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updated Mon. March 27, 2017

A "Satanic" campaign to buy warm clothes for disadvantaged people has been blessed by an Auckland reverend, while drawing the ire of Family First.
The book, Hit and Run by investigative journalists Jon Stephenson and Nicky Hager, claims six civilians died and 15 were wounded in raids involving US and Afghan forces after a New Zealand soldier was killed by a bomb. The book alleged US helicopters ...
Catch all the action from Day 2 of the third Test between New Zealand and South Africa in Hamilton with our Live scorecard.
OPINION: What could the modern voter have in common with an air traveller caught short at 30,000 feet? A year ago I ran into Jon Stephenson in a computer store and we had a long chat.
OPINION: NZ is facing growing pressures, but our best economic opportunities have been laid out.
Visitors to New Zealand's first marine reserve take away a really awesome message about appreciating and respecting our environment.
earthquakes can hop from one fault to another as long as the faults are less than three miles apart, say scientists. So how did a NZ quake 'jump' over 10 miles?
Immigration officers asked Khalid why he'd left Afghanistan, the route he'd taken to get to New Zealand and what had happened to his passport.
Chinese premier Li Keqiang has arrived in New Zealand for a visit expected to focus on strengthening trade between the two countries.
Courts in New Zealand and India have granted legal personhood status to three rivers. The strange status is meant to protect the waters from pollution, but the measure could lead to unintended consequences, while undermining efforts to grant personhood ...
A new tool will allow daily drought information to be made available to farmers and water managers, allowing them to see which regions are the driest.
billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson touched down in Auckland on Saturday. He's here to raise cash for his global philanthropic organisation.
A body believed to be that of a missing 23-year-old New Zealand tourist has been found floating in the water at Indonesia's Nusa Peninda island.
A HILARIOUS video shows a New Zealand presenter accidentally dropping the C-bomb live on air TWICE before blaming Adele for his slip of the tongue.
WELLINGTON - New Zealand captain Kane Williamson was still mulling over the make-up of his side ahead of Saturday's Third test against South Africa with the Seddon Park wicket proving difficult to pin down.
When you think of million-dollar properties, it probably isn't areas such as Rotorua, Kaipara and Whangarei that spring to mind.
New Zealand will enter all three tests in the Lions series with referees that have never been in charge of an All Black loss.
A CHARTERED tour from New Zealand called "Flight to the Lights" has taken passengers to see the aurora australis with spectacular results.
New Zealand's environment minister has been challenged to a fist fight by a conservationist over the government's "swimmable rivers" policy.
Wellington Mayor Justin Lester said Wellington's arts and culture scene is to receive a half a million dollar boost. A lack of access to venue space after the closure of the Town Hall, was identified by a recent council review as an impediment for ...
Adele's New Zealand promoters have given her a ticket to Saturday's show and Jetstar have booked her a new flight. While close to 50,000 fans lapped up the artist's first ever New Zealand concert in Auckland on Thursday, Emma Miscall spent the night ...
New Zealand posted its largest 12-month trade deficit in nearly nine years in February, Statistics New Zealand said Friday.
Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand co-leader James Shaw told the newspaper it was "absolutely extraordinary" that Apple was "able to get away with paying zero tax" in the country.
The family of a New Zealand soldier killed in Afghanistan are distressed their son's death has been brought up again in a controversial book.
Afghan villagers at the centre of a deadly SAS raid have enlisted the help of New Zealand lawyers who are calling for an independent inquiry into the alleged "revenge attack".
An Indian court has declared the sacred Ganges and Yamuna rivers living entities, giving them the same legal rights as human beings, just a week after New Zealand's Whanganui River was given the legal status of a person. But it's a move analysts say ...
Charity, (left), and her partner Phoebe wed in a special ceremony in New Zealand. Photo / Samantha Brennan / Amber and Rose Photography.
A primary school in New Zealand has abolished gendered school uniforms to avoid stereotyping, following in the footsteps of dozens of British schools.
New Zealand is struggling to keep up with its growing popularity, with the number of tourists surpassing the number of hotel beds available.
The 2017 New Zealand Age Swimming Championships kicked off in Wellington yesterday, with several rising stars claiming individual titles, including World Junior Champion Gabrielle Fa'amausili.
New Zealand's red meat sector has taken another step towards positioning New Zealand beef and lamb as a premium food choice globally.
Former Prime Minister John Key waits to address parliament for his valedictory speech in Wellington, New Zealand, Wednesday, March 22, 2017.
Humans appear to be in good company: the kea parrot of New Zealand has become the first non-mammal to show signs of contagious "laughter.
Some $250 million of the funds is being earmarked for procurement in local companies, with the rest going into a cloud data centre to be built with New Zealand firms, the opening of an Innovation Lab at Victoria University in Wellington, building an ...
school children and grandmothers were among the 150 or so protesters outside the New Zealand petroleum Conference in New Plymouth.
Statistics New Zealand figures released yesterday showed in the year ended February, 71,300 more migrants arrived in New Zealand than left. This equalled the previous annual record set in January. Statistics NZ senior population statistics manager ...
As New Zealand enter their final fixture of a summer that began nine months ago in August, wicketkeeper BJ Watling has cautioned against an over-reaction to their three-day defeat to South Africa in Wellington, but admitted the last match of the series ...
With the mornings getting darker and winter approaching, now is the best time to start planning your next holiday. With that in mind, TripAdvisor has put together a list of travellers' top 10 destinations in New Zealand, and around the world. Rankings ...
Up to 200 protesters had blocked all entrance ways to the New Zealand petroleum Conference 2017 at New Plymouth's TSB Showplace on Wednesday and delegates had to be smuggled in through side doors and back entrances, delaying the start of the ...
An end to daylight saving (DST) is fast approaching, but is the New Zealand summer too short? New Zealand observed DST, the practice of putting the clocks forward by an hour during the summer months, during the period 1927-1946, and then consistently ...
Consecutive ministers have responded to stories with the Defence Minister at the time Wayne Mapp acknowledging New Zealand had been involved in the raid, but he staunchly denied it was a 'revenge attack', or that any civilians had been killed, based on ...
Local media outlet Okezone reported three people were taking a selfie on the edge of a cliff at 10.45pm yesterday (Bali), about 3.45am this morning New Zealand time. A huge wave was said to have hit the 23-year-old New Zealand man, a German woman ...





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