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While Western governments negotiate trade deals with Iran, Iranian prisoners have spoken out about the abuse and torture they have suffered under the regime, from members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), intelligence officers and members of ...
From Ankara's perspective, the disagreement with Baghdad on Turkey's presence in Bashiqa is not so much between Turkey and Iraq as it is between Turkey and the Shiite-dominated Iran-leaning government in Baghdad. ... to find an arrangement that ...

Iran is hungry for better technology and capital, despite a historical sensitivity to foreign firms exploiting its vast oil and gas reserves.
According to the superseding indictment, between 2010 and 2015, Zarrab conducted financial transactions on behalf of Iranian entities sanctioned by the United States government, including entities owned or controlled by the government of Iran and ...
17, the same day Iran's government agreed to release four American prisoners. ... to leave Iran. The remaining $1.3 million, apparently interest on Iranian cash held in the U.S. since the 1970s,was handed over in two later payments in January and February.
Citing the need for better banking facilities for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) based in his country, Mr. Tanhaei said that some Iranian banks may establish branches in The Philippines, with reciprocal branch openings by the Land Bank of the ...
He backed the Iran Divestment Act of 2012, which barred New York government from doing business with companies that sank money in the Middle Eastern nation's energy sector.
But foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi told Iranian media: "The government and the Iranian people give no importance to the statements and interference of American officials and their efforts to divide the ranks of the Iranian people. "The ...
Iran is hungry for better technology and capital, despite a historical sensitivity to foreign firms exploiting its vast oil and gas reserves.
But some traders now hope to piggyback on a Japanese government scheme that has been providing ongoing cover for so-called "essential" imports of Iranian oil throughout the sanctions. The government cover enabled refiners and trading houses such as ...
WASHINGTON (CN) - An Iranian national granted asylum in the U.S. was arrested by the Iranian government, held for eight months in a secret prison and was brutally beaten and tortured before being released to return to the U.S.
"It is the U.S. President who decides to waive the Iran sanctions now and in the future," Izadi told me. He said that, in the view of many in the Iranian government, both hard-liners and centrists, "Americans have not fully complied with the terms of J ...

Rubin refers to Iran as having "de facto control" over Yemen's government, which is nonsense. Whatever limited support Iran has provided to the Houthis, that doesn't give it control over the country or the Houthi-led government. Thomas Juneau studied ...
This past spring, the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) awarded Ben Rhodes, the White House's Deputy National Security Advisor, for his role in 'articulating' the Obama administration's peace agenda, most recently culminating in the Iran deal. Not ...
Indeed, the Iranian government did work to increase its influence in Yemen after the change in Yemeni leadership in 2012 by supporting activists who were against Hadi's government. Saudi Arabia was keenly aware of such developments, and the monarchy, ...
Iran's Mizan Online news agency, which is affiliated with the country's judiciary, reported on Tuesday that Siamak Namazi, and his father, Baquer, a former UNICEF official, had been convicted of "collaborating with the hostile government of America".
"It follows a story that the Iranian government has tried to promote about U.S. politicians for a while," said Fouad Izadi, who teaches American politics at the University of Tehran.
In spite of escalating public and diplomatic tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia - and most recently a rise in military tension with Iranian naval forces warning against Saudi Arabia's military exercises in the strait of Hormuz, Iran still wants to ...
In other words, whenever countries criticize Iran for having the highest number of executions in the world after China, the Iranian government resorts to repeating statements suggesting that they are trying to end capital punishment, but don't actually ...
Before most of the victims had even been identified, Iranian leaders issued statements blaming the Saudis for the accident, without realising that Hajj gathering is one of the largest in the world and managed fantastically every year by the Saudi ...
Iranian government's debt (including state-run companies) to the banking system has reached 1373.1 trillion rials (each 31,639 rials making one USD) by Aug. 21.
In the past week, the US government took executive actions to continue its easing of the Burma and Iran sanctions regimes.
London-Two weeks after Iran's government warned the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, of the country falling into a wide rift, he ordered a score of decrees prohibiting authority from interfering into issues concerning partisanship or polarization.
Bahari considers Iran's treatment of the Baha'i community a barometer of the government's tolerance of minorities in general.
... country which for conservatives remains Iran's biggest enemy, even after the Obama administration oversaw the end of its global isolation.
The Iranian Foreign Ministry has denounced the latest deadly bombing attacks in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, saying the Islamic Republic will support Iraq in its fight against terrorists until their final defeat.
There was no immediate report of any such clash by the Iranian media. The PDKI announced in March that it was giving up a two-decade ceasefire with the Iranian government and returning its guerrilla fighters to Iran, but vowed not to initiate ...
He also underlined Iran's strong disapproval of any actions aimed at fueling terror, insecurity and instability. The Iranian diplomat further voiced Tehran's empathy with the Egyptian government and nation, offering condolences to the families of the ...
The administration says the payments settled a dispute over Iranian assets frozen in 1978. Republicans say they amounted to ransom for several Americans held prisoner by the Iranian government, and should not have been paid in cash in any event.
INU - On Thursday, the UK's Guardian newspaper published a report detailing some of the ongoing efforts to push for the release of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, ...
Amid the snake-infested marshlands on Iran's border with Iraq, the control room monitoring North Azadegan oil field is manned entirely b.
Despite the challenges surrounding the drop in global oil prices and the Iranian government experiencing problems in financial cash flow due to years of sanctions, Iran's construction market is expected to continue a relatively steady growth at a ...
Iranian media had earlier reported that Iran, which is one of the main supporters of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, would not take part in the talks.
Abuja and Kano - Iran's Foreign Ministry has strongly condemned deadly attacks on Shiite Muslims attending religious mourning processions in Nigeria, stressing the Nigerian government's responsibility is to ensure security for people. ... Following ...
... world with Syria and Russia being accused of war crimes in connection with attacks on medical facilities and aid convoys. Assad's latest also said that Saudi Arabia has offered to help his government if it agrees to cut ties with Iran, one of Syria ...
"The Iranian government has tried to merge these ideas and rituals with their own foreign policy tools," he adds.
"Of the many public jabs we sent the Iranian government, Ali's was the most potent," he wrote in The Atlantic in June.
A few months after the Iranian government launched the first phase of its "national information network" (NIN), many questions still surround Iran's domestically hosted, state-controlled and censored internet. In this article, the International ...
Now international activists are urging the Iranian government to halt Sekaanvand's impending execution. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other human rights groups are encouraging people to tweet their support for Sekaanvand using ...
human rights organisation calls for action after UN group rules Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe's detention is arbitrary.
"Worst of all, the growing number of links between Trump's associates, Wikileaks and the Russian government raises troubling questions about the possibility that Trump's allies had advance knowledge of the release of these illegally obtained emails ...
Aden, Riyadh- High-ranking Yemeni sources told Asharq Al-Awsat that around forty Iranian warships violated on Wednesday Yemeni territorial waters.
In the 19-page report, Ban Ki-Moon called on the Iranian government to step up efforts in meeting requirements regarding all the reported violations and cooperate with human rights monitoring bodies.
A decade of international sanctions aimed at blocking Iran's nuclear program has left China the country's dominant investor and trade partner.
The husband of a British-Iranian charity worker imprisoned in Iran has called on the UK government to do more to help with her release.





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