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updated Sat. January 21, 2017

Criticism for UK government lethargy when it comes to the support of UK tech companies took hold when CES organiser, Gary Shapiro, said that the UK government's lack of support for start-ups attending the CES tech show was a "source of embarrassment".
THE UK government has rejected a call to consider devolving immigration powers to Scotland and changing visa arrangements to encourage students from other countries to stay on north of the border after graduating.
The UK government has been warned not to "treat Scotland with contempt" over Brexit by the Scottish government. Scottish Brexit minister Michael Russell met his UK government counterpart David Davis and other ministers in London on Thursday as part of ...
EXPATS called on the UK government to help now with pension uprating and pensioners' healthcare and not wait for Brexit negotiations to take place - this was ...
The British government thinks banks are exaggerating about Brexit. We know this from Brexit Minister David Davis, who reportedly said before Christmas that banks need to "move on" from the referendum and to get over their obsession with passporting, ...
Stonehenge is one of the most famous sights in the world and like many popular tourist attractions, it has a traffic problem. The Neolithic monument attracts some ...
A call from an influential government select committee for the UK's overseas territories and crown dependencies to create central public registers of beneficial ownership has been rejected by the UK government.
British-Irish joint rule is not an option for Northern Ireland, the British government has insisted. NIO minister Lord Dunlop ruled out any possibility of joint London-Dublin governance if attempts to establish devolution fail after the Stormont ...
The Supreme Court has ruled that the British government can be sued by a Libyan national. Abdel Hakim Belhadj claims he was subject to rendition, torture and was held prisoner with the full co-operation of British authorities.
Looking ahead to the expected protracted post-election negotiations aimed at re-establishing a power-sharing executive in Belfast, the secretary of state said:"For our part, the UK government will continue to stand by our commitments under the Belfast ...
After the ruling, Belhaj said: "Years ago I asked the British government to apologise for what it had done. I have always said I was prepared to forgive, but that first Britain needed to accept that to abduct me and my wife and send us to Gaddafi is ...
Britain is continuing to support the Libyan coastguard despite accusations its members have killed refugees and attacked international rescue boats attempting ...
The British government's attempts to avoid being being sued for the 2004 kidnapping of a Libyan dissident and his wife, organised when Jack Straw was foreign secretary, have been dismissed by the supreme court.
Security at beach hotels in the Tunisian resort of Sousse was criticised in a report produced for the British government months before 38 people were killed in a terrorist attack there, an inquest has heard.
UK ministers will reject any bid to give Holyrood control over immigration, The Press and Journal can reveal. Figures at the top of the government have indicated they will not approve a transfer of power which has been key to Nicola Sturgeon's post ...
The U.K. government will put the Brexit deal it agrees with the European Union to a parliamentary vote, Prime Minister Theresa May said Tuesday.
The British government is failing to live up to promises to tackle corruption, according to the chair of the international development committee, Stephen Twigg.
The chair of the science and technology Committee in the UK parliament's House of Commons, Stephen Metcalfe, has written to UK digital minister Matt Hancock seeking an explanation for the delay in its publication.
Some SMEs have aired their concerns with diginomica/government about Whitehall's loss in momentum for supporting SMEs.
There is a global crisis in trust of government, business, media and non-governmental organisations, according to a comprehensive new report.
A correction to the fall and partial recovery in response to the leaked reports already you mean? lol. PM shares fin min Hammond's view that UK ready to adopt alternative economic models if forced to by Brexit terms.
The British government must apologise and end its "allergy" to the truth about Mi6's role in the abduction of a Libyan couple and their delivery into the hands of Muammar Gaddafi, a lawyer close to the case has told Middle East Eye.
More than 200 judges who challenged against the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) over changes to pensions entitlements have won their claim in the employment Tribunal.
Following Ross' call, Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon urged the UK government to make sure the views of the local community were put at the heart of any decision on this application and said she was unconvinced that the current plans could be ...
Paris (Reuters) - The British government was not prepared for taking Britain out of the European Union and now appears to be improvising on its Brexit policy, French finance Minister Michel Sapin said on Tuesday.
The UK government has announced it is to hold a review of limited partnerships following allegations that some limited partnerships in Scotland are being used ...
The Supreme Court is expected this week to make it more difficult for former Taliban fighters to sue the government over their detention in Afghanistan.
The British government said that it had seen evidence that some doctors failed to inform their patients about extended hours and that those in need of medical attention had no option but to go to hospital emergency rooms.
The British government has greenlit a controversial plan to build a 1.8-mile two-lane highway underneath Stonehenge, the iconic array of 4,000-year-old pillars in the south of England.
The UK government has been "unresponsive" to Wales' immigration needs, a former shadow home office minister has said.
To that end, the British government appears to be preemptively widening its remit for Royal Air Force strikes against jihadis and other non-state Actors, allowing itself to legally hit targets that are further down the chain of posing an imminent ...
British Prime Minister Theresa May has been accused of being 'in denial' about the full extent of the crisis within the National Health Service, the NHS.
Catholic schools cannot oppose same-sex marriage, says UK government official. January 11, 2017. Dame Louise Casey, the "integration czar" for the British government, has stated that "it is not OK for Catholic schools to be homophobic and Anti-Gay ...
With its new policy, the government has resisted calls to update existing product liability law to account for the introduction of driverless cars on to UK roads.
Nicola Sturgeon has slammed a UK government bid to gag the press and warned it would "threaten the viability" of local newspapers.
Plans to regulate the media in England and Wales could "pose a potential threat" to the freedom of the press in Scotland, the culture secretary has confirmed.
The U.K. government expects to lose its historic legal battle over whether it can start the Brexit process without wider parliamentary approval, sources have told the Guardian.
UK government under attack over health care spending. 'Theresa may needs to come out of her bunker, admit she's got it wrong and guarantee the funding the NHS needs.
SNP MP Alison Thewliss will today use a House of Commons debate to call on the UK government to give asylum seekers the right to work.
Last week at the consumer electronics show (CES) in Las Vegas the event's organiser said the UK government's lack of support for startups was a "source of embarrassment".
The UK government's new energy department, created following the abolition of the Department of Energy and climate change (DECC), is suffering from widespread confusion amongst its own staff about its role and responsibilities, the SNP has claimed.
London (AP) - The British government has named David Clementi as its preferred candidate to be the new BBC chairman. Clementi, a former deputy governor of the Bank of England, will be scrutinized for the position by Parliament's culture, Media and ...
UK government admits selling cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia in the 1980s. This is the first time the Ministry of Defence has revealed the number of devices it exported since it emerged that a "limited number" were used by Saudi-led forces in the war in ...
The UK government has been told to restructure funding for higher education rather than "ply on more debt" for students, after it suggested it was considering allowing universities in England to charge higher fees for accelerated courses.
Acts such as Everything Everything and Cate Le Bon have been given an injection of government cash in order to support their promotional touring and marketing efforts as part of the British Phonographic Society's (BPI) music Exports Growth Scheme.
Theresa may has denied her government is suffering from muddled thinking on Brexit as she stressed the importance that will be given to gaining full control over immigration during divorce negotiations with Brussels.
THE SNP has called for the Israeli embassy official at the centre of a diplomatic storm to be deported and the UK government to launch an official inquiry. Labour has also insisted Shai Masot, the senior political aide at the Israeli Embassy in London, ...
"Today's announcement that the UK government is no longer our largest shareholder is a key milestone in the journey of Lloyds Banking Group back to full private ownership, returning taxpayers' money at a profit," said the bank's chief executive Antonio ...
Theresa may was on Sunday facing mounting pressure to launch a full investigation into an Israeli diplomat caught plotting to "take down" a British minister for his opposition the Israeli occupation of Palestinian Territories.
This means the UK taxpayer is no longer the group's largest shareholder and the move takes the lender one step closer to being returned to private hands.





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