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updated Sun. April 23, 2017

Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske made waves this week when she announced a voter fraud investigation, and said she'd confirmed three non-citizens had illegally voted in the 2016 general election.
Even as the Department of taxation moves toward the goal of licensing recreational marijuana facilities by July 1, a lawsuit is looming that could put the brakes on the whole process.
Another large batch of bills will die this week as the deadline for passing them out of the house where they were introduced hits on Tuesday.
The Nevada Assembly has approved a bill changing the rules for testing marijuana intoxication in DUI cases. During the hearing on AB135, medical and lab experts and law enforcement all called for changes in the marijuana DUI laws, saying existing law ...
While contentious floor fights on hot-button bills tend to garner the most attention, Nevada lawmakers have so far this session spent a majority of their time ...
A legislative subcommittee on Friday gave the first official approval to budgets for the Nevada Indian Commission and Stewart Indian school Living Legacy.
One rescission proposed by the Trump administration is $230 million from the Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act, known as SNPLMA, which allows the Bureau of Land Management to sell land around Las Vegas.
CARSON CITY - Corrections officials would have to ask Nevada jail and prison inmates what they want to happen to their pets while they're incarcerated under ...
The Nevada Housing Division (NHD) has raised the household income limit for its Home Is Possible programs, making more Nevadans eligible for down ...
The U.S. Constitution forbids government officers to take emoluments - gifts or money - from foreign governments and officials.
The Yucca Mountain site is in the Congressional district represented by Rep. Ruben Kihuen, D-Nev. Brett Le Blanc/Las Vegas Review-Journal @bleblancphoto.
Last week, about 50 Venezuelans now residing in Nevada waved those signs and more in front of the fountains at the Bellagio to express their opposition to the government of President Nicolas Maduro. Their demonstration came as protests continued to ...
After one week of detainment, the proposal would give inmates the opportunity to authorize another person to take care of their pets and require government employees to transport the animals if they decide the alternate home provides adequate care and ...
A bill that started out to abolish Columbus Day was amended Thursday by the Nevada Senate to set aside a separate day to honor indigenous people.
Screw Nevada Two." That's how Nevada's chief critic of the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste project views legislation that will be discussed next week in a House ...
The Nevada Senate on Thursday approved a bill authorizing state and local governments to accept a tribal identification card as valid ID.
Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, the state's congressional delegation and the Nevada Legislature have vowed to fight federal plans to revive the Yucca Mountain site.
Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske, responding Wednesday for details on allegations of Nevada voter fraud, said her office obtained evidence that three ...
This tax Day, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer launched a new tool designed to make government spending and revenue more accessible to the average citizen.
CARSON CITY - Hundreds of bills have died in the Nevada Legislature this session, impacting everything from the fish pedicure industry to inmates on death row.
State officials say an inmate serving a life sentence at the Northern Nevada Correctional Center has died.
Those with no insurance, and those who have had a lengthy gap in coverage, may be required to pay what the federal government calls a "shared responsibility payment." It's a fine for not having coverage, on the theory that even those without insurance ...
Turkish voters will decide Sunday whether to replace the Turkish Republic's parliamentary form of government with a strong presidency.
Las Vegas - Nevada is addressing the problems of its long-struggling public schools with a new education plan to lift them up.
The bills being watched by Carson City government were subjected to various fates on Friday when the deadline to pass bills out of the house of origin hit.
DMV Director Terri Albertson said a letter sent to her office late Friday by Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske came "as a complete surprise.
If the Trump administration and Congress follow through on their initial list of budget cuts, Nevada would lose $75.9 million.
As John Otis reported for NPR, dissatisfaction with the ruling socialist regime has been partly fueled by a scarcity of bread. Citing the Venezuelan Bread Makers Federation, John says that "due to a cash crunch, the Maduro government is importing only ...
Las Vegas (AP) - A federal jury in Nevada began deliberating Thursday in the first of three trials stemming from an armed standoff that stopped federal agents from rounding up cattle near state's rights advocate Cliven Bundy's ranch three years ago ...
Franklin Steinberg of Carson City passed away peacefully in the local hospital there at the age of 75. Frank was comforted in his final days by his close friends and adopted nieces Kathleen Palley of Roseville, CA and Lisa Friend of Carson City.
Thousands of people are evacuating four besieged Syrian towns on Friday after rebels and the Syrian government reached a population swap agreement.
CARSON CITY - The Assembly government Affairs committee passed a bill that would put in place an inspector general to watchdog state and local agencies throughout Nevada. Assembly Bill 404 would establish a state inspector general office that would ...
Nevada Democrats are moving forward with a plan to impose time limits on both police departments and crime laboratories to test rape kits.
Nevada's top election official on Friday opened an investigation into alleged voter fraud in last year's election, saying her office has uncovered evidence that ...
State senators Michael Roberson, left, and Don Gustavson, read a bill during a judiciary committee hearing Friday in Carson City. Dozens of bills had to pass a ...
Gray and Nevada took their first positions within Franklin County government based on their backgrounds - grants management and human services administration, respectively.
The Nevada Supreme Court has ruled judges are exempt from the constitutional provision allowing recall elections to remove any public officer.
Denis was among several lawmakers who joined with librarians from across the state for Nevada Library Day at the Legislature on Wednesday.
DeLemus agreed to plead guilty Aug. 25 to two counts for his role in the standoff, but withdrew his guilty plea in January after seven anti-government activists - including two Bundy brothers - were acquitted on Oct. 27 of conspiracy and weapons charges.
Las Vegas (Reuters) - A Nevada jury on Thursday began deliberating the fate of six armed supporters of cattle rancher Cliven Bundy in a tense 2014 standoff with federal agents that drew hundreds of protesters and made headlines worldwide.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government introduced legislation that would allow adults to possess, share and purchase marijuana, while also strengthening penalties for those who give or sell the products to youth.
The midterm elections are more than a year-and-a-half away, but Republicans already have Nevada Congresswoman Jacky Rosen in their crosshairs.
Political reporter for the Reno-Gazette Journal Seth Richardson joins Insight with an update on legislation and an investigation into conflict of interests in state government. Nevada U.S. Senator Dean Heller also recently made a quip about how meeting ...
Nevada sought to intervene late Wednesday in a Texas lawsuit that seeks to force the federal government to restart the dormant Yucca Mountain nuclear waste storage project.
Amy Rose, legal director for the ACLU of Nevada, says they filed the suit because the government has refused to respond to a request they submitted Feb. 2 under the Freedom Information Act.
Senate Bill 411 would allow a local government to establish a program for the managed care of feral cat colonies. Under the bill, an agency could capture feral cats and provide veterinary services, such as rabies vaccinations and sterilization.
Many community members who spoke during the meeting's public comment period urged board members to reconsider the request, arguing that live video streaming of meetings is the new standard for government agencies in Nevada county and throughout ...
The American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada joined about a dozen of other chapters of the civil rights organization on Wednesday in suing for government documents pertaining to President Donald Trump's travel bans. The Nevada chapter's public records ...
Senate Bill 395 would require a cybersecurity plan for government and privately owned systems and facilities in Nevada; examples could be utilities and telecommunications systems. Under the bill, the plan would be provided to the Nevada Commission on ...
Two Washoe County Sheriff's Office employees ranked in the top 10 for overtime payouts received by Northern Nevada government workers. One is an unnamed deputy sheriff, who had $86,150 in OT. "Unnamed" means a person works undercover. The other ...






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