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updated Wed. March 29, 2017

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Howling winds, heavy rain and huge seas pounded Australia's northeast on Tuesday, damaging homes, wrecking jetties and cutting power to thousands of people as Tropical cyclone Debbie tore through Queensland state's far north.
Why publicly decrying low rates of vaccination among adults is asking for trouble.
Australian cities are getting poor buildings because the debate about them starts and ends with building height, one of Canada's highest-profile urban planners says.
cities in Australia and New Zealand do face particular challenges: both countries are highly urbanised, 89% and 86% respectively.
The Australian government on Tuesday shelved a planned extradition treaty with China rather than allow the Senate to reject it over human rights concerns.
Ignore the government's rules and take pill-testing to the streets: VICE tests the ecstasy in Australia's capital cities with their MDMA Census.
Wine is produced across the lower half of Australia, but South Australia is still the engine room of the industry, home to big brands such as Penfolds, Jacob's Creek and Hardys - and around 300 other wineries spread across a range of regions, from the ...
Australia's soaring property prices and increasingly congested cities have prompted the federal government to issue an unusual request to the young: Stop complaining and move to the country.
An academic at an Australian university has been prevented by Chinese authorities from returning to Sydney because he's suspected of endangering national security, his lawyer said Sunday.
The march toward transforming all of our nation's cities into a Jenga-block landscape of apartment buildings has a lot of unexpected costs.
An Indian man from Kerala was assaulted by a group of teenagers in Australia's Hobart city, in an alleged case of racial abuse.
Australia's two biggest cities may be obsessed with rising property prices, but as two international financial powerhouses, Sydney and Melbourne tenants are probably going to have to get used to it: financial centres are expensive to live in.
"I think people probably avoid the fact that climate change is happening, so it's good to see the city grouping together to support Earth Hour.
Chinese premier Li Keqiang, second left, is given a Sydney Swans' team scarf along with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, right, after the scarfs were thrown to them from a crowd member ahead of an Australian Rule football League match ...
Of the 13 drug types tested, NSW topped the list for cocaine with double the amount of the party drug used in Sydney compared with other capital cities. "Cocaine consumption in capital city sites in NSW dominated the national landscape, being almost ...
If you're touring a specific state or are taking in some of the regional areas of Australia in between the capital cities, then driving might be the way to go. Bear in mind that unlike the US, regional towns are few and far between, with only a handful ...
A brilliant career-first hat-trick by Brendon Santalab has continued Western Sydney Wanderers's surge up the ladder with 3-1 win over Melbourne City at ...
Following the UN's World Happiness Report, which rated Australia as the ninth happiest place in the world to live, EliteSingles decided to find out where in Oz the happiest people lived, specifically the happiest singles.
AUSTRALIAN Clay Target Association (ACTA) will host more than 500 of the country's best shooters in Wagga next week. The National Down The Line Championships will get underway on Monday at ACTA's National Ground in Tasman Road, and will ...
For those who make the break, a UK university education is based around getting out of town and home as much as what degree to follow.
Interestingly, the recently released strategic plan for Berlin (population, four million) envisages a city with barely another 220,000 net extra residents in 2030.
Sydney suffered another drenching this afternoon from a supercell storm that passed through the city. Parts of western Sydney were dumped with heavy rainfall, flash flooding and damaging winds as two severe thunderstorms moved through the region ...
Tokyo has returned to the ranks of the world's 10 costliest cities this year as Asia's representation has expanded, reflecting the region's rising clout in the global economy.
Australia is close to resettling the 12,000 refugees from the war in Syria and Iraq it promised to urgently take more than a year ago, an official said Wednesday.
Chinese premier Li Keqiang is due to arrive in the Australian capital Canberra on Wednesday on a mission to expand bilateral ties as President Donald Trump proposes an "America First" overhaul of global trade.
Spotless is earning double the $165 million earned when PEP acquired the company in 2012 for $720m but the market has lost faith. Market sentiment is overruling financial logic on this deal.
The cost of living in Sydney and Melbourne is among the highest of the world's cities, and Brisbane and Adelaide are rocketing up the cost-of-living ranking.
The world's most expensive city, as seen from the Singapore Flyer observation wheel. ... The wallet-burning cost of living in Australia's largest cities has been highlighted again, with Sydney and Melbourne ranked among the most expensive in the world.
However, the rankings for Sydney and Melbourne are still lower than five years ago when both Australian cities were among the 10 most expensive in the world.
China hopes Australia will continue to look beyond the countries' ideological differences and focus on bilateral business ties and other forms of cooperation, a senior Chinese official said Tuesday.
The Nintendo Switch version of LEGO City Undercover has had its release date pushed back a week in Australia. The game will now release on April 12th.
Tiny Tower creator Nimblebit released its latest game last week, town-building clickfest Bit City. Its simple-yet-satisfying tap-to-build action has already earned it ...
The Point Peron Restoration Project (PPRP) will hold a Battle for Australia exhibition at the Gary Holland Community Centre over the ANZAC week, after the City of Rockingham approved a $4,718 funding grant to help the group proceed. The exhibition ...
Nor is this just an Australian trend. In the US, too, bigger cities are growing more quickly than smaller cities, and smaller cities are growing more quickly than towns. Why shouldn't people live where they choose? It's not for governments to tell ...
Xi did come back in November 2014, to sign the China Australia Free Trade Agreement, and Premier Li's visit will be the first from a senior leader since that landmark deal was concluded.
Not that long ago, so many people were falling over themselves to get to Gladstone that the council was paying others to leave. police were being called to direct traffic at open-home inspections, while other out-of-towners slept in their cars, so keen ...
Tully's claim to being the wettest town in Australia is not without its controversy - the nearby towns of Innisfail, Deeral and Babinda have also vied for the title.
Australia hosted a record 1.2 million visitors from China in 2016, and all but a handful arrived by air, courtesy of seven Chinese airlines and one Australian carrier -- Qantas -- that offer direct flights between China and Australia's biggest cities ...
In July 2006, facing vocal concerns from locals in Tier 1 Chinese cities such as Beijing about the rapid rise in residential property prices, the Chinese government at national and city levels introduced new restrictions on who was qualified to buy ...
This undated poster shows a map of Australia with its name struck through and replaced by New Germany. After the takeover, the main cities Down Under - sorry, Ganz Unten - would also receive more appropriate appellations, named for the most part after ...
When I visit somewhere new, I always ask for recommendations from friends and family on where to eat, hang out, and what attractions are worth my time, but I don't always know which of my friends to ask.
AUD/GBP exchange rates are holding onto gains at 0.621, although disappointing Australian confidence data has marginally slowed the advance of the 'Aussie' against the pound today.
The PM measurements of all Australian capital cities fall below these thresholds with Hobart performing the best, followed by Brisbane then Canberra.
"That doesn't mean they have to, but it's important these towns can say to people 'you can have a future here,' and there's a great future for families in Tamworth.
Recent cases of abduction, murder and rapes in outback Australia have once again turned the spotlight on the potential for a dream trip to turn into a nightmare for vulnerable young tourists in isolated surroundings.






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