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updated Sat. May 27, 2017

As for the feelings toward different governments, the Taiwanese government wins 12 percent of net value from Hong Kong, whereas the Chinese government gets minus 8 percent.
Authorities on the mainland have officially arrested Taiwanese human rights activist Li Ming-che on charges of subversion, in a case observers say will entrench a cross-strait stand-off.
He said he has noticed that agencies and departments within the Taiwanese government work closely with one another, which operate efficiently and effectively, and is something that they can learn from Taiwan's experience.
It turns out that not everything in the world is screwed. The good news today? Taiwan's highest court has just ruled that the ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, saying it is "in violation of both the people's freedom of marriage... and the ...
Taiwan is Asia's biggest destination for foreign inflows in 2017 so far. As per Bloomberg reports, Taiwan's equity markets have received $7.3 billion through the year, helping the Taiex index touch the 10,000 milestone, its first time since year 2000 ...
In the January-April period this year, the number of Chinese visitors plunged 50.2% on the year to 610,524, according to Taiwanese government estimates. Bilateral trade slipped 0.65% to $117.89 billion in 2016, according to official Taiwanese statistics.
In December 2016, as part of its continued assistance in the area of security, the Taiwanese government provided the government of St. Kitts and Nevis with the $5 million to purchase equipment and fund training for the CCTV project.
Formosa is one of the three projects approved by Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs Bureau of Energy as part of its target to build 1,000 wind turbines by 2030 to support the Taiwanese government's plans to produce 4GW of electricity through offshore ...
"A new priority of Taiwan-US relations should be built with increased interactions between Taiwan and individual American states, rather than, but not excluding, the US federal government," Yates said.
Taiwan earlier said Filipinos can enjoy the visa-free privilege starting June this year, but due to administrative concerns, the Taiwanese government postponed this to September. For a number of tourists, the problem is that they have already booked ...
The Taiwanese government has since called for increased agricultural risk transfer, launching initiatives to develop the protection of its agriculture sector.
The Taiwanese government has assisted Belize in establishing the Information Security Management System at CITO, and supported it over the past three years to maintain the certification.
Basically, pursuant to the relevant provisions and court practices, a foreign entity without obtaining a certificate of recognition from the government of Taiwan is not entitled to file a private prosecution in the event of trade secrets ...
Retired Hong Kong cardinal Joseph Zen has criticised the Catholic Church's effort to negotiate a deal with China, which could see the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Vatican and Beijing.
Canadian independent Husky is still struggling with the Taiwanese government regarding chartering vessels and rigs from mainland China to explore an unnamed deep-water block in the Taiwan strait, according to sources.
Earlier this year, the Taiwanese government banned the consumption of dog and cat meat, the first country in Asia to do so.
Ipinagpaliban ng Taiwanese government ang pagpapatupad ng kanilang "visa-free entry policy" para sa mga Filipino. Ayon sa Taipei Economic and cultural Office sa Pilipinas, ni-reschedule ng Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) ng Taiwan ang ...
The launch of the parametric aquaculture insurance solution is the second insurance solution Swiss Re has introduced in Taiwan to provide agriculture cover, after the Taiwanese government initiated the development of insurance for farmers and fisheries.
"As far as the regulations are concerned, the Taiwanese government seems to be okay with Uber's change in service operations," observes Nephy Hu, an industry analyst at the state-backed market intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC).
The Taiwanese government announced last April of the free-visa policy for Filipinos as part of its "New Southbound Policy" that aims to enhance bilateral ties and multifaceted cooperation between their country and nations in the South and the Southeast.
The Taiwanese government has postponed the implementation of its visa-free entry policy for Filipinos from June to September 2017.
The Taiwanese government has postponed the implementation of its visa-free entry policy for Filipinos from June to September 2017.
The Taiwanese government elaborated, stating that its military purchases "have boosted the local economy" of several states, but particularly benefited the U.S.
Since 2016, the Taiwanese government has adopted a number of visa liberalization measures for Philippine nationals to visit Taiwan as part of its "New Southbound Policy".
"We completely understand that the Taiwanese government is unable to do more in relation to Lee Ming-cheh's disappearance, because cross-strait relations have completely broken down," they said.
Trade deals with Taiwan calling for that country to buy more weapons is boosting jobs and work at U.S. manufacturers, including ones in Arizona.
After the war, the Kirk was leased to the Taiwanese government but may be scuttled to make way for newer ships from the United States.
They include a 2011 venture to Turkey sponsored by the Turkish Coalition of America, a 2011 trip to Taiwan paid for by the Taiwanese government and a 2012 journey to Liberia and Ghana funded by the Atlanta-based CARE charity. The travel for Ossoff and ...
The government of Taiwan has put on display 86 products in the fields of smart information and communication technology, smart healthcare, internet of things (IoT) solutions, smart-life devices industries at the third Smart Cities India-2017 Expo, ...
The Taiwanese government intends to block Google's public DNS service, citing cybersecurity concerns. The question is whether those concerns are the government's or its citizens', with the government pushing its own DNS service - a setup that is ...
Her civil service began in 2015, when she was hired as a consultant to the Taiwanese government on cybersecurity and transparency initiatives.
The Taiwanese government paid for Ms Scaffidi's business-class airfares to attend the event. Ms Scaffidi also allegedly failed to declare trips to conferences around the world, including in China, the US, Britain, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Spain ...
The government of Taiwan has been harnessing all efforts to invigorate its economy by launching the Asia silicon Valley Development Plan, which is to create a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship for the island nation's knowledge-based economy, ...
The findings from Yomiuri Online were based on a survey of 77 Taiwanese government certified fertility clinics, in which 72 clinics participated from 2014 to 2016.
A shooting incident on Saturday between the Taiwanese coastguard and two mainland fishermen illegally entering waters near the Penghu archipelago has dealt another blow to the already strained cross-straits relationship.
The move is part of the Taiwanese government's "New Southbound Policy," which aims to forge strong economic ties and strengthen "people-to-people" exchanges between their country and South and Southeast Asian nations.
The Taiwanese government is also getting Taiwan's private companies to sponsor 5,000 students from Asean and India to study and work in Taiwan this year.
If necessary, the carrier can draw on the $1.9 billion set aside for the country's shipping industry by the Taiwanese government in November. Alphaliner has estimated that Yang Ming needs at least $300 million in equity injections within the next 12 ...
Dating back to 2012, Lin, who was a member of an elite and covert aerial surveillance squadron, admitted passing documents--including those having to do with mine counter measures--to registered agents of the Taiwanese government with whom he'd ...
He noted that the Taiwanese government had always assigned professional diplomats to the Taipei Economic and cultural Office based in Manila.
Beijing claims Taiwan as part of China and has been attempting to force the Taiwanese government to adhere to the so-called "one-China" principle.
... of these south and Southeast Asian nations visa-free entry, it said. Based on Taiwanese government data, the number of tourists from these countries climbed to 68,000, a 42.8 percent increase.
... tried to follow the path of a river, in hopes that it would lead them to a settlement, Mr. Liang told his rescuers and local news media immediately after the rescue.
Lee called on the Taiwanese government to assist with his release by approaching third countries. She emphasized she would continue her efforts to have him freed, because she believed that was the way both of them understood human rights.
The Eisenhower Memorial's fundraising page lists corporations including FedEx, The Starr Foundation and Honeywell, not to mention the government of Taiwan, as contributing between $1 million and $4.9 million each to the cause. Dozens of other donors ...
A large part of the concern is the line's need to replace old equity capital with new investors, but refuses to name new investors, even while citing the availability of Taiwanese government support. To further complicate matters, Yang Ming is a member ...
... basic ordering agreement (N00019-16-G-0001). This order provides for reconfiguration, integrated logistics support (ILS) and training services in support of the government of Taiwan for a Taiwan navy (TN) Perry FFG-7 class ship harpoon missile TARTAR.
"Considering that Taiwan is the world's 17th-largest exporter and 18th-largest importer of merchandise in 2015, global food safety would be difficult to manage and control if Taiwan was excluded," the government of Taiwan said. In 2008 Taiwan, with ...
Jeffrey Winters, a professor of political science at Northwestern, noted that former senator Bob Dole, who is a lobbyist for the Taiwanese government, played a key role in getting Trump to make an unprecedented call to the Taiwanese government.
Both China and Taiwan claim to be the legitimate Chinese government, however, efforts for reunification of the territories were rejected and the current Taiwanese government, the Democratic Progressive Party, is known to favor eventual independence for ...






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