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updated Wed. August 23, 2017

SMA has announced the completion of contracts for the operation and maintenance of two solar power plants in Chile. The plants are owned by ...
... before crossing South America. the moon is expected to block out the sun for up to 4 minutes and 33 seconds over Chile and Argentina - far ...
Silversea's Grand Voyage 2018 Will Head to South America ... Along the way, the ship will visit 34 ports in Mexico, Honduras, Chile, Argentina, ... lecture and enrichment programs; roundtrip transportation into town (in most ...
It will end Chile's stance as the last country in South America to ban abortion ... abortion celebrated outside the courtroom in the Chilean capital, ...
Second lady Karen Pence will travel to Central and South America next week ... meet with art therapists during her travels to Colombia, Argentina, Chile, ... Buenos Aires, Argentina; Santiago, Chile; and Panama City, Panama. ... Judge rules California town can't challenge Trump's order on sanctuary cities.
Kansas City, MO. - One market opened, and another closed as Brazil worked to contain the fallout from an anticorruption investigation targeting the country's meat industry.
a smiling crowd yells at the airport in this Argentine city to welcome them and 10 other Syrians. While U.S. President Donald Trump has slammed the door shut on Syrian migrants, the governor of Argentina's San Luis province is happily receiving them ...
The sea Bass is genuinely imported from Chile, South America, the beef comes all the way from Brazil and the list goes on.
He built up a vibrant church community in southern Chile, some seven hundred miles south of Santiago; he was later posted to the capital, where he ministered to the Indigenous population flocking into the city for work; in 1963 was appointed Archdeacon ...
Things were looking up for Dunga after a comfortable 3-0 win over Peru gave the impression that the defeat to Chile was little more than a blip.
For World Water Day, teleSUR looks at some of the figures behind the fight to protect water in North, Central and South America. ... All the people of the village came to our house and my grandmother welcomed them with doors open," Carmelina told Oxfam.
(Adds Chile suspension, Temer quote, details) By Brad Brooks and Dominique PattonSAO PAULO/Beijing, March 20 (Reuters) - Fallout from a corruption scandal in Brazil's massive meat industry spread on Monday, with China and South Korea suspending some ...
Fallout from a meatpacking industry scandal in Brazil, the world's biggest exporter of beef and poultry, widened on Monday as China, the EU, South Korea and Chile curtailed meat imports from the country after inspectors were accused of taking bribes to ...
In Peru, the Emergency Response Office along with the Regional government of Loreto coordinated the declaration of a state of emergency to the provincial municipality of Alto Amazonas on 15 January due to heavy rains and landslides. (RedHum, 16 Jan ...
Natukoy ng USGS ang lakas ng lindol sa pamamagitan ng Richter scale na ang sentro ay NASA Chilean coast. May lalim itong 115 kilometro at nasa layong 157 kilometro ng silangan ng Iquique, ang port city sa rehiyon ng Tarapaca sa northern Chile.
"They have one of the biggest academies in Chile. They are owned by an investment company who have built a big training centre just outside town and invest a lot of money into the academy. We watched a couple of games. There were five players in the ...
The pair wear the red jerseys of Chile's national football team who, the night before, secured a hard-fought 2-1 over South American neighbours Bolivia.
This handout photo released by the Chilean presidency shows President Michelle Bachelet (L) signing a document to receive a donation of 407,000 hectares of land from Kristine McDivitt at Parque Pumalin in southern Chile on March 15, 2017. (AFP Photo).
The scenery, however, suddenly changes at El Amarillo, a town of perfect picket fences, exquisitely designed bridges and hand-lettered wooden signs offering help on camping and trekking.
The former lakeside village of Puerto Varas has grown into a sizeable town in the last two decades, and lost some of its character in the process.
Ballynary isn't strictly a blink-and-you'll-miss-it kind of place. You could drive through it with your eyes wide open and you'd probably still miss it.
If you like a hubbub and need your walks around town, forget Awa and stay in Puerto Varas, 30 minutes' drive away. But if you are on a driving holiday and/or like to escape from it all for a few days, this lakeside spot was made for you.
Valparaiso is a lovely city, a lot easier to like than Santiago - it's much more laidback and certainly a lot more picturesque.
By Anthony EspositoMEXICO CITY, March 15 (Reuters) - Latin American currencies and stocks gained on Wednesday after the U.S.
CLARION | A presentation titled "A Sojourn to The Andes, Patagonia and Falklands of South America" is set for 7 to 8 p.m.
Santiago, Chile, is next on the itinerary. While in the capital city, travelers can embark on a wine-tasting tour, visit the neoclassical Metropolitan Cathedral, and explore the Chilean National Museum of Fine arts. They will then head to Hacienda ...
Santiago, Chile, is next on the itinerary. While in the capital city, travelers can embark on a wine-tasting tour, visit the neoclassical Metropolitan Cathedral, and explore the Chilean National Museum of Fine arts. They will then head to Hacienda ...
During a 15-day cruise from Santiago, Chile to Buenos Aires, Argentina, we saw glaciers and several species of penguins; traveled around Cape Horn from the Pacific to the Atlantic; and visited the Falkland Islands and Montevideo, Uruguay.
After finishing school in Ecuador, Pedro Tejada spent months traveling through South America. Empanadas were a staple everywhere he went.
"We lost Tim Agaba and Carel du Preez in a pre-season tournament, then Kyle Brown in Cape Town and Cecil Afrika before travelling to Wellington and Sydney.
High temperatures, strong winds and drought have contributed to a series of fires since November, and a massive wildfire worsened when it converged with the town of Santa Olga, where several people perished and more than 1,000 buildings burned. The ...
In reflecting on how he arrived at his current position as co-owner, with his brothers Carlo and Anthony of the Terra Momo Group of local restaurants, Raoul Momo thought about a subject much in the news recently: immigration.
Merely shifting resources around is akin to moving the deckchairs on the Titanic and no answer to poverty alleviation, he as much as told the Smart Procurement World Conference in Cape Town yesterday. Rather, get the growth-inhibiting regulatory ...
WALDOBORO, Maine - A Waldoboro business owner from South America has become a U.S. citizen and wants to advocate for other immigrants and change negative perceptions of immigrants.
We did it in the U17 division too. So, even though there's usually a sense of cynicism in SA when we expect the likes of Nigeria and Ghana to dominate with starlets, our recent progress proves what we already suspected - there is talent in this country ...
"In a few years they're saying I'm not gonna be able to move at all," the sculptor of local fame says in his cozy studio above his Old Colorado City gallery during a recent visit from his home in California, where he feels the air is easier on his ...
But after experimenting with a number of landscapes, Kenny found herself drawn to desert settlements in the U.S. and South America, along with central Asian countries like Mongolia, which she said was her favorite place to view. "After a while, I ...
Northern Ireland businesses could soon be making it big in Chile after Invest NI announced it is setting up an office in the South American city. It's part of an expansion of the agency's global network into 10 regions around the world and the new ...
For Alberto Silva, director of Personal Ministries in Chile Central-South Conference, or church region, this is a confirmation of how the TV network in South America is supporting the evangelistic work of the church. ... Recently, Nuevo Tiempo Chile ...
rain and thunderstorms will frequent much of South America this autumn as wet weather occurs from Argentina to parts of Colombia and Venezuela.
by. G. S. McClure. Located more than 2,000 miles west of South America, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Easter Island is one of the most remote inhabited places on Earth.
If you want to quit your nine-to-five job in a characterless office cubicle and become a cyber nomad, working from one foreign city to another, read on to discover the top 10 interesting cities for cyber nomads to chill. 10. ... Vilnius is the capital ...
"It's normally much easier to have stronger team togetherness in a smaller city which does not have many events, and where we are the most important event and our delegates are visible everywhere, versus being one of 15 conferences in town. This also ...
Cape Town - This weekend it was all about the watershed moments as the Vaal dam reached 100% and a glimpse of the first solar eclipse of the year could be seen over South African skies.
The eclipse was most visible in a 100-kilometer (62-mile) band across Chile, Argentina, Angola, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
What comes to your mind when you think of South America? A vibrant ... When in Chile, spend at least two days in its capital, Santiago.
Chile is a vast country. Though narrow from east to west, its north-south axis is 4,200 km, which means it stretches further than Australia's entire east coast.




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