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updated Wed. March 29, 2017

"The sector and all of us have to be careful not to become victims of our own success," Thordis Kolbrun Reykfjord Gylfadottir, Iceland's tourism minister, said in a recent interview in Reykjavik. A currency plunge and its ... visiting the country. A ...
Do you remember Eyjafjallajokull - the obscure, unpronounceable Icelandic volcano that woke up in 2010 after nearly two centuries of slumber, grounding a large portion of the world's planes?
Maidstone residents can look forward to having a new supermarket in the town in April. The Food Warehouse by Iceland will be opening a store in the town in London Road Retail Park at 9am on Tuesday, April 25. The 11,000 square foot shop will be moving ...
How about some tender, Icelandic lamb chops for a weekend dinner? Here's a quick recipe to show you how to cook lamb chops, favourite meal of many ...
The Reykjavik Fashion Festival takes place next weekend at Harpa and one of the special guests at the festival is model Lady Victoria Hervey.
The University of Southern Maine and Iceland's Reykjavik (RAY'-kyuh-vik) University will sign an agreement to make it easier for students and faculty to visit the schools.
American artist Nick Turner, according to VICE magazine, likes to take self-portraits of himself getting intimate with nature in Iceland.
The village will be by the Golden Circle, a tour taken by most tourists visiting Iceland. As the plans stand today, the village will not only service people staying there, but also tourists passing by. The village will be ready in 4-5 years, if all ...
A May 2 departure, for example, will include five days in Iceland, before your trip continues to London on May 7. Four days later, travelers will take a return flight home from London to New York City. Other valid dates include a May 5 trip to Iceland ...
A storm is expected in the southernmost part of Iceland tonight with very sharp gusts of wind, according to an announcement from the Iceland Met Office. An area of low pressure is aproaching the country with accompanying wind and snow. The storm will ...
During the fall semester of 2016, I traveled to Iceland through a study abroad program that revolved around teaching "Sustainability Through Community," a concept I was not aware of before this three-month excursion.
The Icelandic government announced today it will be completely lifting on Tuesday the capital controls it put in place against country's individuals, firms, and pension funds to keep it propped during the fallout of the financial crisis.
To that end, Reid co-founded with Erica Green the Iceland Writers Retreat, an annual gathering for writers, both published and aspiring, which takes place this year April 5-9 and involves workshops - lead by Bret Anthony Johnston, head of creative ...
I think it's safe to say that most teenagers have tried and/or abused alcohol or illegal drugs, yet teen substance abuse rarely gets the attention it needs.
Reykjavik, Iceland - Not to be outdone by Miami's Rolling Loud Fest, the entire country of Iceland is simmering with anticipation on what is now their biggest Hip Hop announcement to ever be witnessed.
Iceland is having a bit of moment - barely a week goes by when it isn't at the top of another must-visit list or acting as a filming location for some big Hollywood movie.
In 1975, several unusual advertisements popped up in a local newspaper in Iceland. "HUSBANDS," an ad for a grocery store began.
She's been the face of many international campaigns and appeared on the pages on some of the world's most famous fashion magazines.
French filmmaker and drone operator, Florian Valmont took these stunning pictures of the Northern Lights at his home in central Reykjavik on Saturday.
Whether you want to stay in the city and explore Reykjavik, taking a dip in the thermal baths and admiring the mountains in the background, or get stuck into nature and drive through roads forged from lava so you can experience the hot springs that ...
It's never been easier to get to Iceland. This year, 27 commercial airlines fly directly to Iceland from 78 destinations all over Europe and North America.
Iceland based photographer Benjamin Hardman captured these incredible images of Northern Lights above Kex Hostel, a hip hostel in downtown Reykjavik last night.
The hostel is right in the heart of Laugardalur Park, close to the national sport stadiums and Iceland's biggest swimming pool and thermal spa (Laugardalslaug).
Security camera footage has shed light on a case of grave assault which occurred in Reykjavik city centre ten days ago. Three people were attacked at random after a night out clubbing and one of the men received a fractured scull and bleeding to the brain.
Every Ash Wednesday Icelandic kids dress up as witches, cowboys, princesses, punk rockers, trolls and everything in between and go about their home towns in flocks. The tradition is visiting companies and singing in exchange for candy. Another ...
Inaugurated on 24 February, the airline will offer seven flights a week between the North Iceland airport and the capital, with twice-daily flights on Thursday and Sunday and a single-daily service on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays when referring to ...
A photographer documents Reykjavik's heaviest snowfall in around 80 years.
I do also allow the flavor of a city through the voice of one person. ... "It's interesting architecture here and there," he said, "and the waterfront down in the old town is beautiful in terms of what it can be, and what's already halfway there ...
Iceland is having a bit of moment - barely a week goes by when it isn't at the top of another must-visit list or acting as a filming location for some big Hollywood movie.
The Iceland Met Office's Northern Lights forecasts makes it really easy to chase down the Northern Lights on your own. Keep in mind the Northern Lights are ...
Crews are cleaning up a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia after vandals knocked over hundreds of headstones this past week. Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney says this kind of behavior cannot be tolerated, and the city has offered an award for information ...
Record breaking amounts of snow fell in the city of Reykjavik in Iceland last night and the pictures are amazing. The snow in the capital peaked at 51 cm.
The Icelandic Met Office has just declared a possible risk of avalanche in South Iceland, as it's been snowing heavily in the area over the last couple of days.
Either way, I think it's safe to say that we are all aware of the fact that Iceland is a fun and affordable travel destination replete with "quaint" and "charming" experiences.
With flights out a number of U.S. cities, WOW Air is offering roundtrip tickets for as little as $250. cheap flight to Iceland. Share on ... There are also $320 tickets from New York City and $370 tickets from Pittsburgh available in the sale. There ...
Panopoulos took a little dig at the Icelandic leader, who is 47. "When I was working on the pineapple pizza - he wasn't even born.
Burton-born middleweight boxing champion Neville Brown put his speed and fancy footwork to the test in March 1994. The tall lean fighting machine took part in a trolley dash at the town's Iceland store at the Octagon Centre for the mental health ...
Vegan is the way to go in hip Reykjavik. Failing that, be a vegetarian. And it's finally possible in Reykjavik these days with plenty of great options at restaurants and Fast Food joints and vegan sushi is super popular.
A large low pressure area is heading towards Iceland with accompanying wind and rain. Next week, things are going to get a lot colder with bouts of snow.
Iceland was practically bust less than a decade ago, with the carry trade contributing to a speculative bubble that led to the demise of its three largest banks.
Iceland police keep pulling drivers over, thinking they are drunk. But they are actually mesmerized by the northern lights and not focusing on the road.
Guys sending women unsolicited "dickpics" is as much of a problem in Iceland as it is elsewhere and now a man and a woman have set up an Instagram page ...
Read the City Park Hotel, Reykjavik, Iceland hotel review on Telegraph Travel. See great photos, full ratings, facilities, expert advice and book the best hotel ...
WOODBURY - At 7 p.m. Friday, March 3, naturalists and photographers Barbara and Peter Rzasa will present a slide show of the geological features, birds, and flowers that can be found while traveling through Iceland's Westfjords, Flatey Island and ...
We also know that Iceland is an incredible community, a very gay welcoming island and that at one point you had a gay prime minister.
WAITROSE and Iceland have topped a Which? supermarket consumer satisfaction survey.
To achieve this amazing rescue of the nation's youth, Iceland hired U.S. psychology professor Harvey Milkman, whose research in New York and later Denver suggested that drugs and alcohol are people's ways of dealing with stress.
Following news of a woman being shown out of a pool in the small town of Akranes in Iceland, the directors of the City of Reykjavik sports and recreation department have confirmed that guests of the city's swimming pool are welcome whether they wear a ...
Members from the Benoni Lakes Lions Club stand together with visitors from Iceland and the district at On Sixth, in Northmead.
If it was adopted in other countries, Milkman argues, the Icelandic model could benefit the general psychological and physical wellbeing of millions of kids, not to mention the coffers of healthcare agencies and broader society.







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