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A decade ago, environmentalists and the federal government agreed to revive a 150-mile stretch of California's second-longest river, an ambitious effort aimed at allowing salmon again to swim up to the Sierra Nevada foothills to spawn.
Short of troops to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan a decade ago, the California National Guard enticed thousands of soldiers with bonuses of $15,000 or more to ...

He was arrested on an Interpol warrant and is being held in Prauge, the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Northern District of California said. A Russian foreign ministry official, Konstantin Dolgov, told Russian media Thursday that his government "will ...
Mott, the California Supreme Court established the principle that would seem to govern the space where government reaches out like the muscular and fully clothed God in Michelangelo's "The Creation of Adam" and encounters a single naked, relatively ...
The ballot in November will ask the people of California if the state should require adult film performers to wear condoms during on-camera sexual intercourse.

California already has some of the nation's strictest gun regulations, and they could get even stricter if voters pass Proposition 63 this November.
California Public Employees Retirement System purchased a new position in shares of Easterly government Properties Inc. (nyse:DEA) during the SECond quarter, according to its most recent disclosure with the SEC.
Nearly 200 local government officials, federal transportation policymakers and private industry representatives gathered in the California Capitol building on Oct. 19 to comment on and share concerns about recent revisions, released in late September ...
30 in Riverside County, California, near Los Angeles. Honda Motor Co. confirmed the woman's death and said she was driving a 2001 Civic.
In a potentially huge win for advocates of cutting government pensions, an appeals court in August declared that public retirement plans were not "immutable" and could be reduced.
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The federal government has taken over the responsibility of ensuring that driverless cars are ready for public use, a development that could ease tension between the State of California, Google and other tech giants. For the last few years, the ...
Last year, the California State University sweetened a contract offer for the union that represents its faculty after professors voted to strike.
In any event, the appeals court concluded that the California government had a legitimate interest in women getting information about reproductive services and had tailored the requirements of this law to that purpose.
The California attorney general served Wells Fargo with a search warrant on October 5 seeking a heap of documents linked to the bank's creation of as many as 2 million unauthorized accounts, CNNMoney confirmed.
Sempra Energy's 150-MW Mesquite 3 solar farm in Tonopah, Ariz., began selling electricity to U.S. Navy and Marine bases in California on Friday under a 25-year power purchase agreement between the Department of the navy and Sempra, the Western ...

Two pieces of 1990s legislation had left California law unclear for government agencies, cities and counties because there was a perceived contradiction with no cross-reference to provide clarity.
Either would bypass the environmentally precarious Delta and deliver Sacramento River water to the head of the California Aqueduct near Tracy for shipment as far south as San Diego.
Southern California is again ready to "Feel the Bern" as former renegade Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders is urging voters to pass Proposition 61 on the state ballot, calling it the "most significant proposition in the country to ...
If voters pass Proposition 56 in November, California would become only the fifth state to tax e-cigarettes, following Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota and North Carolina6.
This is why I joined the board of California women Lead, a nonpartisan network of citizen, business and government leaders working to increase the number of women in elected and appointed office at all levels of California government: state, county and ...
As state governments from New York to Montana struggle to protect consumers from drug company price-gouging, California is taking a leadership role in these efforts with Proposition 61, the measure on the Nov. 8 ballot to put a cap on prescription drug ...
Hillary Clinton had been scheduled to speak at the event, but plans for her to travel to California were canceled after she fell ill at a 9/11 ceremony in New York and it was announced she was suffering from walking pneumonia.
Clinton has outlined several proposals to boost water supplies in the West, while Trump has incorrectly suggested "there is no drought" in California and blamed government regulations for water shortages afflicting farmers. He has also indicated he'd ...
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, stumping for a fall ballot measure dealing with prescription drug prices, is rallying supporters this week in California. Here's how you can see the former Democratic presidential candidate: Los Angeles. 4:30 p.m. Friday at ...
Dave Jones, the elected regulator of California's private insurance industry, endorsed the idea of a state-specific public option in an interview last month with California Healthline, though he did not specify how it might work. California Healthline ...
One of the most popular figures in California politics has fallen critically ill - despite having been a very good boy. First dog Sutter Brown, a Pembroke Welsh corgi belonging to Gov.
police shootings, scrutiny increase stress for Southern California law enforcement officers. Three police have been killed in the past week.
San Francisco >> A proposition that a prosperous farmer brought to the California ballot would threaten two ambitious water and rail projects that Gov.
US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during the second presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, on October 9 ...
The "public option," which stoked fierce debate in the run-up to the Affordable Care Act, is making a comeback - at least among Democratic politicians.
"A perennial concern on the KQED board is the confluence between the lack of accountability in California government and the poor coverage of state policies and legislation," says Coxe.
California Gov. Jerry Brown just signed SB 1234, a bill that establishes the California Secure Choice Retirement Savings Trust, a state-run retirement fund for 7.5 million Californians.
A federal audit estimates the state Department of health care Services (DHCS) made incorrect Medicaid incentive payments to hospitals in California totaling more than $22 million over four years and must repay the federal government. Those were the ...
Open government groups, newspaper editorial boards and the California Republican Party are lining up behind the proposal, but lawmakers are not.
California lawmakers will have to wait until next year to curb the use of private prisons to hold thousands of immigrants awaiting federal deportation hearings.
The state stopped monitoring local government debt many years ago, but it's generally believed that cities, school districts, counties and other local governments have at least $250 billion more in outstanding bond debt. Whatever the total, it doesn't ...
FILE - In this Saturday April 23, 2016, file photo, petition signature gatherer Peter Keyes, right, discusses a petition to legalize marijuana in Sacramento, Calif.
California's major reservoirs are holding 69 percent more water than a year ago, the U.S. government announced Friday, but regulators warned that drought conditions continue to plague the state.
EFF Investigative Researcher Dave Maass will sit on a panel at a California State Senate hearing on "S.B. 272 Local government Open Data: Implementation and Next Steps," at the California Endowment Building in Los Angeles on Friday, Oct. 7, 2016.
I had to laugh when I read this article. If the feds receive $18 billion in tobacco tax and California gets $868 million of that money, it is a sure thing that despite all of the crowing about how bad tobacco is, government loves tobacco sales. Now we ...
With Congress opening the way for Sept. 11 families to sue Saudi Arabia, victims' families are focusing on an unproven theory that a Saudi consular official in Los Angeles and a suspected Saudi intelligence operative in San Diego directly assisted two ...
Seizing people's property if they've only been charged with a crime is un-American, and it's definitely un-Californian. Democrats and Republicans passed a California law which required that, in most state cases, a person must first be convicted of a ...
On September 14, 2016, the Governor of California approved a bill adding Section 7514.7 to the California government Code, which imposes significant new disclosure requirements for private funds with investments by California state and local public ...
In a statement, Wells Fargo spokeswoman Jennifer Dunn said: "wells Fargo has diligently and professionally worked with the state for the past 17 years to support the government and people of California. Our highly experienced and proven government ...
Specialty drug costs jumped 30 percent last year to $587 million for the California Public Employees' Retirement System, one of the nation's largest health care ...
The battle between the rental scooter industry and local government continues. On Wednesday a court ruled in California Cycle's favor, saying local government ...
1. Peres dies: Shimon Peres, a founder of the state of Israeli who later became its prime minister and its president, died Wednesday, two weeks after suffering a massive stroke.
The Supreme Court also held in Escobar that a violation of a legal requirement may support implied certification liability regardless of whether the government identified that requirement as a precondition of payment. Thus, if the reasoning in Rose ...





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