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Kit Miyamoto met up with The City Paper to talk about why this ... the town of Mesa de los Santos in Santander Department sits on a fault line ...

At an overnight protest in Villa del Rosario, a Colombian town on the Venezuelan border, hundreds of Venezuelans taking shelter there decried ...
The outflow is already evident in the Colombian border town of Cucuta, where more and more spots have opened up selling Venezuelan food ...
Bolt urgently needs medication, George Quintero, police commissioner of the Norte de Santander Department, said to AD. "Mr. Bolt indeed ...
... order" in the Department of Santander, where the state-controlled oil ... into an aqueduct that provides water to the city of Barrancabermeja, ...

... that a new hospital will be built in the Department of Santander. ... a small city known as an eco-sports hub due to the many rafting, hiking, ...
The baby, who weighs just 2.2kg, is now recovering having contracted hypothermia, doctors said. police in the Department of Santander said ...
One such region is the remote area of Catatumbo in the mountainous Norte de Santander Department. In Catatumbo, humanitarian needs remain dire.
The one-page open letter circulated in the northern Department of Santander - one of the areas hardest-hit by the armed conflict - is signed by the Urban Command of the Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces of Colombia paramilitary group in the city of ...
Beltran war born in 1953 as Israel Ramirez in San Gil, a town in the central Colombian Santander Department. While studying chemical engineering, Beltran joined the ELN in the 1970s, less than a decade after the group first announced its presence.
By 4 p.m. on Saturday, the day Colombia reopened its border with Venezuela, at least 40,000 people had streamed into the border town of Cucuta. They came by ... During a visit to the border in Colombia's Norte de Santander Department this month, Devex ...
The Venezuelans crossed the border into the city of Cucuta in Colombia's Norte de Santander Department as Venezuelan authorities briefly opened border crossings on Saturday.
Cucuta (Colombia) (AFP) - Thousands of Venezuelans crossed Saturday into the Colombian city of Cucuta to buy food and medicine, taking advantage of another brief opening in the border that's been closed nearly a year.
Now, however, it is evident that the outcome is exactly the opposite to what Maduro predicted: Colombian towns and cities are well supplied while Venezuelans must go without basic products of food and medicine.
... governor of the Norte de Santander Department that includes Cucuta, said on twitter. "Thank you for this welcome, the people of Venezuela are experiencing a serious humanitarian situation," Jose Gregorio Sanchez, a resident of the border town of ...
On Sunday, President Juan Manuel Santos ordered security forces to begin search and rescue operations in the mountainous region of the Norte de Santander Department and in the vicinity of El Tarra, the town where the Spanish journalist was last seen ...

Hidden under a layer of cement in a pit 6.5 meters wide and 2.5 meters deep, the cocaine had reportedly been collected from drug operations in Norte de Santander Department, the Bajo Cauca sub-region of Antioquia, and the Eastern Plains region ...
Director of the Departmental Health Institute, John Bitar said the outbreak was in Norte de Santander Department in northern Colombia, bordering Venezuela.
The government agency said that one case was in Norte de Santander Department near the border with Venezuela and the other in the lowland areas near the capital, Bogota.
The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and Aleppo-based activist Bahaa al-Halaby say government warplanes, helicopter gunships and artillery have been bombarding rebel-held parts of the city on Thursday. The pro-government Addounia TV ...
Belgian prosecutors have launched a public appeal for any information on the "man in hat" suspect in the Brussels Airport suicide bombings that killed 16 people.
14 on the road to Patio Cemento in the northeastern Colombian Department of Santander, where Camilo Torres was killed in combat half a century ago on Feb. 15, 1966.
Just months later, in his first skirmish with government troops in the northeastern Department of Santander, he was shot dead at 36 years old.
The north-central Colombian city of Bucaramanga is not-so-creatively referred to as the "City of Parks" because of its more-than-160 shady parks and plazas.
Just months later, in his first skirmish with government troops in the northeastern Department of Santander, he was shot dead at 36 years old.
Colombian health officials reported the deaths of a man and a women in second city, Medellin, on Thursday after they were confirmed to be carriers of Zika and showed symptoms of the Guillain-Barre syndrome.
What, we ask, has made the capital of the Norte de Santander Department so attractive to this mosquito? It is not yet clear.
25 de enero de 2016, 16:29Bogota, Jan 25 (Prensa Latina) Colombian experts locating the remains of the ELN guerrilla and priest Camilo Torres, searches focused today in the municipal cemetery of Bucaramanga, capital of Santander Department today.





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