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updated Tue. September 26, 2017

... to be part of work in the spaces -- but maybe all theatre producers need to do to get audiences in is make the toilets more accessible.
His mother, Lee Armitage, is a theater producer, while his father, Euan Morton, is a Scottish actor and singer with theater credits. Morton is most ...
... Organization to host this new musical, not only in Chicago but also on Broadway," said theatre producer and operator James L. Nederlander.
At the Manhattan headquarters of his company, IAC/InterActive corporation, Mr. Diller and the film and theater producer Scott Rudin, who he ...
SHARON - theater producers usually have months - some, even years - to stage a show. They line up a director, hold auditions, rehearse the ...
The activist San Francisco Mime Troupe toured the country performing satirical agit-prop theater. Producer Joe Papp took his musical play, Hair ...
Besides Debbie, a theater producer, they are Larry Denenberg of Newton, Massachusetts, senior technical manager for Trip advisor; and Dr.
Loring is a theatre producer best known for the long-touring production African Footprint. "We are ecstatic to have someone of Loring's calibre ...
... I became friends with many of the crew onboard," said Jason Ferguson, writer of the film and former theatre producer and personal assistant ...
He auditioned for the theatre producer and Everton FC chairman Bill Kenwright. More than 1,500 people signed a petition calling for a skate ...
Richard Jordan is an award-winning UK and international theatre producer. He has been a regular contributor to The Stage since 2005.
Writer Edward Albee's estate rejected at least one theatre producers' proposals to stage a colour blind Who'se Afraid of Virginia Wolf? given it's ...
FRIGID New York @ Horse Trade in association with Saudade Theatre (Producers, Vanessa Varela & Filipe Valle Costa) will present the ...
Award-winning actor and theatre producer Harry Sideropoulos will act as MC, encouraging participants through 50-minute intervals of intense ...
"If someone had told me in high school that I'd be a theater producer, I'd have laughed, but now it seems that everything I've done has been ...
... Lagos theatre festival has been to enable an experimental platform of expression for theatre producers and performers, and companies and ...
Cirque du Soleil is one of the largest theatre producers in the world and is known for its colourful and acrobatic spectacles. The 41 performers ...
German theatre producers are in the country to review Moratiwa the musical production, which will be playing at Maitisong Theatre next week.
Author and theatre producer Sally Burton, widow of the late actor Richard Burton, has listed her Subiaco home to head back to Britain. Burton ...
This week's show has theatre producer Jen Coppinger, actor Emmet Kirwan, songwriter Duke Special and Eoin French of Cork band, Talos.
Opera Australia Artistic Director Lyndon Terracini, Australian theatre producer John Frost and leading UK theatre producer David Ian ...
"We are constantly exploring ways to allow more people to experience Hamilton in its many forms," said Hamilton theatre producer Jeffrey ...
Producer Thelma Holt has become the latest figure to rail against "dreadful" West End ticket prices, claiming they promote a culture of ...
... Theatre at the Sydney Opera House in September 2018 by Opera Australia, theatre producer John Frost and UK theatre producer David Ian.
When a sixth-grader named Blessin Giraldo started a step dancing team, Lipitz -- a theater producer with such shows as "Dirty Rotten ...
In fact, it isn't even her real name (which is Jane), but one given her by her formidable boss, the theatre producer Thelma Holt. She spotted her ...
... beneath the opera house depicted in the story, a quiet cemetery with a looming monument, a theater producer's office, an elaborate opera set ...
What advice would you give an aspiring theatre producer? (I know I already asked, but I would really like to know!) -- Not Mandy Moore ...
The musical was supposed to mark a triumphant return for Garth Drabinsky, the fallen film and theater producer who was sent to the slammer in 2009 for fraud and forgery.
National Theatre producer Kash Bennett said: "We were overwhelmed by the enthusiastic reception from audiences around the UK and Ireland when we toured this in 2014/15.
Whether they're animators, illustrators, craftsmen, theatre producers, graphic designers or ex-pro BMXers - everyone has fascinating stories to tell.
Making her playwriting debut, theatre producer, translator and critic Joanna Crawley joins writers such as Margaret Atwood, Christa Wolf and Jeanette Winterson, determined to rescue the women of Greek myth from passivity and victimhood.
The performance features two lovers on the eve of their wedding, a bumbling best man, a desperate theatre producer, a not-so-bright hostess, two gangsters posing as pastry chefs, a misguided Don Juan and an intoxicated chaperone.
"That's the classic laissez-faire right-wing economic view," sighed Jeffrey Seller, the veteran theater producer whom The Times described last year as the CEO of Hamilton Inc. In his view - indeed, in the view of virtually everyone in the theater ...
"Over 1,000 funds returned their investors' money over the last year, including star-power funds." Mr. Mindich and his wife, Stacey, a theater producer, are prominent philanthropists. In 2015, the couple made a $15 million gift to fund public service ...
Magic Theatre artistic director Loretta Greco, who has directed four shows at ACT, said Perloff blazed a trail for female theater producers and directors. Along with McCarter Theatre's Emily Mann, Perloff "really cut a path for the rest of us," Greco ...
I think I have benefited enormously from doing musical theatre - not only as am arranger but as a musician and with the discipline that comes from musical theatre and being able to work with these theatre producers and writers and get inside their ...
Richard Jordan is an award-winning UK and international theatre producer. He has been a regular contributor to The Stage since 2005.
One that had interest of a theater producer. "In 2005 I had been working in comedy, opening for George Carlin and Joan Rivers," said Zimmerman, now 63.
Viagogo were expected to appear alongside representatives from See Tickets, and theatre producer Cameron Macintosh. It is almost unprecedented for requests to appear at a select committee to be ignored.
The Ridgefield Independent Film Festival, founded by local playwright and theatre producer Joanne Hudson, is an intimate, international and inspired film festival that aims to make the world a more compassionate place through the sharing of stories ...
These are serious times, and we are all theater producers now. We have to correct the imbalance. We must crowdfund a new, remedial production of The Sound of music, and prevail upon Spencer's clear love of an audience (and his weakness for a finely ...
TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS: Benito Juarez (1806-1872), Mexican president; Florenz Ziegfeld (1867-1932), theater producer; Phyllis McGinley (1905-1978), author; Timothy Dalton (1944- ), actor; Gary Oldman (1958- ), actor; Ayrton Senna (1960-1994), race car ...
But Briones was a different kind of engineer once, or an engineer in training, at least, when a chance offer from a friend to help facilitate auditions for some big-shot theater producers effectively put an end to all that. "My being an actor happened ...
The company is frequently commissioned by museums, zoos, theater producers and festivals to create puppets of all scales. Puppeteers and other members of the team spend considerable time visiting zoos for animal movement and behavior observation.
Trump's proposed annihilation of cultural funding has tripped an alarm, and I'm not just talking about the impassioned op-ed that Julie Andrews and her daughter, a theatre producer, wrote yesterday for CNN. In January, PEN America began circulating a ...
"I was a bit surprised at how disappointed I was this morning," said Sabri Saad El Hamus, 59, an actor and theater producer in Amsterdam who migrated from Egypt in 1978. Despite the loss for Wilders, the future ruling coalition will still move to the ...
It seems sure to fail, which is exactly what musical theater producers Max Bialystock (Marcus Klinger) and Leo Bloom (Robert Lopez) want in the Mel Brooks musical "The Producers," now in a Broadway by the Bay production.




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