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updated Wed. March 29, 2017

Ben Scaglione, Director of healthcare Security and Safety for the risk management consulting firm Lowers & Associates, will present a workshop and session April 4th, 2017, in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the International Security Conference & Exposition also ...
The airport which is the main target of the government's ban on electronic devices has a security flaw that renders rigorous checks futile, The Independent can ...
Jerusalem (Reuters) - Attacks like the one in London are almost impossible to stop, the former head of VIP protection at Israel's Shin Bet security agency said on Thursday, acknowledging that even Israel struggled to prevent them.
A local Security Expert says there's an alarming trend on the rise. Emmanuel Thomas, with a local security company, says the number of people bringing weapons to clubs, bars, and restaurants you may frequent is rapidly increasing.
According to the Security Expert, the solution to the growing insecurity in Nigeria does not lie only in prayers but also in the ability of security officials and professionals to rigorously map threats, assess vulnerabilities and accurately implement ...
Richard J Aldrich, Professor of International Security at the University of Warwick, gives us his take on the terror attack in Westminster.
Jerusalem (Reuters) - Attacks like the one in London are almost impossible to stop, the former head of VIP protection at Israel's Shin Bet security agency said on Thursday, acknowledging that even Israel struggled to prevent them.
Why Security Expert says Las Vegas visitors should feel 'very, very safe' here. Image. Leila Navidi. Stewart Homnack, of the Flamingo security crew, guards the Strip entrance to the new Margaritaville casino inside the Flamingo on Friday, Sept.
police boats patrol the river Thames near the Houses of Parliament in London, yesterday. Eight people have been arrested in London and Birmingham over the terror attack at the British Parliament.
Willem de Groot, a Dutch Security Expert, is asking owners of defunct or soon-to-be-dead online stores to donate their domains so he can set up honeypots and track credit card stealing malware and other types of cyber-attacks on e-commerce targets.
Australia now has a seat at the table at Kaspersky Lab's Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT) comprising 40 of the leading, global Security Experts.
The ban on laptops and electronic devices on flights between the UK and six Muslim-majority countries is "bizarre", lacks common sense and will only inconvenience holidaymakers, leading to more disruptive passengers, and will harm international trade.
A Security Expert has suggested the mowing down of pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and the stabbing of a police officer outside Parliament could be a "lone wolf" attack.
Frank Abagnale Jr., the subject of Steven Spielberg's 2002 movie "Catch Me If You Can," will share his story of going from con artist to respected Security Expert at this year's Family Health Center Gala April 6 at the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame.
Domestic abuse takes many forms. And given the future we live in, it probably shouldn't come as a surprise that your digital life is another venue for intimidation.
Instead of it exonerating President Donald Trump from his unfounded, wild accusation against President Obama, Schindler wrote, "We are now just one diligent Special Prosecutor away from a whole bunch of Republicans getting indicted for major crimes ...
That's what a local national Security Expert says about the FBI looking for possible ties between the Trump campaign and the Russian hackers who may have swayed 2016 election results.
"When you're operating a vehicle there are a lot of factors at play it's not like you're out on your feet," said Security Expert Gino Collura of Tampa's G.R.I.T. Ready. Collura is traveling the country teaching Uber and Lyft drivers how to stay safe ...
Mikko Hypponen, a cyber Security Expert told Business Insider: "I believe we are right now seeing the beginning of the next arms race.
Security Expert Bruce Schneier says we're creating an Internet that senses, thinks, and acts, which is is the classic definition of a robot.
Riot Isolator is an unusual application which offers a host of powerful privacy and security tools in a single free package.
As general cloud security fears subside, IT teams still wonder how to extend the shared-responsibility model to higher-level services like AWS Lambda.
AMHERST -- A cyber Security Expert at the University of Massachusetts believes hackers -- and not the CIA -- pose the greater threat to Americans in terms of collecting information gathered through smartphones and other internet-connected devices.
Mid-Maine Technical Center students apply tourniquets to Hunter Guptill on Thursday during training by Homeland Security expert Paul Brooks on stopping bleeding at the school in Waterville. The students are Ashley Leighton, left, and Emily Melancon.
Baratov and the three others have been indicted for computer hacking and economic espionage in what officials called one of the largest data breaches in history.
Sen. Ron Wyden and Rep. Ted Lieu have asked the Department of Homeland Security if wireless carriers have done enough to monitor and report...
Via a post uploaded Tuesday to his personal blog, infamous mobile Security Expert turned iOS hacking heavyweight, Jonathan Zdziarski, announced that he has recently been hired by Apple and will be taking an undisclosed role alongside the silicon Valley ...
In a blog post today, famous iPhone Security Expert Jonathan Zdziarski announced that he's going to work for Apple. It's an unusual announcement for a number of reasons - firstly, people don't normally know or care who's working on Apple's security ...
NATO's decision was "completely premature," said Dr. Assis Malaquias, a maritime Security Expert with the Africa Center for Strategic Studies.
Apple hired security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski, who helped the Cupertino company during its battle against the FBI over the iPhone that belonged to one of the San Bernardino shooters, Business Insider reported.
iPhone forensics expert, security researcher, and former jailbreak community developer Jonathan Zdziarski today announced he has accepted a position with Apple's Security engineering and Architecture team.
"Unless you're prepared to have airport-style screening, I don't think we'll ever stop handguns from getting into hospitals," said Martin Green, a Security Expert with the International Association for healthcare Security and Safety. "Hospitals were ...
ASSA ABLOY Americas University now offers Career Path competency mapping and career path planning for AAAU students. Whether requiring doors, frames, ...
The sorry state of IoT security needs regulating, not only because it's disruptive to the Internet, but because it poses a threat to public safety.
Consulting with a residential Security Expert to help you construct and implement your security plan can make what may seem like an overwhelming process easier, and also help point out what you may be doing to make your home more vulnerable.
"Weeping Angel" may not have proven useful for gleaning that much information, said Security Expert Kelly Shortridge.
The "essential eight" cyber security steps released by the Australian Signals Directorate in February will help organisations in meeting the requirements of the recently passed data breach bill, a Security Expert says. Christopher Strand, security risk ...
Camarillo - Whether it's personal information, medical records, national security or election results, computer hacking is a rising national and global concern.
We live in a truly connected world. Not only does the average person check their phone for notifications once every 6 seconds, but connectivity within even everyday household items is becoming the norm.
NBC News national security analyst Jeremy Bash joins TODAY to discuss Wikileaks' release of thousands of documents that reveal the CIA's playbook for hacking.
The R&D center's most recent high-profile hire is Charlie Miller, the computer scientist and automotive Security Expert, who, along with Chris Valasek, hacked a Jeep and helped identify a number of security vulnerabilities in the vehicle. Miller ...
Editor's note:'s guest contributor Uche John Madu, a Security Expert in Lagos believes there should be a review of the current rules of engagement used by the Nigerian military during operations.
Rick "Ozzie" Nelson, a former navy helicopter pilot and national Security Expert with the Center For Strategic And International Studies, said that the decisions would effectively sideline the service in missions in which it could be the most effective ...
Taipei, March 8 (CNA) A former national security official advised Taiwan on Wednesday against trying to distance itself from China while taking a pro-United ...
Derry native Robert O'Brien, CEO of MetaCompliance, a global Information Security and compliance software company, says a lack of regulation in the surge of ...
Speaking to Sputnik about Wikileaks' publication of Vault 7, a massive trove of documents exposing the CIA's hacking and spying capabilities, web Security Expert Troy Hunt said that the NSA's mass data trawling revelations of a few years ago were much ...
A legislative panel on Tuesday signed off on the state Department of Human Services' proposal to hire a veteran U.S. secret Service agent as its chief of security and compliance for $106,919 a year.
San Antonio - A treasure trove of Wikileaks documents details a massive eavesdropping program used by the CIA. The recent leak of nearly 8,000 web pages shows tools used for compromising Wi-Fi networks, controlling smart TV's, and even tapping into ...
A legislative panel on Tuesday signed off on the state Department of Human Services' proposal to hire a veteran U.S. secret Service agent as its chief of security and compliance for $106,919 a year.





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