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Tensions between lawyers and the unity government have culminated in plans to commence a general strike. L'orde National des Avocats (The National Association of Tunisian Lawyers) issued an official statement on Tuesday, inviting all lawyers to ...
In a strongly worded document, diversion authority lawyer Robert Cattanach countered that the decision by the Minnesota Department of natural resources to deny a permit for an upstream dam contradicts the agency's finding that emergency flood measures ...
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - Portland police have been collecting information about the mental state of arrestees since spring, but some lawyers say the practice raises privacy concerns. The Oregonian reports that officers began recording the information in ...
Lawyers for a Bemidji man accused of kidnapping and raping a 5-year-old girl say he's "largely unresponsive" and isn't helping them defend him.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte called on the State Department's inspector general Thursday to investigate why the agency hired a pair of lawyers from Williams and Connolly, the law firm representing Hillary Clinton, to handle Freedom ...
Or Super Lawyers. I had never heard of Super Lawyers in law school or during the year I spent as a contract attorney.
Happily for lawyers, the sector with the biggest challenges also has the deepest pockets: finance. Today, banks in the U.K.
Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon takes the podium outside the Sex Offender Rehabilitation and Treatment Services center in Farmington, Mo., on Friday, August 30, 2013, to discuss his veto of House Bill 301 that, he says, would have weakened sex offender laws.
That got discussed at "A Leader's Guide to Delegating Legal Work: Stratifying legal services and Expanding the Role of Non-Lawyers in Your Department," a packed panel at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) featuring ...
BURLINGTON - Defense lawyers for a man who is facing his second federal death penalty trial are using poll results to argue that the trial be moved, saying a survey they commissioned shows a majority of Vermont residents have heard of the case and most ...
But the distinct sense I had in this room full of in-house lawyers was that most audience members are not fans of litigation finance.
WASHINGTON -- A U.S. appeals court has disqualified lawyers for a company accused of laundering the proceeds of a massive Russian tax fraud, whose fallout ...
MANITOWOC, WI (WBAY) - Brendan Dassey's lawyers continue trying to get him out of prison as the state appeals a judge's decision to overturn his conviction.

Leaked documents show that lawyers hired by the Clinton Foundation thought it may be breaking laws governing non profits.
No wonder Florida has a national reputation as a judicial hellhole. For better or worse, more and more lawyers are the ones making the laws in this state.
Lawyers for Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser filed motions last week with Waukesha County Circuit Judge Michael Bohren arguing a joint trial could confuse jurors.
That was all it took for David McCraw, an in-house lawyer for The New York Times, to pen the letter that went viral, a response to Donald Trump's attorney's threats to sue the paper over publication of sexual assault allegations.
A Georgia prisoner who was recently diagnosed with autism should not be put to death, his lawyers argue in court briefs, saying his scheduled execution this ...
The majority of the 181 attorneys in the Office of the Attorney General voted to join AFT, the union that represents staff lawyers in other state government departments. A spokesman for the union said Tuesday night that the attorneys had overwhelmingly ...
In multiple courts, I have been asked to produce my bar membership card even though my white peers are not subjected to this practice.
Meanwhile, lawyers for Rose and his two friends say the woman accusing them of rape is a liar trying to trick jurors with her tears.
Opposing sides of a contract dispute between the UFC and former welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre continued to dig their heels in Tuesday.
Democratic National Committee (DNC) lawyers responded on October 14 in support of their motion to dismiss the class action lawsuit against the DNC and former chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, maintaining that a fair and balanced Democratic primary is ...
Cameroonian President Paul Biya waving in Yaounde. Cameroonian lawyers have agreed to extend their work boycott for another week beginning Monday.
Lawyers defending Bill Cosby against a defamation suit are in Boston today seeking access to the crisis-counseling records of a woman who claims the comic icon drugged and raped her 40 years ago in a Las Vegas hotel.
A top conservative lawyer denounces Donald Trump's "dangerous and unprecedented attack on our democratic institutions.
Lawyers decide to take personal injury cases provided liability is reasonably clear and the opposition is an insurer or other solvent party who can pay.
In a stinging rebuke, the state commission that oversees lawyers has asked the Illinois Supreme Court to immediately suspend the law license of a judicial candidate who it said posed as a judge and to bar her from taking office.
Most lawyers I know crave predictability and adherence to routine. This makes eminent sense, as we operate in a profession that is rife with stress and constant perpetual challenges.
The 2016 Young Lawyers Installation banquet was held on Sept. 29 in a beautiful setting at the top of Iberia Bank in Lafayette.
He recalled that when he met her in the early 1970s, she already was working with defense lawyers on the Black Panther trials in New Haven.
It was about lawyers and law school. She had never personally met a lawyer, but she had an idea of what the job required.
"(Carney) failed to investigate the origins of the email communication forming the basis of the felony computer charge," Labrie's lawyers said in the documents. According to the documents, Labrie's current attorney interviewed an information technology ...
The survey, conducted by the American Health Lawyers Association, a nonpartisan organization with 13,500 members, along with media research company Bloomberg Law, found attorneys overwhelmingly think the healthcare industry is vulnerable to hacks ...
Two environmental attorneys are gearing up to force coastal cities' hands in making way for new housing. Attorneys Marco Gonzalez and Cory Briggs have said they're planning to file lawsuits against Encinitas and Del Mar over land use issues that have ...
In his reply to the government lawyers' briefs, PARC attorney Howard Shanker wrote that ADOT and the Federal Highway Administration "include a laundry list of harms" that are "speculative and generally not supported by the record.
Martin Shkreli's lawyers previously suggested that his defense would be based on the claim that he had been relying on the advice of his lawyer.
And that lawyer is now going on the attack. Marshall Grossman, one of Los Angeles' fiercest and most well-respected attorneys, has joined Bush's team, suggesting the anchor is ready to litigate against NBC if the network can't reach a deal with its ...
After leading a successful U.S. Supreme Court fight to overturn Texas abortion regulations, lawyers for several abortion providers have asked a federal judge to order the state to pay them $4.55 million in legal fees, at rates ranging from $250 to $995 ...
Donald Trump arriving for a meeting with Henry Kissinger in New York City on May 18. Reuters/Brendan McDermid. Lawyers representing Donald Trump sent a letter to The New York Times early Thursday demanding a retraction for a story that profiled two ...
Multiple women recounted being kissed and groped by Donald Trump without their consent in reports published Oct. 12, saying they came forward because the GOP presidential nominee dismissed his lewd comments caught on tape as "locker room talk," not ...
John Beliveau II, accompanied by then-attorney Gretchen von Helms, arrives at the federal courthouse, Dec. 17, 2013, in San Diego, California.
SPRINGFIELD - Lawyers for two defendants in a drug case told a Hampden Superior Court judge Wednesday they want the Springfield police Department's internal investigation report on the incident that led to a 60-day suspension for narcotics detective ...
Paris (AFP) - Lawyers for the main suspect in the Paris attacks, Salah Abdeslam, said that they will no longer defend him during a TV interview on Wednesday.
The National Association for the Advancement of Multijurisdiction Practice has been litigating the issue of whether admission on motion privileges should be provided to all attorneys in the United States, the October issue of the ABA Journal reports ...
This past week, I was on a panel with two women millennial lawyers discussing changes in the profession in the last forty years.





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