based on the number of people ...
In the FOX 7 Care Force, we want to preview how veterans will fare in the next Texas Legislature. It meets in January and one of the point people helping to guide veteran-related legislation is Marine vet James Crabtree.
Texas A&M Forest Service has administered the grant program under the Texas Legislature since 2002, having awarded 1,655 fire engines, 69,140 pieces of protective clothing and 69,134 training tuitions to Texas fire departments since the program's ...
Just last month, the Texas State Board of Education was exposed for approving racist textbooks that whitewash history while shaming Latinos as "lazy drunks.
During the 84th Regular Session of the Texas Legislature, which was held from January to May 2015, state lawmakers appropriated $56.9 million to support family violence centers, according to Aaron Setliff, Public Policy Director for the Texas Council ...
Just last month, the Texas State Board of Education was exposed for approving racist textbooks that whitewash history while shaming Latinos as "lazy drunks.
Correction: Due to a data calculation error, this story and its graphics initially contained an incorrect figure for children believed to be at risk of abuse who had not been seen by investigators as of Sept.
"Sometimes we complain about all of the fetters that the Texas Legislature places upon us, and this is an opportunity to break some of those," trustee Jim Rice said at an Aug. 8 meeting.
The motion was trying to get the Texas Legislature to sign off on more incentives for the film industry. Local supporters who have been involved in major summer blockbusters like "Independence Day: Resurgence" say the Albuquerque-area saw roughly a $44 ...
"Since that time, we've reduced the crime rate to the lowest level since the 1960s," said Jerry Madden, a former Republican member of the Texas Legislature who helped design the reforms. Texas' crime rate has fallen dramatically and recidivism is down ...
... are picking up notable endorsements. Candidates with the Republican, Democrat, Libertarian and Green parties are on the ballot to win a seat on the Railroad Commission of Texas, which is facing an overhaul at the hands of the Texas Legislature in 2017.
The final ruling was appealed to the circuit two or three times, but the ruling that made the difference was the ruling from Judge Bunton, which basically gave the Texas Legislature about six to nine months, as I recall, to pass some legislation that ...
Meanwhile, as the case wends its way through federal courts, a consortium of health care and tech groups is calling on the Texas Legislature to step in and settle the matter when lawmakers convene in Austin early next year. That stands in stark ...
In terms of jobs, the Texas Enterprise Fund encourages industries to move to Texas, but most industries move to large urban areas and not rural communities, Webster said.
The Texas Legislature is required by state law to approve a balanced budget for the Lone Star State. This fact is worth repeating - until it gets hammered home like a political nail.
One can't help but wonder if the 2011 Texas Legislature's cuts to family planning that closed 82 clinics played a role.
In 2015, every single Republican in the Texas Legislature - all 118 of them, excluding house speaker Joseph Straus, who does not frequently vote - voted to allow guns onto the campus and into the buildings and dorms of this university.





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