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updated Sat. May 27, 2017

Through force of will, he and his cofounders invented the budget transatlantic flight and opened up Iceland to the rest of the world.
While President Donald Trump has met with many male heads of government, First Lady Melania Trump has often mingled with their wives.
"Disagreements and a lack of unity are standing in the way of the party developing further and becoming a strong force within Icelandic society." Asked whether why he didn't simply put these ideas forward within the Progressive Party as an MP for the ...
In July 2016, Artem Vaulin left Ukraine for a vacation to Iceland with his family, but he never made it to his destination.
Katz, now 36, tells Motherboard he made a single, failed attempt to crack the password. And Wikileaks never ended up publishing the video.
The Canadian armed forces' CF-18 Hornet detachment has been deployed to Iceland as part of Operation Reassurance to contribute to NATO's assurance and deterrence measures.
The jets will patrol Iceland's airspace to meet and identify unknown airborne objects within or approaching the jurisdiction.
By Teis Jensen COPENHAGEN, May 22 (Reuters) - The strength of Iceland's crown has become a problem for its economy, finance minister Benedikt Johannesson warned on Monday, adding that the government would increase VAT on tourism to try to tame the ...
Should Mr Varadkar become Taoiseach, Ireland would just the fourth country to ever have an openly gay head of government. Iceland's Johanna Siguroardottir, Belgium's Elio Di Rupo and Luxembourg's Xavier Bettel are the only other government's lead by ...
Last year there was a considerable increase in individuals diagnosed with HIV, syphilis and gonorrhea according to a report by the Icelandic Directorate of Health. Increase ... This increase calls for a government response beginning this year, states ...
Iceland's tourism industry and the government banded together to try to save the summer season, eking out a tiny 0.1 percent increase that year.
To this end, the government is considering a payment scheme for transportation to fund the new infrastructure for electric and methane vehicles (biofuels, for their part, are compatible with existing technology).
This was a fortune that the young blond Icelandic writer recognised. Iceland is a fairly prosperous nation with a strong commitment to investment in the arts and literature.
Between 1997 and 2008, the number of Icelandic fathers taking parental leave shot from zero to 90 percent, before tapering off after the economic collapse; it stands now around 70 percent.
Iceland, unlike all other Nordic countries, has been primarily a conservative, centre-right country for roughly the past 30 years now.
Harnessing the power of Iceland's volcanoes to provide energy to British homes is one of those ideas that resurfaces every few years, but sounds too good - or whacky - to be true.
Kitty is not especially optimistic that Iceland will turn things around, citing UN obligations that Iceland has accepted and yet hasn't implemented.
In March 2017 Iceland's government removed capital controls on currency for the first time since the banks collapsed in 2008.
"We won't be taking Iceland out from our destinations but we will be cutting down our trips because we don't expect that many will be purchasing them," says Manfred Schreiber at Stuidosus.
The newest destinations include Austria, Hungary, The Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland, plus cruise vacations in Iceland and Greenland. Europe is the largest international destination for U.S. travelers and offers abundant air seat ... The current ...
How has the role of the world's largest military alliance changed?
These students were awarded based on their leadership skills, academic performance, and their interest in government-related careers.
... Icelandic fisheries management and wider North Atlantic agreements now often lauded. Iceland's "strong government" taking advantage around the NATO negotiating table brought on the rapid post Cod war demise, while ensuring generous fishing limits ...
The audience listens as Halla Hrund Logadottir, a Louis Bacon Environmental Leadership Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School and the former director of Reykjavik University's school of Energy, gives a presentation called "Lessons from Iceland: How to ...
'Hysterical' Labour government minister told to swot up on competition's rules after jibe at Plaid Cymru leader.
Iceland was the first country to introduce capital controls after the collapse of its banking system as a "temporary measure.
Australia's Firebrace wasn't awarded the highest 12-points from any country for the ballad Don't Come Easy but did receive several 10-points from countries including Sweden, Finland, Iceland and the UK. It was a mutual love-in as SBS news reader Lee ...
But that's not a huge problem because you can fly to Iceland to drive them yourself in the very terrain they are designed for, which means glaciers, snow-covered mountains, and fast-flowing rivers.
As Dr Busuttil admitted, the idea behind the concept is lifted directly from the newly-elected Icelandic PM Bjarni Benediktsson.
After hearing the Duterte administration defend the conduct of its war on drugs, representatives of 45 of the 47 nations gathered in Geneva for a review of the country's human rights record emerged apparently unconvinced, as they called on the ...
The Norwegian government has reversed a 40-year-old ban to allow 19 kinds of reptiles to be held as pets. Norway's agriculture and Food ... it was difficult to enforce such a ban. Iceland is the only other Nordic country banning these animals ...
Taking the platform of women Economic Forum, the ambassador of Iceland, Thorir Ibsen shared his insight about the gender equality and business relationship between India and Iceland. "Iceland is everything, Iceland means business" exclaims the ...
This is exactly why the Icelandic government is taking action to prevent overcrowding in their fantastic and rugged landscape, which we discussed in Part 1 of this series.
Stockholm, May 9 (Reuters) - Iceland has proposed a further easing of capital controls imposed during the global financial crisis by raising the amount of money individuals can transfer from locked offshore Icelandic crown accounts to nearly $1 million ...
By Marc Jones London (Reuters) - Iceland's remaining capital controls should be ended by the end of the year, a top finance official said, dovetailing with a potentially radical overhaul of monetary policy that may include a peg.
As the Trump administration moves past its first 100 days, the government remains vastly different from the governments of Denmark and Iceland. Trump has proposed budget cuts to the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Housing ...
The Icelandic government is now considering whether to impose taxes or restrictive measures to better regulate the inflow in the country because the growing amount of visitors is not only positive for Iceland tourism - it causes price explosions ...
Icelandic pride also will have some quickly pointing out that Viking explorer Leif Erickson, born in Iceland, is credited with being the first European to land on and discover North America, at the northern tip of Newfoundland, Canada.
Iceland has been experiencing a historic tourist boom for 7 years. 20% more tourists are flooding its volcanic soil every year.
"The less useful Icelandic becomes in people's daily life, the closer we as a nation get to the threshold of giving up its use," said Eirikur Rognvaldsson, a language professor at the University of Iceland. He has embarked on a three-year study of 5 ...
Iceland's glaciers are melting, so in January I made a trip there from my home in Toronto, thinking it was time to go see them.
As the United Kingdom withdraws from the European Union, the UK government is expected to lay claim to a 200-nautical-mile fishing border off its coastal line and renegotiate agreements for fishing stocks that are shared with the European Union and ...
The Pirate Party of Iceland, founded four years ago by an assortment of hackers, political activists and internet freedom advocates, won 10 seats in that country's 63-seat Parliament in October, though it was ultimately shut out of a coalition ...
The Pirate Party of Iceland, founded four years ago by an assortment of hackers, political activists and internet freedom advocates, won 10 seats in that country's 63-seat Parliament in October, though it was ultimately shut out of a coalition ...
The Pirate Party of Iceland, founded four years ago by an assortment of hackers, political activists and internet freedom advocates, won 10 seats in that country's 63-seat Parliament in October, though it was ultimately shut out of a coalition ...
The Pirate Party of Iceland, founded four years ago by an assortment of hackers, political activists and internet freedom advocates, won 10 seats in that country's 63-seat Parliament in October, though it was ultimately shut out of a coalition ...
Shouldn't they know that that [deal] cost, among other things, that government ministers at the time literally had to go into hiding and pretend not to be home when the Dalai Lama himself visited Iceland and wanted to meet leaders?" he wrote on facebook.
The government of the local municipality which Seljalandsfoss waterfall is in has decided to put on parking fees at the parking lot by the waterfall.
EK: My name is Dr. Eva Kuttner, I'm a Project Leader in the Analysis and Structure division at Matis (mat=food + is=Iceland). Matis is a government owned, non-profit, independent research company in Iceland. The main focus of Matis is research and ...
Other examples of such private/public companies include the Icelandic postal service and Isavia, which runs the country's airports.






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