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updated Thu. April 27, 2017

Perrett, who was known by his codename "Waterboy" by other drug runners, said Phan showed him photos of houseboats and implied the drugs were hidden on houseboats imported from China, possibly via New Caledonia. "T ... has a big tattoo on his back, ...
New Caledonia is where a little bit of Parisian style mixes with the South Pacific culture. The island became a French colony in 1853 and remains French territory.
The Rotary District 9910 Conference - the 9910 area capturing clubs north of the Auckland Harbour Bridge and from Norfolk Island, New Caledonia and Vanuatu - brought about 200 people associated with the clubs to Whangarei. It also drew governors and ...
Voters have already begun casting ballots in France's far-flung overseas territories including the pacific territory of New Caledonia. There are 190,000 residents in New Caledonia but an analyst and former diplomat said the turnout was not expected to ...
Every vote, in every corner of the Republic counts in this election, including the 190,000 in New Caledonia. Political violence during presidential elections three decades ago left dozens of Indigenous Kanaks dead but led to promises of an independence ...
scientists have been collecting data on the slab of continental crust that surrounds New Zealand and New Caledonia for decades (much of which is underwater, of course).
A student from the medical radiology program at the College of New Caledonia was the first recipient to receive the Dr. Larry Breckon Memorial Endowment ...
Vaeafe said the SPCA, a private and public sector cruise alliance made up of members from American Samoa, Cook Islands, Fiji, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Pitcairn, Samoa and Tonga, has organised the Pacific's attendance at Seatrade Cruise ...
GOLF: New Caledonia's Norman Bonnet shot to victory at the 2017 Australian Junior Age Division Golf Championship in the 17-18 years boys' section played at Capricorn Resort.
SALLY ROUND: How is this election viewed in New Caledonia? WZ: Everybody knows that the next president will oversee the independence referendum next year.
The mayor of Noumea has come out in support of Emmanuel Macron, two days before voters in New Caledonia go to the polls in the first round of the French presidential election.
More relief funds have been released in New Caledonia in the aftermath of cyclone Cook. Cyclone Cook. Photo: Twiiter/ @BrigitteWhaap.
He said he had also approached the French High Commission, asking for a declaration of natural disaster in order to trigger the release of more emergency assistance.
cyclone Cook's onslaught of New Zealand can be seen in an "extreme rainfall" analysis by US space agency NASA. Nasa examined rainfall accumulations generated over eastern Australia, the Pacific, and New Zealand from April 4 to 15.
At start of the month, Jean-Paul Grangeon of New Caledonia's Health and Social Affairs Directorate said the outbreak was stabilising amid hope of a respite with cooler weather.
Hundreds of households in New Caledonia are still without power, a week after cyclone Cook crossed the main island. The category 3 system, which claimed one life, damaged the electricity grid in the middle of Grand Terre when it crossed the mountainous ...
Category-2 cyclone Cook killed at least one person as it raked the heart of the French overseas territory of New Caledonia.
Tropical cyclone COOK passed through Vanuatu on 8 April and reached New Caledonia on 10 April, causing strong winds, heavy rains and floods.
One of the four Vietnamese blue boats held in custody in New Caledonia has sunk. The boat was seized earlier this month after being caught fishing illegally for beche de mer in the territory's north.
New Caledonia's prosecutor has also named two other suspects and asked them to surrender. They are Pascal Gnibekan and Samuel Moekia, who in 2015 escaped from prison.
There has been a call for a state of natural disaster to be declared in the parts of New Caledonia worst hit by cyclone Cook on Monday.
New Caledonia will be on the lookout for Australia and New Zealand as they aim for the number one spot in the ITTF Oceania Junior Championship at the Vodafone Arena today.
New Caledonia will be on the lookout for Australia and New Zealand as they aim for the number one spot in the ITTF Oceania Junior Championship at the Vodafone Arena today.
SYDNEY/WELLINGTON (Reuters) - A powerful cyclone that hit New Caledonia late on Monday and shuttered nickel operations has moved offshore, allowing authorities to lift warnings on the French South Pacific territory.
All cyclone alerts have been lifted in New Caledonia as the French territory takes stock of the damage from Cyclone Cook. The cyclone is now a category two storm, after hitting New Caledonia as a category three last night, and it is heading south ...
The cyclone departed New Caledonia on Tuesday afternoon and was tracking to hit New Zealand on Thursday. Heavy downpours, flash flooding and 80kmh winds were expected to lash Auckland both before and during the cyclone, from Wednesday morning ...
The body of a 73-year-old man has been found a day after he went missing during cyclone Cook in New Caledonia. The man, from the Kouaoua area, reportedly tried to reach a friend's home at the start of the category 3 storm but was swept away by a rising ...
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The storm hit land late on Monday afternoon as a category three storm, said Virgil Cavarero, a forecaster at Meteo New Caledonia, below the destructive category four predicted. However, authorities widened their cyclone alert on Monday, warning ...
"The threat to New Caledonia is very serious," the meteorological service said in a cyclone alert that will be extended to cover the southern province this evening.
Cook was the equivalent of a Category 2 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Wind Scale when it pushed into Grand Terre, the largest island of New Caledonia, according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center. Only one other tropical cyclone of Category 2 or ...
cyclone Cook is now a category two storm with its centre about 50 kilometres to the northwest of Vanuatu's main island, Efate.
cyclone Cook has formed over Vanuatu and is predicted to intensify to category three as it approaches New Caledonia on Monday.
Two people have died in New Caledonia in a crash of two water taxis off one of Noumea's main beaches. The accident happened at night when the water taxis were due to pick up people from a small island off the beach where they had been for dinner.
The talks were held at the French High Commission in Noumea after a rally by the group, calling itself the Collective against Insecurity in New Caledonia. The group, which was formed last month after the death of a motorcyclist near Noumea, said it ...
New Caledonia is near. Fiji Meteorological Service. A tropical disturbance near Fiji in the south Pacific on Friday. New Caledonia is near the centre. "There's a possible scenario which brings it towards New Zealand. The story is what's going to happen ...
The Pacific island of New Caledonia is due to hold a referendum on independence from France by November next year; Bougainville, 1,200 miles to the north (see map), is supposed to vote on separation from Papua New Guinea in 2019.
A top level meeting is expected to be held in New Caledonia today to discuss security concerns raised by civil society. police officers guard the road in Mont-Dore, to the south of New Caledonia's capital, Noumea. The road is frequently closed by armed ...
The public prosecutor in French Polynesia says the cocaine seized in the Tuamotus last week was destined for New Caledonia or possibly Australia.
There are signs that a dengue outbreak in New Caledonia is stabilising as authorities work to bring it under control. They declared a dengue epidemic in January and six people have died of the disease since then.
While there were more than 2000 cumulative cases of dengue in New Caledonia, Health and Social Affairs Directorate doctor Jean-Paul Grangeon said there were signs the outbreak was under control.
The group said it had now been assured that a meeting would be held with the President of New Caledonia, the president of the southern province, the four mayors of the Noumea agglomeration and a top official from the French High Commission.
The appeal court in New Caledonia has upheld the jail sentence given to a man jailed for making death threats against the police.
Sherry is particularly proud of Carnival's work in the Pacific, where its ships deliver tens of thousands of travellers to ports in Vanuatu and New Caledonia, and where newer destinations include Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. "We're in this ...
The Fiji Crop and Livestock Council has been given $US62,000 by the New Caledonia Chamber of agriculture to help farmers still suffering the effects of cyclone Winston.
A teacher in New Caledonia has announced that she will stand in the election of the French National Assembly in June to push for better recognition of the rights of the Indigenous Kanaks.
New Caledonia wants to step up its fight against dengue after more than 1000 people were infected last month alone. no caption.
The European Union is more committed than ever to the Pacific region, according to the head of the EU's international development arm.
SPCA is a private and public sector cruise alliance made up of members from American Samoa, Cook Islands, Fiji, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Pitcairn Islands, Samoa and Tonga. Held yearly in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in March, Seatrade brings ...
Three more Vietnamese blue boats have been caught fishing illegally for beche de mer within New Caledonia's waters. According to the public broadcaster, a French surveillance aircraft spotted two boats near Ouvea after which a naval vessel intercepted ...





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