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Four little words set Brenda's teeth on edge. They're the bane of her life, and it's her mission to delete them from the world's memory; or at least to break their instant association with Scotland. "What do you think of first, when I say 'Scottish ...

In late September, my wife wanted to see rural Scotland, her ancestral home - and I wanted to drink in the land's rich bounty.
AN independent Scotland would not allow welfare claimants to be persecuted and humiliated in the same way as the main characters as in the newly-released film, I Daniel Blake, according to its screenwriter, who also called on the Scottish Parliament ...
THE VICE PRESIDENT of the German Green group in the European Parliament has become the latest high profile European politician to back Scotland remaining in the European Union. Ska Keller MEP addressed the group's sister party in Perth today ...
Scotland should look to the tiny Faroe Islands for inspiration on refusing to follow the rest of the UK out of Europe, it has been suggested.
The mountaineering Council of Scotland (MCofS) is so alarmed by the scale of new projects it has written to 10 councils and park authorities urging them to ensure the "scarring" if left to the minimum.
But the organiser, who had attempted to keep the concert secret, cancelled the event citing "travel concerns" following protests led by campaign group Hope Not Hate, which included nearly 1,800 supporters in Scotland emailing their MPs to flag up their ...
The Kangaroos have settled into their training base in Manchester ahead of their first match of the Four Nations tournament against Scotland on Friday. Australia will play The Bravehearts in Hull to open the Four Nations in the first of six pool matches.
Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will be told to drop her unhelpful demands for a second independence referendum - as she won't get one.
In the span of a generation, Scotland has shed much of its traditional social conservatism and enthusiastically embraced diversity in sexuality, a process led and reinforced by a remarkable transformation in its political culture.
Scotland must be treated as an "equal partner" in the UK's Brexit negotiations with the EU, according to the Scottish government.
Jacqueline Taggart from the ScotRail Alliance said: "We are going through a massive period of change on Scotland's railway. "The work that we are carrying out over the next few months will bring about a revolution in rail, with more and better trains ...
Crews had planned to lay cables for the Western Link project, a venture between ScottishPower and National Grid that would take renewable power from Scotland to homes and businesses in England and Wales, but the discovery of the ship stopped them in ...

Scotland is taking a step toward another referendum on independence by preparing legislation that could be enacted should the semi-autonomous government in Edinburgh decide Brexit is undermining its political and economic interests.
CARTOGRAPHERS in ancient days had no problems when it came to the location of Scotland's islands and their names, as they just made them up.
DAVID Davis today begins his Brexit charm offensive in Scotland as Theresa may is warned by her continental partners to expect "hard negotiations" in the forthcoming talks to take Britain out of the European Union.
"The species was extinct in Scotland before they were introduced to Loch Skeen, so it's great that the Trust has been able to help them out.
A high-level police probe has been launched into the company charged with repairing Scotland's main roads, The Courier can reveal.
The book reproduces some of the most stunning and historically significant maps from the collections of the National Library of Scotland (NLS). Christopher Fleet, Map Curator at the NLS and one of the three authors of the new book, said: "Callapoda's ...
A second independence referendum in Scotland could ask voters a "variation" of the question that was put to them in 2014, according to a consultation document published by the Scottish government.
The UK government's Brexit secretary is to make his first visit to Scotland since the vote to leave the EU. David Davis is due to meet his Scottish government counterpart Michael Russell.
Grieving after her boyfriend died, she used her camera to explore identity - first her own, then that of others. Nearly 10 years later, that search led her to the Outer Hebrides, Scotland's western islands where some of the last Gaelic-speaking ...
police say they have identified 11 potential victims of human trafficking - including six people under the age of 18 - in a major Scotland-wide operation. About 500 officers from every police division took part in the day of action, which resulted in ...
A seven foot tall vampire roaming the streets of Glasgow, a poltergeist haunting an iconic Edinburgh graveyard and a monster locked up in an Aberdeenshire castle are among the terrifying tales featured in a new guide to Scotland's most "spooktacular" ...
The political map of Scotland is to be almost completely redrawn under plans to cut the number of Scottish seats at Westminster from 59 to 53.
Melody Grove in "The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart" from the National Theater of Scotland. Credit Drew Farrell. The McKittrick Hotel will be transformed into a Scottish pub in November when "The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart" arrives for its ...
Scotland has two nuclear power stations, both run by French state-owned energy company EDF - Torness, based in East Lothian, and Hunterston, in North Ayreshire.
A THRIFTY "make do and mend" culture could help solve Scotland's housing crisis, says a top architect. Malcolm Fraser claims tens of thousands of empty homes and buildings could easily be patched up and put to good use but were being overlooked ...
Scotland'S only Labour MP has revealed he hasn't talked to Jeremy Corbyn since walking out the shadow cabinet four months ago.
A drive to recruit 100 extra GPS in Scotland and stave off a staffing crisis has hit the buffers, reports The Herald. https://twitter.
Mhairi Black has said she would welcome the Conservative government taking the UK out of the single market as it would help the SNP achieve independence for Scotland. The MP told Politico: "Keep it coming: the more they treat us like this, the quicker ...
Susie Walker, a partner and head of tax at Johnston Carmichael, Scotland s biggest independent firm of chartered accountants, set out concerns over the prospect of a divergence in tax rates.
Anti-racism group Hope Not Hate says that over 500 tickets have already been sold for the event and it is set to be "the largest white power concert ever to take place in Scotland" with "hardcore neo-Nazis" expected to attend from places including ...
Concerns about the performance of Police Scotland "fall completely at the SNP's door", the Scottish Conservatives have claimed.
A drive to recruit 100 additional GPS in Scotland has "hit the buffers", according to the front page of The Herald.
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said she believes a deal could be reached which would allow Scotland to retain access to the European single market.
Dr. Garcia was speaking in Glasgow during the Scottish National Party conference, in the presence of Scotland's Minister for Europe and International Development Dr.
THE bombs which the Saudi air force used to kill more than 150 civilians in Yemen last week were targeted by guidance systems made in Scotland. The 500lb bombs, which hit a funeral party on Saturday, are claimed to be Paveway IVs, made by US arms ...
Scotland's seas are home to thousands of animals, and it is a haven for all sorts of wildlife from the common to the bizarre.
She started to research what had happened to Scotland's once booming freshwater pearl mussel population and the people who had made their living fishing for pearls.
BRITISH astronaut Tim Peake is due to touch down in Glasgow today as part of a two-day visit to Scotland, in which he will recount his experiences on board the international space station (ISS).
Scotland's examinations board is under investigation after claims it has been paying thousands of exam invigilators less than the living wage, in breach of Scottish government policy.
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said she believes a deal could be reached which would allow Scotland to retain access to the European single market.
babies born in Scotland will be gifted "baby boxes" from New Year's Day 2017, the country's First Minister has said.
Scotland's police are using cars held together with duct tape and cable ties and sexual assault victims are being interviewed in rooms with mouldy carpets and leaky ceilings, the SNP Justice Minister has been told.
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