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updated Sat. March 25, 2017

The move comes after the District Attorney's comments about the judge setting a man free who's now accused of killing another man two months later.
Without the Platte County public defender's Office, the courts would have to appoint local attorneys to represent individuals at a much higher expense than the public defender. The services that are provided by our office would equate to roughly $600 ... Pictured are the Mingo County Commission along with Mingo County Chief public defender Teresa McCune and her assistant public defenders Paul Montgomery, Dave ...
Assemblyman Steve Yeager, D-Las Vegas, after Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval's final State of the State address at the Legislative Building in Carson City on Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2017.
St. Louis, MO (KTVI) - The "Missouri Right to Counsel" nonprofit formed this week and is made up of attorneys from about 20 firms in the St. Louis area.
WINCHESTER - Citing an "irreconcilable conflict of interest," Deputy Frederick County Commonwealth's Attorney Andrew Robbins has filed a motion to disqualify public defender Tim Coyne from representing Frances Charlene Moss-Hopkins, a Berryville ...
So I picked up the phone and I called Michael Barrett, the director of the state's public defender's office," said Richard Scherrer.
Mindy Jo Cline, 33, of 409 Old Columbus Road, theft, innocent, continued, public defender appointed. Ethan C. Cochran, 25, of 418 N. Western Ave.
Candidate for Florida governor Andrew Gillum's six-minute campaign video opens with a tranquil morning scene of a father prepping a pair of well-behaved, quiet toddlers for the day.
A split public defense system was mulled after it was announced in late 2015 that Clallam public defender Director Harry Gasnick and District Court Judge Rick Porter had a "long-standing and very serious dispute.
The public defender's Office says a survey it conducted proves that Keishanna Thomas, charged with abusing and killing her 11-year-old daughter and then hiding her body in a freezer, would be unable to get a fair trial if the case were heard in Manatee ...
Baton Rouge - A statewide, class-action lawsuit filed with the 19th District Court alleges that Louisiana's poor lack access to effective legal representation ...
BURLINGTON - The public defender who uncovered misrepresentations by a city police officer that led to the officer's resignation is questioning why the state's ...
In a press release, the ACLU of Missouri said "The state's public defenders don't have the time or resources to provide adequate legal representation and are unable to talk to their clients about possible witnesses, exculpatory evidence, plea ...
Kankakee County Chief public defender Gus Regas said a difference in opinion was behind the firing of longtime public defender Emile Capriotti. Capriotti, who handled felony traffic cases and DUIs, said Regas fired him on March 3 but was allowed to ...
"We don't want anyone to take this for granted," Scherrer said. "For those charged with the responsibility of funding the public defenders, we want to make sure they continue to acknowledge that, and don't think, 'Oh, the Missouri Bar has stepped in ...
Cleveland, Ohio -- A veteran Cuyahoga County lawyer respected by both prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys has been tapped to head the Cuyahoga County public defender's Office. ... He noted that public defenders often get a bad reputation.
The coalition "facilitates and encourages law firms to volunteer their attorneys to represent public defender clients, thus easing the system's difficult caseload," according to the news release.
"We want to challenge other constituents, most notably the state of Missouri, to continue to upgrade their role in funding the public defender's office," says Scherrer. The state's 370 public defenders are handling more than 80,000 cases per year ...
For the public defenders in the Nevada county public defender's Office, the reasons each attorney is a public defender are different but similar, which may be why they strongly unite as a team. In their own words, here are the reasons each of them is a ...
Moscow, March 20 (RAPSI) - A bill on assignment of public defenders in criminal cases has reached the State Duma, the database of the lower house of ...
At issue in the suit is whether Marcus meets the minimum California requirements to be hired as a public defender under government Code Section 27701, which states a person is not eligible for the position "unless he has been a practicing attorney in ...
Last year, 79 of the public defenders forfeited 3,431 hours of annual leave - 86 weeks - because they know that for each additional hour they take as leave, it's one less hour they can spend on a case, he wrote.
When Deputy public defender Kathleen Natividad's client, who has lived in the U.S. for 20 years after arriving here from Guatemala, was arrested for a DUI in 2015 by San Francisco police, the case had the potential to get him deported.
HUMBOLDT - The county's hiring of a public defender is the target of a lawsuit claiming that the rights of indigent defendants will be compromised due to the new hire's lack of qualifications.
AFTER switching to Adelaide Bank, Simon Collins gave his new BSB and account number to the real estate agent who collected rent on his investment property.
... the public defender's office, the Ramsey County court and the Minnesota Lawyer Professional Responsibility Board. Griffin also said Tuesday that he had the "utmost respect" for the public defender's office and had worked successfully with public ...
Solano County started its public defender's Office on Nov. 4, 1968. The staff of 57 attorneys, nine investigators and 19 clerical employees represented more than 14,000 clients in new and ongoing cases in 2016.
It's Natural Public Defense Week and the Solano County public defender's Office, along with public defenders Offices across the country, are celebrating. National Public Defense Week serves as an important reminder to the community of the important ...
Tim Bazar, Stanislaus County public defender for the past 21 years, is retiring. He talks about his role with the department during that time.
A former Charleston police officer, charged with killing an unarmed man in 2015 now wants a public defender to represent him at his retrial for murder.
Dawn DeanerPhoto: Daniel Meigspublic defenders' offices around the country this week are celebrating Public Defense Week, in honor of the anniversary of the U.S.
Since 1993, the public defender's Office has been warning of serious underfunding problems. The Channel 17 report continued to state that on the average,states pay about $18 per person per year for public defenders. Missouri pays less than $6.50. In ...
"I think it's a huge step forward that will assure that people's rights are protected at these hearings," said Alexander Bunin, Harris County's chief public defender, whose office developed the pilot program. The attorneys would provide information on ...
According to Pennington, completely dismissing Savage would be akin to starting from square one for the public defenders office and risk the defense's ability to meet current deadlines set for the August trial.
Two public defenders will be present at hearings where hearing officers set bail for criminal defendants, a process officials say results in the unnecessary jailing of thousands of defendants because they can't afford bail or are unfamiliar with the ...
HAMPTON - A supervising attorney at the Portsmouth public defender's Office has been tapped to head up the Hampton office - its fourth leader in just over five years.
"Missouri's public defenders are committed and skilled. They handle more than 80,000 cases annually, with an average caseload of between 100-200 cases at any one time," Barrett wrote.
Long-term funding problems for Missouri's public defender system escalated into a crisis recently when lawyers for the state's poorest criminal defendants were asked to tackle a 12 percent increase in cases without additional funding.
Charles E. Wilkerson, 46, of 1519 Clifton Ave., OVI, guilty, 12 months driver's license suspension with modification, three days jail, three days credit for time ...
"Kootenai County is pleased to announce that effective immediately, Christopher Schwartz has been appointed to serve as the Interim public defender for Kootenai County. "Mr. Schwartz was raised in Coeur d'Alene and graduated from Lake City high school ...
Missouri Senator Bob Dixon stood on the Senate floor several years ago and issued an ominous warning: the state of Missouri was going to get sued if it didn't fix its broken public defender system. His concern was that the state was not fully honoring ...
Until last summer, Shondel Church worked construction six days a week in Kansas City, Missouri, to provide for his wife and four children.
State officials have known for years that a class-action suit could be filed over its woefully ill-funded system.
The public defender's office is appointed as counsel. The preliminary hearing is scheduled at 1 p.m. on March 20. Bond is set at $10,000 cash only.
After Darren Langdon was charged with Class A misdemeanor battery resulting in bodily injury, the Marion Superior Court found him to be indigent and appointed a public defender to represent him. The trial court also imposed a $50 public defender fee, ...
Kansas City (AP) - Missouri's public defender system is so badly underfunded and understaffed its lawyers are unable to provide even rudimentary ...
NO public defender - Louisiana jails more people awaiting trial because they can't afford an attorney and public defenders are scarce. Credit Courtesy: Public Domain. LA public defenders OFFICE FUNDING - The Louisiana Justice Reinvestment ...
County officials on Friday named Randy Mize to be the new public defender, picking a 29-year veteran of the office to replace departing public defender Henry ...
Frederick Bell of Larose, La., says he's received no guidance from a public defender on how to fight drug charges from October.





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