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During the screening of two documentary films, Living on One Dollar and Salam Neighbor, Chris Temple, executive director of the films and co-founder of the Living on One foundation, spoke about his experiences abroad and ways of making change ...
A screening was held for the short film "Orgullo" Tuesday evening at ENMU's University Theatre Center. The film's director, Assistant Professor of Digital Filmmaking Jon Barr, said he was happy with the audience's reception. "It was nice to see such a ...

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Horror Movie Director ... With these films, promising as they are for such a young talent, Weintraub feels that he's gone about as far as he can go in a genre that is now dominated by big-budget rehash, like the Saw ...
After grabbing a Tony Award for helming Hamilton as well as an Emmy for his work on Fox's tremendously successful Grease: Live, Thomas Kail has been tapped to direct his first feature film. According to The Hollywood reporter, Disney, Ice Cube and Kail ...
Films. If you look at the history of cinema, a tradition that goes back over 100 years at this point, you'll see a whole lot of white dudes directing movies. It's taken a very ... quite so rare. Film distributor Kino Lorber has been devoting time and ...
A South Korean court on Wednesday convicted the former director of Asia's top film festival of accounting fraud, in what critics have called a politically-motivated case that has damaged the event's artistic independence.

After 10 years, Mel Gibson has bagged another directing award. He is set to receive the Hollywood Director Award at this year's Hollywood Film Awards.
Born to a Palestinian father and an American mother in New York, award-winning film director Tariq Nasir has spent much of his life exploring issues of equality.
In a new featurette about the making of the film, both Kurzel and star Michael Fassbender said many of the elements that players love about Ubisoft's franchise will be displayed prominently in the movie. The parkour moves, for example, will play a ...
Directed by sci-fi helmer Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium) and starring Clive Owen (children of Men), who returns as The Driver, Dakota Fanning (hide and Seek), Vera Farmiga (Bates Motel, The Conjuring) and Jon Bernthal (Daredevil), the short film ...
"It's about making a movie when we all believed and agreed we had something exciting, fun, and worthy to share," Howard told EW of the gap between Da Vinci Code films. Circling Langdon's mission to prevent ... As a director, I love exploring. I ...
Sony Pictures has announced that Shawn Levy will be directing the live-action movie version of Uncharted. If the name sounds familiar, Levy was the executive producer and director of Netflix hit Stranger Things, and while he'll still be involved in the ...
Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick posed for cameras and eager fans outside the Regency Theater, as many of the stars used the premiere to emphasize the importance of the film's message of happiness and togetherness, especially in the current ...
Mottola's latest film, Keeping Up With The Joneses, is now in theaters, and when I had the chance to speak with the filmmaker on the phone last week, I dedicated my last question to asking about his thoughts on the Superbad 2 that never came together.
I'd say our style has been pretty consistent," says Phil Lord on the phone from his publicist's office in Beverly Hills.

Deadpool was the first full-length film directed by Miller, who had previously worked in video effects and on computer games.
Deadline reports that after a series of creative differences between Deadpool director Tim Miller and star Ryan Reynolds, Miller has exited Deadpool 2. Studio insiders for the outlet say the exit was over mutual creative differences and ended amicably.
Mel Gibson, in the heat of the movie awards season with his upcoming World War II tale Hacksaw Ridge, will receive the Hollywood Director Award at the 20th annual Hollywood Film Awards, set for November 6 at the Beverly Hilton. Lionsgate's Hacksaw ...
But the industry's biggest prize escapes him. He was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director for his 2010 film Black Swan - an award he lost to The King's Speech director Tom Hooper. While the psychological horror film also lost the Best ...
"Fill that in," the veteran film director told his leading man. It was an ... Thirty-five years later, Johns still looks more like a brickie than a movie star: short, slightly stout, bald as an egg, in a woolly jumper and jeans, with a throaty geordie ...
The premise of 2012's Iron Sky was enough to warrant a view. It imagines that Nazis escaped to the dark side of the moon at the end of World War II, and have been plotting a new invasion ever since.
According to The Hollywood reporter, Studio 8 has won the bidding war for a new Sinbad fantasy movie with a script to be penned by Kyle Killen (Lone Star, Mind Games), with Miguel Sapochnik (Game of Thrones) locked in to sit in the director's chair.
When a certain director is attached to a film, some people make it a point to see it simply because of that name. ... It's a movie that has gone on to influence countless films and directors and has become recognized as one of the greatest movies of ...
No, he hasn't returned to reassert himself on the throne during this era of Peak TV, nor is he back with an original film (more on that later, though). Instead, he's leveraging his Hollywood clout to unite ... It's a historical fiction slash horror ...
But for all its twists, turns, and betrayals, the most shocking thing about the film is that it's also, quite possibly and quite improbably, the year's most genuinely romantic movie. That's right: The extreme South Korean director of Oldboy and Stoker ...
When Justice League releases next year, Aquaman director James Wan says we'll get an idea of what the aquatic superhero's standalone movie will be like. Additionally, Wan told Entertainment Tonight that the standalone film will be "in the spirit of ...
filmmaker Scott Derrickson has spent the last year overseeing the Benedict Cumberbatch-starring Marvel superhero movie Doctor Strange (out Nov. 4).
The Wolverine 3 (aka Logan) trailer is out, and it has X-Men movie fans excited for Hugh Jackman's final chapter in the Wolverine movie trilogy. While fan and casual moviegoers are all talking about the big trailer moments and subsequent questions like ...
Few films are more quintessentially 2016 than Barry Jenkins's Moonlight. A meditative exploration of how protagonist Chiron forms his identity as a black man who has sex with men, ... And yet, its representational importance cannot be understated: A ...
David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman of Mandeville films/TV, who count The Fighter and the Divergent movie series among their extensive credits, will produce.
That figure also omits the festival's Bertrand Tavernier-centered Retrospective, which featured 19 films, all with male directors. Lesli Klainberg, Executive Director of Film Society of Lincoln Center, said that the festival has no quotas when it comes ...
In a coup for the Denver Film Society, the director and co-star of the heavily buzzed-about film "La La Land" will attend the opening night of the Denver Film Festival, organizers announced Tuesday. Emma Stone, who co-stars in the Los Angeles-set ...
Bertolucci shared that there is one thing that all of his films have in common: the philosophy of the director as a voyeur.
In a lawsuit filed in California federal court, Brown says he spent years on the film after buying the rights through Iverson's agent.
Film Independent, the non-profit arts organization that produces the Los Angeles Film Festival and the Spirit Awards, announced that Jennifer Cochis is being promoted to director of the Los Angeles Film Festival. Cochis, a producer who has ... In ...
The director revealed he'd like to see a Nebula solo film starring Karen Gillan as the blue-skinned badass. Before you get your ... For starters, Marvel hasn't shown much interest so far in exploring the cosmic corner of the franchise outside the ...
Very few, if any, directors have traumatized as many cinemagoers over the past few years as Fede Alvarez, the man responsible for both 2013's gore-drenched Evil Dead remake and this summer's equally-deranged-in-its-own-way box office hit, Don't Breathe ...
Jennifer Lawrence is said to have a new love in her life! According to multiple sources, the 26-year-old has been secretly dating famed film director Darren Aronofsky, as the two were spotted out to lunch in NYC last month. Now, it's certainly possible ...
With Walt Disney Pictures having already announced a November 12, 2018 release date for their live-action Mulan film, another studio is looking to start a good-old-fashioned movie rivalry. The Hollywood reporter brings word that Sony Pictures has hired ...
Although a large portion of it focused on his upcoming project, Thor: Ragnarok, Waititi also shared his thoughts on the Marvel universe (he ignored it), breaking into the film industry (be an assistant first), and the best way to approach a celebrity ...
She is currently working on independent films, as well as taking on an ambassadorial role for FilmAid, a charity that aims to help refugees by using the storytelling power of film. Directing is clearly a huge ... But the minute you leave the ...
She is currently working on independent films, as well as taking on an ambassadorial role for FilmAid, a charity that aims to help refugees by using the storytelling power of film. Directing is clearly a huge ... But the minute you leave the ...
The Accountant is off to a fantastic start at the box office. The movie not only opened at number one this weekend, pulling in nearly $25 million, but it's even already looking like one of Ben Affleck's most successful movies. It's this kind of win ...
The new Jurassic World movie will be both funny, and terrifying, and pay tribute to the movies that have come before, while diverging wildly from the previous movies as well. Look, I know this is the kind of PR speak that filmmakers need to do to sell ...
The 29-year-old director, who previously worked on Home and Away, sold his million-dollar Blue Mountains home to fund his first major feature film, Cooped Up. Twelve months later, the now Kiama resident is getting ready for the world premier at Sydney ...
McQueen, a filmmaker and Turner Prize-winning video artist, was presented with the British Film Institute Fellowship - the organisation's highest honour - by Michael Fassbender.
Part of what makes Jonathan Demme the greatest director of performance films the movies have ever known is the breadth of the performances he's captured.
A British director has won the top prize at the leading international lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender film festival for the first time.





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