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Anaheim, CA -- A woman was killed Sunday at a two-vehicle crash on the Riverside (91) Freeway in Anaheim. The woman was later identified ...

Here are stories that made us laugh, cry and think this week in OC. This weekend, remember to celebrate our veterans, & share holiday cheer.
Reports say that three other Orange County residents who did not visit the park were also stricken. One of them died. By Colin Miner, Patch ...
Orange County, CA -- Whether you share one thing a day you are thankful for or if you just wrap it into one comment over social media, we ...

ARIES (March 21-April 19): America's civil war ended in 1865. A veteran from that conflict later produced a daughter, Irene Triplett, who is still ...
Q: I'm a newly divorced woman trying some online dating sites. Because I read your column, I understand how men prioritize beauty. I'm an ...
'Pinky,' written by David Templeton and told from two sides, is the story of a geeky teenager trying to win the heart of his love. Photo courtesy of ...
This week in the Pacific Sun, our education Issue cover story, 'Nature Connection,' features Slide ranch's new state-of-the-art farm-to-Table ...
While 'Thor: Ragnarok' leads to uprising in two realms, it's not as thrilling a hymn to uprising as 'war for the Planet of the Apes.' A comedy of ...
2 Don't Threaten or Abuse. Threats of harming another person will not be tolerated. AND PLEASE TURN OFF CAPS LOCK. 3 Be Truthful. Don't knowingly lie ...
Orange County, CA -- police Wednesday sought public help to find three suspects involved in burglaries in the La Crescenta, La Canada, ...
An Anaheim man was identified as the victim of a freight train death Saturday morning in Fullerton, police said. By Ashley Ludwig (Patch Staff) ...
If North Korea fires nuclear missiles at Los Angeles, Dr. Robert Levin might seek protection from fallout by wedging himself into the crawl space ...
... agreed to a $13.9 million settlement with Orange County, California, ... a constructive settlement with Orange County, Calif. to resolve claims ...
If North Korea fires nuclear missiles at Los Angeles, Dr. Robert Levin might seek protection from fallout by wedging himself into the crawl space ...

If North Korea fires nuclear missiles at Los Angeles, Dr. Robert Levin might seek protection from fallout by wedging himself into the crawl space ...
A misguided and partisan effort in Sacramento to repeal Senate Bill 1 would be devastating for California and Ventura County, derailing billions ...
Orange County, CA -- It's prescription drug take-back day on Saturday, Oct. 28 and you can return those unwanted pills and prescriptions ...
Two people were fatally shot and two more wounded Thursday afternoon in Orange County, California, CBS Los Angeles reports. Paramedics ...
SONOMA, Calif. -- wildfires whipped by powerful winds swept through Northern California early Monday, sending residents on a headlong ...
The Theo Lacy Facility, at left, is a maximum-security jail in Orange County, Calif. It's across the street from an upscale outlet mall and is one of ...
Anaheim Savanna high school is making a mascot change to their infamous Johnny rebel. Did the kids make a good choice? Patch wants to ...
You would never imagine I would be referring to working conditions in 2017 at a car dealership in Orange County California that is part one of ...
The Marin County Free Library's Bookmobile was on site at the Marin Center for North Bay fire evacuees. "You're going on a boat in Cambodia ...
cellphone Data Details Commute Patterns in Marin County, Calif. The data will help the Transportation Authority plan the best ways to maintain and expand infrastructure.
'Beauty and the Beast' a live-action adaptation Disney's new 'Beauty and the Beast' is a live-action adaptation of the Oscar-nominated 1991 animated classic.
Q: I'm in love with my married female co-worker. I'm married and have no intention of leaving my wife, and I doubt she'd leave her husband, even if she shared my feelings.
In Oliver Assayas' film 'Personal Shopper,' actress Kristen Stewart searches for ghosts in a house with a tragic history.
Snowapple performs in extravagant outfits designed by fashion artist Mo Benchellal. Photo courtesy of Snowapple. By Lily O'Brien.
In Marin Theatre Company's production of 'peerless,' twin sisters "M" and "L" will do whatever it takes to succeed.
Independent farmers challenging chemical companies 'seed: The Untold Story' tells the story of independent farmers who are challenging chemical companies.
ARIES (March 21-April 19): Of course you want to get the best of everything. But that doesn't mean that you should disdain cheap thrills that are more interesting and gratifying than the expensive kind.
Abra Berman costume designer Bay Area One of Abra Berman's first steps as a costume designer is to make sketches, like this one, of what Actors will be wearing in productions.
The industrial real estate market in Sonoma County, California is in a boom period thanks, in part, to the legal cannabis industry, according to a North Bay Business Journal report.
Sacramento County California...Stanislaus County California... San Joaquin County California...El Dorado County California... Calaveras County California...Amador County California... * Until 315 PM PDT * At 1220 PM PDT, law enforcement reported ...
Santa Cruz County, Calif., Launches tool to Reduce, Dismiss Convictions from Criminal Records. The Clear My Record tool is also available in the following counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, Fresno, San Francisco and Solano.
The hop pellets hiss a few seconds after hitting the wort. A green foam billows up, creeping towards the top edge of the brew kettle.
Federal Assistance Granted For Orange County, California. President Trump approved Gov. Jerry Brown's request for financial assistance following the January and February storms across California.
Jai Uttal, who combines kirtan with world beats, says that he was one of the first musicians to blend Indian music into the world music scene.
"You kind of have to experience it to get it," says actor-singer Lexy Fridell of Transcendence Theatre Company's 'Broadway Under the Stars.
Headlands Center for the arts' Artist in Residence program, a renowned opportunity for working artists of various mediums, allows creators time and space in the inspiring Marin Headlands.
'Roe,' currently being staged by Berkeley Repertory Theatr 'Roe,' currently being staged by Berkeley Repertory Theatre, follows the landmark 1973 Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade.
The shed that recently popped up in downtown Bolinas has been accused of blocking the sun, among other things. By Tom Gogola. A shed went up two weeks ago in downtown Bolinas, and many people are not happy about it.
Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen is set to open next month in Larkspur, and will offer favorites like housemade bagels topped with smoked salmon, double whipped cream, capers and onions.
Q: My problem is that I'll go on one or two dates with a girl and then get the whole, "I just wanna be friends." And they really mean that.
In 'Kong: Skull Island,' the mighty Kong confronts a team that has set out to explore an uncharted island in the Pacific. By Richard von Busack.
ARIES (March 21-April 19): The more unselfish and compassionate you are in the coming weeks, the more likely it is you will get exactly what you need.
MARCH 10, 2017 - We're disappointed that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer recently said "greater enforcement" of federal drug laws, including prohibition of marijuana, is coming.




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