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updated Thu. April 27, 2017

Demolition work began on a long-neglected home on Tahiti Drive Monday. The house, 300 Tahiti Dr., stands next to Highway 377 just north of the Lake Granbury bridge and has been attracting negative attention for years as the dilapidated structure slowly ...
The 2017 Teahupoo Tahiti Challenge kicked off with spectacular six-to-eight-foot barreling waves at the End of the Road. The day started with the Trials and the first perfect 10-point ride by Paul Blaz.
We have this spot in Tahiti called Small Pass that is really good for airs and where the sun sets right behind the wave. I really wanted to get the sunset atmosphere with the surfer as a silhouette.
Deer Jet took over the management of the Hong Kong-based BBJ 787 Dream Jet in September 2016. With the Dream Jet, Deer Jet envisions a new era of private aviation by curating extraordinary journeys.
Hugh Jackman wanted to go out on top with Logan, leaving the audience wanting more. And you know what? He sure did! And because of that, he deserves to take a long and well deserved vacation.
At 4.2 square miles Maupiti is less than half world-renowned Bora Bora's 11 square miles, and its highest peak at 1,250 feet is just over half the height of Bora Bora's massive Mount Otemanu, whose craggy wall looms a spectacular 2,385 feet above its ...
Water has an undeniable ability to render even the best set of lungs utterly useless. For that very reason, the idea of diving into an ocean to swim with sharks and stingrays, two creatures known to cause their own issues to the humble human from time ...
Paul Gauguin Cruises (, operator of the highest-rated and longest continually sailing luxury cruise ship in the South Pacific, the m/s Paul Gauguin, is pleased to announce that celebrity Chef Massimo Capra will join The Gauguin's ...
POEMOANA TERIINOHORAI: "I think people wanted to dance to Ori Tahiti because they have seen it on You Tube, I can see a lot of people who dance like the Ori Tahiti but for us we want to share more, not just the Ori Tahiti the dance but the culture.
However, the territorial government rejected the criticism, saying assistance to the Faaa victims was a priority. Faa'a also wants to charge an airport tax to counter the negative impact of Tahiti's international aiport on its soil. Mr Temaru told ...
The average individual income tax refund will be about $3,050, according to the IRS. Where does that money go? According to the travel website Airfarewatchdog.
Ex POTUS, former FLOTUS (the Obamas) chill on yacht in Tahiti with elite besties. Couple photographed during extended post-White House vacation in French Polynesia aboard music mogul David Geffen's luxury yacht, where they mixed with Entertainment ...
If you're a dedicated wave windsurfer, Tahiti will change your life. Charles Vandemeulebroucke is already living the dream at Teahupoo, Vairao and Maoti.
Mr Obama spent three weeks at a luxury resort on Tetiaroa before travelling around the Society Islands with his wife Michelle. There was tight security by both bodyguards and police but AFP reports that Mr Obama met locals on island stops.
The voyaging canoe Hokule'a is spending time in French Polynesia before heading back to Hawaii in two months, wrapping up the vessel's nearly four-year ...
Ra'iatea, now best known as French Polynesia's primary yachting and sailing Mecca, with hundreds of mariners swarming in each year, is the true Polynesian motherland where the Polynesian people are said to have first settled millennia ago and from ...
Tahiti - A community celebration will be held today, after Hawaii's legendary Polynesian voyaging canoes Hokulea and Hikianalia arrived in Tahiti on Thursday. The arrival marks the first time the sister canoes have reunited since the vessels embarked ...
The Obamas are reportedly on a yacht with Oprah in the South Pacific. You know, NBD.
The ship serves as their home, classroom, and laboratory for six weeks as they sail more than 3,500 nautical miles to their final destination of Pape'ete, Tahiti. The voyage comprises a long, open ocean passage and port stops in the Chatham Islands ...
Four of the coolest Americans alive hung out at a party in French Polynesia without the rest of us. Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Bruce Springsteen, and Tom Hanks all gathered on a 450-foot yacht off the coast of Tahiti on Monday for what we can only ...
Polynesian voyaging canoes Hokule'a and Hikianalia arrived in Tahiti Thursday. This is the first time the sister canoes have seen each other since each vessel embarked on different sail plans in spring of 2015.
They were found guilty of growing the drug on Tahiti Iti for sale across the Society Islands through a network of dealers from 2010 to 2014.
Tahiti holidays offer a guidebook's vision of island paradise: mountains, jungles, lagoons, sand, reefs, resorts, and a constant rejuvenating ocean breeze.
The Teahupoo Tahiti Challenge is the second stop on the 2017 APB World Tour. The 4-Star event will likely produce changes in the overall rankings.
Nearly three years after departing Honolulu and beginning the Malama Honua Worldwide Voyage, the voyaging canoe Hokulea and her sister ship, Hikianalia, have arrived in Tahiti for their final stop before returning home to Hawaii. Tracking maps for the ...
A top candidate for the French presidency Emmanuel Macron has released policies for French Polynesia where none of the main parties endorse his bid to ...
Mr Fillon, who is a former prime minister and candidate of The Republicans, took the stance in a document on his policies on French Polynesia after a veteran leader in Tahiti, Gaston Flosse, mooted the idea. The proposed change of the current status as ...
The islands of Tahiti, French Polynesia, and the South Pacific are each graced with their own distinct beauty, atmosphere, and myth.
We're on our way to Tahiti and it's nice. It's kind of light, light winds and light weather. A bit of rain coming through here and there, but that's alright.
On Sunday, Tahiti TV station TNTV showed snaps of Michelle Obama paddleboarding while her husband swam in a Polynesian lagoon.
Tahiti television station TNTV revealed photos of Michelle Obama paddleboarding while the Barack swam in a Polynesian lagoon.
If you ask people what they know about French Polynesia, you might hear Tahiti, possibly Bora Bora, perhaps even Moorea, the hulking mass of spires and pinnacles just off Tahiti's coast. But there are several other lesser-known islands in the Society ...
The mystery of Tahiti and constant use of the phrase "it's a magical place" were employed, and it wasn't until the end of the first season when it was revealed that former SHIELD Director Nick Fury put Coulson through an experimental procedure to ...
The public prosecutor in French Polynesia says the cocaine seized in the Tuamotus last week was destined for New Caledonia or possibly Australia.
The daytime talk show host just returned from a trip to Tahiti with wife Portia De Rossi. As she joked on Tuesday's show, "In case you don't know, Tahiti is a Polynesian word meaning 'drunk on the beach.'" Jokes aside, she said, "It's beautiful there ...
Against the thunderous rhythm of Tahitian drumming in the background, some dancers move forward in a straight line while others spin in place, all while simultaneously gyrating their hips, gently gesturing with their hands and arms, and maintaining ...
A 30-year contract had been given to the company ADT in 2010 despite objections by the commune of Faa'a where French Polynesia's international airport is located.
NewsRadio 560 KPQ and Sunset Marina are stamping passports to paradise every weekday at 8a, 1p and 4p, to win a Trip Of A Lifetime: Destination Tahiti.
When Hokulea leaves Tahiti for home in May on the last leg of her voyage around the world, she'll be joined by a Tahitian canoe, and guiding that canoe will be Tahiti's first navigator in more than two centuries. About 41 years ago, 15,000 Tahitians ...
There's pretty much only one thing that's better than a tropical vacation: A tropical vacation with your significant other.
There's pretty much only one thing that's better than a tropical vacation: A tropical vacation with your significant other.
Pitcairn Islanders are welcoming and warm, with homestays costing about $100 per day full board. One of these, run by Steve Christian, a seventh-generation descendant of Bounty mutineer Fletcher Christian, and his wife Olive, seventh-generation ...
Molokai crewmembers aboard Hokulea and sister vessel Hikianalia are currently headed to Tahiti from two directions. Kekama Helm, sailing on Hokulea, just visited Pitcairn enroute to the Marquesas Islands, and on to Tahiti. There, the Hawaiian voyaging ...
For those lucky enough to get there, Tahiti is one of the most magical places on Earth. For years the French Polynesian islands have inspired those who make it down to their sandy shores.
Tahiti Nui TV reports that three people have been arrested. The broadcaster Polynesie Premiere named a local businesswoman as being the ring leader of the operation which included a DJ.
Tahiti and Papua New Guinea secured away wins over each other during the past week, leaving all to play for when Solomon Islands rejoin the race in June.
A statement by the producer SCA Heia Tau Arii says tests showed the presence of salmonella in eggs which are banned from being sold.
The criminal court in French Polynesia has deferred its verdict in the case of the former mayor of Mahina, Emile Vernaudon, accused of abusing public funds with the running of a local radio station.
French Polynesia's Nuclear workers' Association, Mururoa e Tatou, says it's important younger generations get involved in the battle for justice over nuclear testing in the Pacific.






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