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updated Mon. March 27, 2017

More than halfway through its 140-day regular biennial session, the Texas Legislature is down to crunch time to settle budget disputes between the House and Senate.
Facing a tight budget outlook and unwilling to raise taxes or tap a multibillion-dollar rainy day fu...
Austin - At the state capitol, lawmakers are headed for what could be a very controversial vote. The Texas Senate will soon vote on a voucher program to give families public money to send their children to private schools.
State Sen. Larry Taylor, R-Friendswood, chair of the Senate education Committee, directs a witness during testimony this week. Bob Daemmrich for The Texas Tribune.
Thousands of law enforcement officers across the state could soon receive bullet-resistant vests, thanks to a bill passed by the Texas Senate last week. Prompted by the ambush-style attacks on five Dallas police officers last July, Senate Bill 12 ...
Texas would require high school students, drivers-in-training and police officers to be taught how law enforcement and civilians should interact under a measure approved by the Senate Criminal Justice Committee on Tuesday.
Despite the Trump administration's early moves to ramp up detentions and deportations and build a border wall, Texas budget writers don't appear likely to significantly dial back funding for state-based border security operations this year.
The Texas Senate on Wednesday approved legislation banning state contracts and investment in companies that boycott Israel.
Texas Senate budget writers on Wednesday unanimously approved their two-year budget, which avoided some steep cuts by using an accounting trick to free up $2.5 billion state dollars that are slated for the state highway fund.
The Texas Senate on Wednesday gave initial approval to a measure that would require women to pay a separate premium if they want their health plan to cover an elective abortion.
Houston - Houstonians have done it, local leaders have done it, and now, state lawmakers are grappling over the future of the Astrodome.
The Texas Senate is moving closer to a vote on a pension reform package for Houston city employees. The plan, put together by Mayor Sylvester Turner and approved by the Houston City Council, aims to rein in unfunded pension liabilities that have ...
Two GOP-backed Anti-Abortion bills passed the Texas Senate on Monday - one that would prevent parents from suing doctors if their baby is born with a birth defect and another that would require doctors to make sure a fetus is deceased before ...
Austin (KXAN) - On Tuesday, key lawmakers will take up one of the most controversial measures this session, Senate Bill 3, a major "school choice" reform.
The Texas Senate expanded investigations and toughened penalties against teachers who have sexual relations with students. Senate Bill 7 was approved on a 30-0 vote Wednesday and heads to the House.
I just read in "The Week" that the Texas Senate passed a bill absolving a physician from any responsibility if they fail to inform a pregnant patient that they had diagnosed an abnormality in the fetus they were carrying because the mother may consider ...
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The Texas Senate has passed a so-called "bathroom bill," but the legislation still faces challenges in becoming law.
The Texas Senate's chief budget writers Wednesday added a provision to the chamber's proposed state budget aimed at limiting state assistance in a private firm's efforts to build a Dallas-Houston bullet train.
Austin - High-profile legislation that would restrict the use of fetal tissue from elective abortions and prohibit so-called dismemberment abortions was approved Wednesday by the Texas Senate. Sen. Charles Schwertner, R-Georgetown, said his Senate ...
UPDATE: The Texas Senate has passed a North Carolina-style "bathroom bill" that targets transgender people, but the proposal still faces big obstacles from becoming law.
Today, HRC blasted the Texas Senate for advancing SB 6 -- dishonestly titled the "privacy protection Act" -- a bill expressly intended to discriminate against and block facility access for transgender Texans.
Austin - Senate budget writers, moving quickly to pare down spending to fit Texas' revenue shortfall, tentatively agreed Wednesday to cut as much as 10 percent in state funding for special projects at some universities, close two prisons and pare down ...
El Paso, Texas - The State of Texas stands to lose millions of dollars and thousands of jobs as a result of a new bill targeting the movie industry.
Chuck Berry, the rock 'n' roll founder who defined its joy and rebellion in "Johnny B. Goode" and other classics, has died in St. Charles County, Missouri, west of St. Louis.
Austin, Texas (AP) - A North Carolina-style "bathroom bill" in Texas won preliminary approval Tuesday in the state Senate over the objections of big businesses including Amazon and American Airlines, celebrities such as Lady Gaga and warnings from the ...
Austin -- The Texas Senate gave preliminary approval Tuesday to ban transgender people from using the bathrooms that best correlate with their gender, advancing debate on the nation's newest frontier for LGBT rights.
Austin, Texas (AP) - A North Carolina-style "bathroom bill" in Texas won preliminary approval Tuesday in the state Senate over the objections of big businesses including Amazon and American Airlines, celebrities such as Lady Gaga and warnings from the ...
Austin, Texas (Reuters) - The Texas Senate on Tuesday preliminarily approved a Republican-backed bill that would restrict access to public bathrooms by transgender people over criticism from Democrats who said it was unnecessary, discriminatory and ...
After several hours of debate, the Texas Senate on Tuesday tentatively signed off on the "bathroom bill" on a 21-10 vote.
Austin -- The state Senate plans to vote on the so-called "bathroom bill" this week, advancing debate on whether Texas could be the next state to regulate which restrooms transgender people can use in government buildings.
Austin - teachers and pastors on Monday rallied against the Senate's school vouchers proposal, even as its author announced the bill will be heard Thursday.
Lawmakers in Austin are fed up with an unending string of arrests of Texas teachers accused of preying on their students. The Texas Senate on Thursday unanimously adopted SB 7, which would punish school administrators for failing to report teachers and ...
Dallas businessman Phillip Huffines is easing closer to a run for the Texas Senate, but he'll have plenty of competition.
In a lengthy, almost five-hour session in the Texas Senate, lawmakers voted 21-10 to pass Senate Bill 6 onto its next step in the Legislature.
After 13-plus hours of emotional testimony, largely in opposition, the Senate State Affairs Committee voted 7-1 early Wednesday morning to advance the so-called Texas "bathroom bill" - a legislative priority of Lt.
Texas Senate OKs Barring government From Subpoenaing Sermons. The Texas Senate has unanimously approved prohibiting government entities from compelling pastors and other religious leaders to divulge the contents of their sermons in civil cases.
school principals and superintendents who fail to report teachers involved in inappropriate relationships with students could face criminal charges under a bill passed unanimously Wednesday in the Texas Senate. Sen. Paul Bettencourt, R-Houston, said he ...
A controversial measure to restrict transgender people's access to public bathrooms will head to the full Texas Senate after passing a key test vote early Wednesday morning.
The bill was brought before the Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs last week in a hearing with dramatic and emotional public debate.
The proposed Texas Senate budget keeps the original amount in place, but the House proposal slashes that to about $663 million.
The Texas Senate has approved a call for a convention to amend the U.S. Constitution to limit federal power via checks such as a balanced budget rule and term limits - a call which the state's top Republicans continue to support despite their party ...
Texas Senate approves convention of states legislation. The Texas Senate approved a resolution Tuesday calling for a convention of states to amend the U.S.
A Texas Senate committee Tuesday will have the first hearing on a crucial bill to close an enormous loophole in state government transparency laws.
The Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs passed a bill that would allow doctors to withhold information from pregnant women.
The Texas Senate, by a 20-11 vote, agreed Tuesday to a call for a Convention of States to consider amendments to the U.S. Constitution to rein in federal power and set federal term limits.
... the department was abandoning its position against Texas Senate Bill 14, which requires voters to present either a driver's license, passport, military ID, concealed gun license, personal identification cards or citizenship certificate that ...






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