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updated Sat. May 27, 2017

Bringing openness, honesty and transparency back to state government is part moving Wisconsin forward in the right direction.
Party leader Mihai Ghimpu said the party's three Cabinet ministers and one deputy prime minister would resign Saturday, which would leave the government without a majority in parliament. He called Chirtoaca's arrest a political move, saying there was ...
An Indiana man has been convicted of murder in the death of a Wisconsin woman whose body was found buried in a basement in 2015.
The Wisconsin Department of Corrections is closing an internal affairs unit whose investigation into employee misconduct at the state's youth prison prompted ongoing federal investigation into conditions there.
The House bill would eliminate most Obamacare taxes that help subsidize private health coverage for individuals, roll back the government's Medicaid health plan for the poor and disabled and replace the law's income-based tax credits for buying medical ...
In addition to making deep cuts in public services, President Trump's budget would also shift massive costs to Wisconsin at a time when our state is already ...
A new report shows Wisconsin added the fewest jobs in 2016 of Gov. Scott Walker's six years in office. The data released Friday from the U.S.
Following session that went into a three day overtime, the Minnesota legislature delivered on several promises from both this and last year.
It's famous for its work ethic and can-do spirit. It's a place that believes in good government and good times, often lubricated by beer and a side of tasty sausages.
The funds will help pay down debt from the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program or pay back money owed to the federal government to buy the land. The stewardship program has long been popular but has come under closer scrutiny in recent years from ...
University of Wisconsin - Madison students Julia Brunson and Yogev Ben-Yitschak arrived early and signed up to speak at an open forum before student government representatives on Wednesday, April 26. They are both supportive of Israel. Photo by Rob ...
Requiring all able-bodied, childless adults applying for BadgerCare health benefits to be screened for illegal drugs, including marijuana which is not legal in Wisconsin even for medical purposes. Those who refuse a drug test would be ineligible for ...
Wisconsin could become the first state in the nation to require some adults in poverty to work and take drug tests for their health care under a measure that cleared the Legislature's budget committee on Thursday night.
A judge has reversed his decision to halt construction of a 7-mile stretch of a high-voltage power line in western Wisconsin. The La Crosse Tribune ( ) reports that Judge Todd Bjerke agreed to lift the construction ban Tuesday ...
Wisconsin also experienced an upswing, with 14,800 new nonfarm jobs. About half of Wisconsin's additional jobs were in the private sector (7,500) and half were government jobs (7,300). In the private sector, the majority of the increase came from 5,100 ...
Demonstrators clash with police next to a sign used as a shield with text written in Portuguese that reads "Direct elections Now" during an anti-government protest in Brasilia, Brazil, Wednesday, May 24, 2017. Brazil's presiden... (AP Photo/Eraldo ...
Beijing's prestigious Tsinghua University and two other Chinese colleges will carry out the survey, said Jin Jianbin, a professor at Tsinghua's school of Journalism and Communication.
GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- A rare collection of letters from the 19th century is now on display, offering new insight to the early days of Northeast Wisconsin, ...
Fewer people, especially fewer children, are living in poverty in Wisconsin than ever before. In fact, we've seen a "significant reduction" in poverty across our ...
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is defending the aggressive spending cuts in President Donald Trump's budget. He says the "costs of excessive government commitments" has "forced us into hard choices." Mnuchin was appearing Wednesday before a ...
(AP) - A legislative committee's task of finding new sources of revenue for Wyoming's state government, which depends heavily on the boom-and-bust prone energy industry, includes looking at new taxes or increasing existing taxes, a co-chairman of the ...
The leader of an advocacy group for children says President Donald Trump's proposed cuts to public assistance programs would disproportionately hurt children in Wisconsin's rural areas and non-white children. Ken Taylor, executive director of the ...
Scott Walker wants to make Wisconsin the first state in the country to require childless adults applying for Medicaid to undergo drug screening, a move that could serve as a national model.
"Good government should be no different. By requiring a periodic review and re-approval of the administrative code, this bill applies those best practices to Wisconsin government and is a great step toward ensuring individuals and businesses are not ...
"It's one that recognizes both the criticality of strong economy but also the importance of government support through tax credit for workers and parents and noncash benefits," such as FoodShare.
That's why on May 24 I will be travelling with members from Ontario's agri-food industry to Madison, WI (and other key U.S.
Wisconsin State Rep. Rob Hutton, R-Brookfield, said this scenario is more common than many may believe. He is one of the authors of a bill that would create a council to review occupational state licensures to revise or repeal them.
Wisconsin State Rep. Rob Hutton, R-Brookfield, said this scenario is more common than many may believe. He is one of the authors of a bill that would create a council to review occupational state licensures to revise or repeal them.
MANITOWOC - Celebrations for the farm to school project and renovations for the University of Wisconsin-Manitowoc are foremost in this week's government happenings. Here are the top five things coming up this week. RELATED: Manitowoc to again redo ...
Good news! Wisconsin has the highest number of people employed in state history.
Editor's note: This is the fourth in a series of editorials put together by the State Journal-Register in Springfield that detail the decline presided over by state government in Illinois. It's sometimes said Illinois has a revenue problem. But that's ...
Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI-3) is asking the federal government to help those affected by recent severe weather and flooding.
And major highway construction projects would be further delayed. And there's also momentum for instituting toll roads. While that wouldn't happen anytime soon, if the federal government approves it, Wisconsin drivers could be forced to pay to drive on ...
A conservative foundation based in Wisconsin is funnelling hundreds of thousands of dollars into Colorado to help shift the state to the right, according to documents published this month by a newspaper in Milwaukee.
The state Department of Workforce Development announced in a news release on Thursday that Wisconsin's unemployment rate dropped to 3.2 percent in April, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data.
One small, rural county in the southwestern corner of Wisconsin is working to bring reliable broadband service to all its residents, and may serve as an example for other underserved rural parts of the state.
The Wisconsin taxpayers Alliance, founded in 1932, is the state's oldest and most respected private government-research organization.
Ron Johnson, R-Wisconsin, co-introduced a bill with Sen. ... Johnson said a Vulnerability Equities Review Board would set policy about when, to whom and to what degree any software vulnerabilities are shared with those outside government agencies.
Pvt. Chelsea Manning is due to be released from a Kansas military prison after serving seven years of her 35-year sentence for leaking classified government materials to Wikileaks.More. Pvt. Chelsea Manning is due to be released from a Kansas military ...
The longtime head of a government watchdog group said he's leaning toward running for governor as a Democrat, not as an independent.
Wisconsin Department of Justice officials say about 60 of 6000 untested sexual assault evidence kits have been analyzed so far.
Wisconsin natural resources officials are planning to meet for a social hour and dinner this month despite their pledge to give up informal meetings following complaints of open meeting violations.
The suit against Brancel, in his official capacity, claimed the butter law was unConstitutional, violating the Wisconsin Constitution's guarantees of due process, equal protection and freedom of speech.
Around a third of Wisconsin's large-scale animal farms, known as concentrated animal feeding operations or CAFOs, are currently operating under expired permits, according to data from the Wisconsin Department of natural resources website. Many of the ...
House Speaker Paul Ryan and other Republicans from Wisconsin called Tuesday for President Donald Trump to report to Congress about what he said during a private meeting with senior Russian officials last week.
Whether to cut the number of people who work on overseeing state and local elections in Wisconsin by nearly 19 percent, due to the loss of federal funding, is up for a vote Tuesday in the Legislature's budget-writing committee.
FILE - In this April 13, 2016, file photo, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, right, walks with House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., on their way to a meeting of House Republicans on Capitol Hill in Washington.
"Thank Wednesday's weekly report from the Energy Information Administration for the rally as government data showed a larger than expected decline in oil inventories and gasoline inventories, weighing on markets at the precise time that OPEC chats ...
After WUWM's story about the flame atop the Wisconsin Gas Light building aired, Sue Riordan emailed Bubbler Talk to share how original version the flame poem actually ended.
Wisconsin natural resources officials are planning to meet for a social hour and dinner this month despite their pledge to give up informal meetings following complaints of open meeting violations.




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