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updated Tue. February 28, 2017

Cuts to penalty rates will hasten the "mass casualisation" of Australia's workforce, leading to a decrease in job security, less paid leave and more workplace stress, a new report warns.
This is a year that will make or break the independent Australian production industry. Australian film and television production companies are now competing in a global marketplace for funding and distribution.
Westpac bank has confirmed that branches across Australia are still experiencing technical issues that have been plaguing its internal systems since Monday morning.
Filmed as part of SBS documentary Is Australia Racist?, the situation was set up to test if Australians would say something if they saw someone being racially abused.
The last act to lock-up the top three positions on the chart was Karise Eden, the then freshly-crowned The Voice Australia winner who achieved the feat in December 2012 (she also had four of the top five).
Right now south-eastern Australia is having an unbearable summer. Temperatures in Sydney have regularly been in the upper 30s in recent weeks, while inland areas have had several days in the mid-40s.
We've confirmed with Telstra that it won't be bringing the device to local shores, and with 2G networks set to disappear across Australia pretty soon, we can't see Optus or Vodafone bringing it down under either (though we've reached out to both telcos ...
Cory Bernardi has publicly invited Tony Abbott to join his new Australian Conservatives movement after the former prime minister's incendiary speech last Thursday in which he laid out a conservative manifesto for the next federal election.
The Grammy-winning superstar is set to kick off her Australian tour tomorrow in Perth, and she's shared a behind-the-scenes look at her incredible stage being built in the Western Australia capital. "See you tomorrow Perth," she captioned the black-and ...
Perth based lithium Australia re-wrote the corporate play book in the last couple of weeks to achieve unfettered ownership and control of their unique Lithium processing IP known as Sileach.
There is every indication that the creation of inhumane conditions at the detention facilities is central to Australian policy.
After years of delays and cost blow-outs, the controversial Joint Strike Fighter has arrived on Australian soil for the first time.
Australia could be set to post its first current account surplus since the mid-1970s this year, as soaring commodity prices, rising export volumes and a narrower net income deficit work to push the balance into the black.
There is zero chance that sharia law - as a repressive criminal code used in certain Muslim majority nations - is going to be enshrined in Australia. Zero. It seems ridiculous that this sentence even needs to be written. But the spat between Senator ...
Indonesia and Australia have restored full military relations, weeks after Jakarta suspended cooperation because of "insulting" teaching material found at an Australian Army centre. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull made the announcement on ...
With many predicting Amazon will soon set up warehousing and distribution in Australia, what does that mean for consumers?
Soren Aandahl has never travelled so far finding a stock to short. The co-founder of Glaucus Research flew more than 16,000 kilometres from his base in Austin, Texas, to Australia, where he's looking at companies including commodity producers. Play Video.
Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull has dismissed a provocative critique from his predecessor, Tony Abbott, that their party risks losing government.
Her experience has confirmed in Fox the importance of her new book, I'm Australian Too, about multiculturalism, illustrated by an Indian-born Australian, Ronojoy Ghosh. Fox wrote the book in late 2014 in response to what she saw as a rising tide of ...
The first sitting Israeli prime minister to ever set foot on Australian soil barely made it on to the tarmac when he was thrust a fawning newspaper opinion piece written by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who blasted his critics at the UN for adopting ...
Phoenixing companies, which costs the Australian economy billions of dollars a year, is too easy, cheap, lucrative and is largely invisible, according to a new ...
It raises a few eyebrows from newcomers, but the town of Loxton has been celebrating a Mardi Gras for 60 years, decades before Sydney claimed the name for itself.
But in an astonishing outburst Ms Faruqi, who was born in Pakistan, insisted Australia suffers from systemic racism - a claim rubbished by other NSW MPs.
Shoppers in Chile can no longer plead ignorance over which foods are making them fat. Just decades on from struggling with malnutrition, the South American nation is in the grip of a deadly weight crisis just like Australia, with 67 per cent of people ...
drone footage captured on New South Wales' Lighthouse Beach saw a close call between a surfer and a great white shark. Filmed in an area which some call the "shark attack capital" of Australia, a great white shark swims harrowingly close to a surfer ...
On Thursday, Australian officials made a decision that prompted an immediate backlash around the country. The nation's workplace tribunal, the Fair Work Commission, slashed a pay benefit for workers in the hospitality, retail, Fast Food and pharmacy ...
Indonesian president Joko Widodo makes his first bilateral visit to Australia this weekend - a sign a military spat early this year has been resolved and relations between the two nations are stable.
A 10-year-old NSW central coast boy is lucky to be alive after a deadly funnel web spider bite necessitated what is believed to be the largest dose of antivenom administered in Australian history. Matthew Mitchell was rushed to Gosford hospital after ...
They do this by forcibly intercepting and transferring asylum seekers to one of Australia's offshore immigration detention facilities on the tiny Pacific island nation of Nauru, or on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea.
The forecast for a sticky season comes as parts of Eastern Australia emerge from their hottest summer ever. Moree, in northern NSW, had a record breaking 54 consecutive days with the mercury above 35C.
When even the locals are quick to label themselves Norfolk Islanders before admitting any connection to Australia, it's easy to believe you've departed the country.
Indonesian president Joko Widodo is to make his first bilateral visit to Australia this Sunday. Almost five years have passed since the previous bilateral visit by an Indonesian leader, made by Jokowi's predecessor Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in July 2012.
The immigration department's decision to refuse a visa to a Sydney doctor because her daughter is autistic has been condemned by the medical fraternity as "disgusting" and "reprehensible".
An Australian-led police operation has netted a New Zealand man on charges relating to the sexual abuse of a child and involvement in a global child sex offender network.
"If you don't like how the table is set, turn over the table" - Frank Underwood, House of Cards. The Reserve Bank governor is either venting out of frustration or is a master of strategy.
Sydney, Australia - One of three Quebecers accused of trying to import a large amount of cocaine into Australia last year will remain in custody until her trial is scheduled to begin on Aug. 28.
Former Australian PM Kevin Rudd has accused Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu of "torpedoing" peace negotiations in the Middle East.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday that he hoped to triple bilateral trade with Australia as the countries forge closer technology and aviation ties.
In a speech to the Committee for Economic Development of Australia that directed obvious anger and frustration at the political class in Canberra, Dr Henry blamed the scaremongering in modern politics for making worthwhile reforms impossible.
President Donald Trump has sworn in a who's who of oil leaders, which analysts have warned give his administration a pro-petroleum bias that may hurt Australia. Australia is just a small player in the oil market, but is the world's third biggest LNG ...
Jakarta: The Australian government is being sued for $103 million for allegedly jailing Indonesian juveniles for people smuggling in adult prisons or holding them in immigration detention between 2008 and 2012.
Sydney, Australia - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel was warmly welcomed here Wednesday by his Australian counterpart, Malcolm Turnbull, with the Israeli leader promoting the two countries' growing ties as Israel faces rising international ...
Suddenly grateful (never again will I feel a need to read "The Recognitions"), I called Richard in Tasmania to discuss which pitfalls to watch out for as we expand our coverage of Australia and what to pursue with zeal. He's far from the only person I ...
Jim Stanford from the Centre for Future Work at the Australia Institute said he was confident the typical ATO staffer worked a lot more than just nine minutes of overtime a day.
Irish man David Walsh stabbed to death in Australia was 'on the run from gardai'. David Walsh was allegedly knifed to death by his fiance at the weekend.
Five people were killed, including four Americans, in a small plane crash in Australia on Monday, the State Department confirmed. The plane, a twin-turboprop ...





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