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updated Fri. May 26, 2017

South Ossetia government Resigns · South Ossetia's New Leader Inaugurated · New South Ossetian Leader Outlines Priorities · Final Vote Tally for S. Ossetia Leadership Polls Approved · Kremlin: Bibilov Victory 'Convincing' · NATO Does Not Recognize S.
Local government in South Ossetia resigned on April 24, two weeks after the presidential polls granting victory to Anatoly Bibilov, former head of the region's legislature.
... repeatedly announced their desire to formally join Russia, while Moscow has thus far appeared to be satisfied merely with exercising behind-the-scenes control - mainly by placing Russian officials throughout South Ossetia's government and security ...
The government of South Ossetia does not report on which exactly benefits the recipients have showered the republic with. In particular, it is difficult to imagine what merits for the people of the Republic a criminal person, ex-KGB officer Eduard ...
In March 2015, just a year after Russia annexed Crimea, it signed a treaty of "Alliance and Integration" with the de facto government of South Ossetia in Tskhinvali. This treaty essentially meant that Russia intended to annex South Ossetia. It was ...
"The so-called South Ossetian government runs a program which sends its citizens for medical treatment to different cities in Russia.
Thus, on June 10, as he commented on the initiative of the South Ossetian government to hold a referendum on uniting with the Russian Federation, Abkhaz Prime Minister Artur Mikvabia said, "Tskhinvali's motives are clear.
Russian government-supported information agency Sputnik then spread information announcing the alleged opening of a diplomatic office in Rome by the de-facto South Ossetian government. The report said that after three years of laborious work, Ossetia ...
The leader of the de-facto government of South Ossetia Leonid Tibilov has claimed that International Criminal Court's (ICC) prosecutor Fatou Bensuda's statements over the Russian-Georgian war of 2008 are an example of double standards.
The de-facto government of South Ossetia has signed some inter-alliance agreements with the Russian Federation since 2008 August war between Russia and Georgia.




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