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updated Thu. April 27, 2017

... fracked gas to Mexico. And the company's Rover natural gas pipeline spilled 50,000 barrels of drilling fluids into Ohio wetlands earlier this week.
San Antonio - The proposed state bill that would require school districts to have a policy regarding cyberbullying and give law enforcement agencies the tools to unmask anonymous cyberbullies has passed out of a Texas Senate committee.
Austin - Attorney General Ken Paxton gave a boost to the Texas Senate Friday in its battle with the House over how best to fill a $2.5 billion revenue gap, saying that senators' proposal to delay a transportation payment would likely be found ...
A pipeline executive who oversees some of the country's most contentious oil and gas projects...
Voting along party lines, the Texas Senate gave initial approval Thursday to a bill that would cap legal fees at $250,000 if the state loses lawsuits challenging redistricting plans and the way public schools are financed.
The Texas Senate could soon debate the "Buffett Bill," a special interest carve-out aimed at giving billionaire Warren Buffett a little relief from protectionist state ...
The Texas Senate passed a bill Tuesday that would allow first responders to carry handguns while on duty. The measure - Senate Bill 1408, proposed by Houston firefighter Chris McAllister - passed easily through the Senate and now heads to the House ...
The Texas Senate took a pivotal step toward improving the quality of care in Texas nursing facilities on April 19 by unanimously approvingSenate Bill 932, which ...
Austin, Texas - The Texas Senate has endorsed allowing paramedics and other first-responders, including volunteer firefighters, to carry concealed handguns.
Rep. Dan Huberty, R-Houston, talks with fellow law makers on the house floor Wednesday, April 19, 2017, in Austin, Texas. Huberty, Chair of the House Public education Committee, is the sponsor of House Bill 21 which would put money into the school ...
Austin -- The Texas Senate moved Wednesday to ban state officials from ever again imposing a cap on the percentage of students allowed to receive special education services.
Austin - The Texas Senate, after debating whether cancer research is paying enough dividends, on Wednesday agreed to continue the operations of the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas for another two years.
Austin -- In a clear signal of a war over the state budget, House leaders are asking Attorney General Ken Paxton to block an accounting maneuver by Senate leaders that would give them an additional $2.5 billion to balance their draft version of the budget.
A state bill that would overturn Austin's rules governing short-term rental properties passed the Texas Senate on Tuesday, bringing it a step closer to becoming law.
In a letter sent Tuesday, an attorney for two House leaders urges Attorney General Ken Paxton to side against a $2.5 billion accounting trick proposed in the Texas Senate's version of the state budget. by Edgar Walters April 18, 2017 9:53 PM. State ...
Texas Senate Endorses Letting First Responders Carry guns. The Texas Senate has endorsed allowing paramedics and other first-responders, including volunteer firefighters, to carry concealed handguns in restricted areas.
Dan Patrick that passed out of the Texas Senate in March - Simmons' proposal does not regulate bathroom use in government buildings and public schools and universities based on "biological sex.
An Austin resident declared that a Texas Senate panel randomly called witnesses to testify at a crucial hearing no matter how early people turned in requests to do so.
While everyone (including me) was busy blasting North Carolina for its latest (unconstitutional) effort to undo marriage equality, the Texas Senate quietly passed a bill that would allow county clerks to refuse marriage licenses to same-sex couples if ...
A Texas Senate panel met on Tuesday to consider Senate Bill 473, which would, if passed, require construction companies in the state to provide construction workers with mandatory 15-minute rest breaks every four hours.
At the state legislature, lawmakers are "buckling down" on a proposal to make students buckle up on school buses. The Texas Senate is preparing to take up a bill requiring "three point" seat belts all new school busses. every school day, roughly 1.5 ...
Dan Patrick, the Republican who presides over the Texas Senate. Patrick has made it one of his legislative priorities to spend state money for students in private, parochial, and charter schools.
Tuesday afternoon, the Texas Senate gave the go-ahead to a bill that will, if it becomes law, allow Texas county clerks to recuse themselves from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.
Austin - The Texas Senate, stepping into a local controversy with national ramifications, voted Tuesday to strip the University of Texas System of its ownership of the historically significant Lions Municipal Golf Course.
Austin (AP) - The Texas Senate has approved bills exempting victims and witnesses of sexual assaults from being punished under university code of conduct rules and making it easier to report such assaults anonymously and online.
Austin, Texas (AP) The Texas Senate has approved bills exempting victims and witnesses of sexual assaults from being punished under university code of conduct rules and making it easier to report such assaults anonymously and online.
Minors in the state may be required to obtain parental approval before they can join a labor union under a proposal the Texas Senate tentatively approved along party lines Monday. (The Senate formally approved the bill Tuesday on a 20-11 vote.).
Austin (AP) - Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Texas' leading "school choice" proponent, got the House floor vote on vouchers he demanded - but not his desired result.
The Texas Senate may take up a bill this week that'd ban texting while driving, marking the first time in six years the measure may make it a step further in the legislative process.
Texas Insider Report: Austin, Texas - Today, the Texas Senate passed SB 19 by Kel Seliger (R-Amarillo), a bill to limit tuition growth at public universities and tie future tuition increases to performance.
To balance its version of the budget, the Texas Senate is cutting current spending on higher education by about $219 million, but that doesn't tell the entire story.
A bill that would prevent Harris County from moving forward with its $105 million Astrodome repurposing plan without voter approval passed the Texas Senate on March 29. State Sen. John Whitmire, D-Houston filed Senate Bill 884, dubbed by Whitmire's ...
A statewide ban on texting while driving may soon become the law of the land in Texas after several years of coming up short. (Published Friday, April 7, 2017).
A bill that would abolish the troubled busing agency Dallas County schools will get a hearing in the Texas Legislature nest week. (Published Friday, April 7, 2017).
In reaction to a tragic case in Houston, the Texas Senate unanimously passed a law that would give crime victims protection against being jailed to ensure they testify in court.
The Texas Senate has named Chuck Norris an honorary Texan - especially fitting for the former star of "Walker, Texas Ranger.
Jay Janner State Sen. Lois Kolkhorst, R-Brenham, raises questions Wednesday during the Senate Transportation Committee hearing at the Capitol.
The Texas Senate unanimously passed a resolution commending Deputy Charles "Chuck" Sibley and Lieutenant Tami McCullough for their "heroic actions that saved the lives of four individuals.
Austin - Reacting to a tragic Houston case that touched off a national scandal, the Texas Senate on Wednesday unanimously approved legislation designed to prevent crime victims from being jailed to ensure they testify in court without proper legal ...
Austin, Texas (AP) - The Texas Senate has voted to approve tough new requirements for university employees and student leaders to report instances of sexual assault or dating violence.
Texas Senate Names Oklahoma-Born Chuck Norris 'Honorary Texan'. Actor of 'Walker: Texas Ranger' fame was actually born in Ryan, Oaklahoma.
Austin (AP) - The Texas Senate has voted to boost security protections for state and local judges after an attempted assassination of a district judge outside her Austin home in 2015.
A bill backed by Gov. Greg Abbott to create a state music museum in Austin gained momentum in the Legislature on Tuesday as the Senate Business and commerce Committee advanced the measure to the Senate floor on a vote of 8-0.
Despite the presence of Judith Zaffirini, the first Mexican American woman to win a spot in the state Senate, Texas still lacks enough women running for office.
It's not a crime for people in Texas to have sex with animals. When law enforcement comes across animal sexual abuse cases, they often only prosecute offenders for animal cruelty or public lewdness, according to various officials.
Photo Credit: Lynn Greyling Austin, Texas -- The Texas Senate has given its initial stamp of approval to a bill that would require preborn babies killed at.
Rep. Beto O'Rourke (D-Texas) said Friday he will run for Senate, a campaign that could pit him against one of the Democratic party's rising stars in a primary - and, if he wins, against the state's popular incumbent, Sen. Ted Cruz.
More than halfway through its 140-day regular biennial session, the Texas Legislature is down to crunch time to settle budget disputes between the House and ...
Austin, Texas (AP) - The Texas Senate has given final approval to ending voluntary payroll deductions of union dues from state and public employee paychecks.
The Texas Senate voted 18-13 on Thursday to pass the major school choice bill this legislative session. Here's what you need to know.






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