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updated Mon. April 24, 2017

Sex education has had a controversial history from its very beginnings, perhaps more so in Texas than many other places. And this year is no different.
We often hear the phrases "There's no such thing as a free lunch" and "If something sounds too good to be true . . . it probably isn't" to describe ideas that may look good on paper but aren't that good in reality.
Last weekend marked the end of Lent, which for me and many other Christians brought the end of a season of fasting, alms giving and inner reflection.
Let me say at the outset that I don't have the answer to suffering. Dean Inge, the great English minister and philosopher of another generation, spent a lifetime admittedly seeking the solution to the problem of evil and suffering in the world, and at ...
My church friend Frank Weiss was at Mass on Easter Sunday, a welcome sight as I hadn't seen Frank or his wife Virgie all winter.
While I am perfectly content with my current career, I might have made different choices if I knew that hermit was an option for a profession.
WASHINGTON -- In his first annual message to Congress, John Quincy Adams, among the most experienced and intellectually formidable presidents, warned leaders against giving the impression that "we are palsied by the will of our constituents.
On the hunt since the "SAFE" Act passed in 2011, Kobach recently secured a guilty plea from Victor David Garcia Bebek, a Peruvian national who voted in three ...
On the same day David Dao was bloodied and dragged off a United flight in Chicago, I was attempting to board a Delta flight having left my government-issued photo ID at home.
Given that Pyongyang has had nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles for more than a decade, why the panic now? Because North Korea is headed for a nuclear breakout.
Life has never been easy for Donald J. Weber. He struggled to graduate from high school and joined the U.S. Marines Corps within days, spending more than a year in Vietnam as a rifleman.
Don't blame college students for their hostility to free expression. The fault ultimately lies with cowardly school administrations, who so often cave to student demands for censorship.
Donald Trump's saber rattling may or may not deter Kim Jong Un, but it's had an effect south of the border. In the first few months of this year, illegal border crossings have dropped precipitously.
Everywhere you look American conservatism is shedding its stars like a failing Broadway show in its final days. Bill O'Reilly, the so-called King of Cable, is, as one wag put it, no longer a "factor.
There was a significant moment at Press Secretary Sean Spicer's White House briefing Monday. Asked by a reporter about North Korea's missile launch last weekend, Spicer said the administration was aware of the launch and that "it failed.
WASHINGTON - For those of us convinced that Donald Trump's defects of character, lack of knowledge, encouragement of social division and disregard for democratic norms outweigh any good he may do - the rough definition of being #NeverTrump - these ...
Last weekend marked the end of Lent, which for me and many other Christians brought the end of a season of fasting, alms giving and inner reflection.
Clearwater - Tampa Bay Times metro columnist John Romano was awarded the Irene Miller Vigilance in Journalism Award by the Pinellas County Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union this week.
Columnist says 'life in Geraldine is good' despite Viceland. GERALDINE - While praising the performance of young people interviewed for Vice World of sports' episode on the Highwood/Geraldine Rivals football team, columnist Robyn Scribner said she ...
Mark Twain said, "It is no use to keep private information which you can't show off." Virginia Woolf said, "Every secret of a writer's soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.
The protests following President Donald Trump's inauguration and recent protests calling for the president to release his tax returns have this in common: his the-rules-don't-apply-to-me behavior is a presidential style rejected by both our tyranny ...
Andrew Sullivan and the "model minority" myth: Columnist unintentionally reminds us that racism EnlargeAndrew Sullivan; demonstrators at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, 1968; Japanese laborers in an internment camp in Manzanar, ...
Anthony H. "Tony" Stein, 87, a longtime Chesapeake columnist and former Virginian-Pilot and Ledger-Star staffer, died April 15 after suffering a massive heart attack.
Last week we went to Westminster Abbey, the House of Parliament, the Supreme Court and Parliament Square. As we exited the subway station, we encountered a large crowd filling the sidewalks and a very long line waiting to enter Westminster Abbey.
Jeff Kramer, a humor columnist with alt-weekly the Syracuse New Times, has a new play opening Friday. And as a warm-up to the April 21 debut, there is a funny related column in this week's edition.
We rely on innovation to change our lives but we tend to think about what it means for phones or the Internet, not farmland. Just as we rely on innovation to help us meet our future needs, we should also look towards innovation to help our agricultural ...
The aircraft carrier Carl Vinson. It's not easy to misplace a flotilla of warships, but it wasn't headed last week where the president said.
NEW YORK (JTA) - At first glance, The New York Times' hiring of another white, Jewish male opinion-page columnist is anything but news.
... according to his office, has gotten no official response. So it goes: governance without openness in a state with futile fiscal management.
That time the radio host and ringmaster of the "Infowars" website said the government brought ebola into the country to terrorize us?
April 18 is National columnists' Day, a date selected years ago by the National Society of Newspaper columnists because it was the day in 1945 that Ernie Pyle, ...
NEW YORK (JTA) - At first glance, The New York Times' hiring of another white, Jewish male opinion-page columnist is anything but news.
You can read diverse opinions from USA Today's Board of Contributors and other writers on the Opinion front page, on twitter @USATOpinion and in our daily Opinion newsletter.
Come together and support these students who have already voiced their opposition to this potentially tragic cut. #SaveHutchMSArts.
There are four gospels, and therefore, there are four Resurrection stories. The gospel writers had their own perspectives and purpose.
You have to wonder about the left's attempt to downgrade President Trump. Froma Harrop's column (R&L, April 19) makes you wonder if she is confused.
The headline was numbingly familiar: "For Blacks, College Is Not An Equalizer." The op-ed in The Washington Post by Ray Boshara explored what he called a ...
The Sleep Diagnostic Center at Hutchinson Regional Medical Center will join health care facilities throughout the nation in observing National Sleep Awareness Week, an annual event that is scheduled for the week of April 23-29.
Kansas is home to a long list of national restaurant chains that serve everything from New York steaks to fine cuisine, but a significant number of eating establishments are what some may call mom-and-pop operations, which add to the state's lore ...
That time the radio host and ringmaster of the "Infowars" website said the government brought ebola into the country to terrorize us?
Of the 54 groups that registered a lobbyist's opinion on a bill tightening voting requirements in Iowa, only one expressed support: the Iowa Minutemen Civil Defense Corps.
With U.S. missiles flying in Syria, the "mother of all bombs" exploding in Afghanistan and an aircraft carrier strike group heading toward North Korea, has there been a revolution in President Donald Trump's foreign policy?
science, whether the subject of investigation is physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, agriculture, natural resources, communications, economics, climate, human interactions with each other and their environment, uses the same methodology.
WASHINGTON - There was an unseemly glee on the part of some Trump supporters in the use of the MOAB - Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb - against a target in Afghanistan.
Despite the rise of the Tea Party and unified Republican control of government, one decidedly anti-free-market idea appears ascendant: single-payer health care.
Whatever comes next, there is nothing predestined about it. If America is to be saved, it won't be because we are us. It won't be because some columnist wrote soothing words. It will be because enough of us decided America was worth fighting for, and did.
To celebrate National columnists' Day, which takes place each year on April 18 as a way to honor all newspaper columnists and their contributions to journalism, the Redskins remember the late great Washington Post columnist Shirley Povich. Already ...
President Trump in the Oval Office last month. Credit Al Drago/The New York Times. With Donald Trump's 100th day in office fast approaching, White House staffers are reportedly trying desperately to "rebrand" the colossal failure of the first 100 days ...
The Washington Post reported Sunday that the new attorney general, Jeff Sessions, is preparing to return to the same hardline strategies that have so ...
Last week it was pro-police Manhattan Institute scholar Heather Mac Donald, who was invited to speak at Claremont McKenna College in California.





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