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Halvorson, a Republican from Manns Choice, was cited with a summary harassment charge by state police after Shuster staffer Megan Boocks, 22, reported that he grabbed her by the wrist and held it for approximately 20 seconds. The incident happened ...
Just two days before Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for president, several top journalists from corporately owned mainstream media outlets - the same outlets that are owned by the major Corporations sponsoring the Hillary Clinton's campaign ...
The Nebraska Correctional Services Department says the staffer deflected an attempted blow Wednesday from the prisoner, who was wielding a handmade weapon.
CastAR's consumer release might seem a ways off, but the company today announced yet more key hires that will help it get there.
This isn't Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse's first twitter rant. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo). Alex Gangitano · @Alex Gangitano.
Former Port Authority official Bill Baroni waves as he arrives at court. He is being tried on charges of abusing resources for political purposes.
An email has surfaced between Hillary Clinton and her IT specialist Bryan Pagliano, the man responsible for maintaining her private email server -- and critics say that it may undermine her claim that she could not recall communicating with him.
Signal staffer watches U.S. presidential debate in Cuba with Cubans. By Katharine Lotze -. October 18, 2016. 54. Our bartender, Andres, providing cigar service as we prepared to watch the second presidential debate at a hotel bar in Old Havana, Cuba.
LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) - Officials say another staff member has been assaulted at the Nebraska State Penitentiary in Lincoln. The Nebraska Correctional Services Department says an inmate being moved from one location to another in the prison Tuesday ...
It's another victory in the wave of union drives in new media shops over the past year: the NewsGuild recently won a hard-fought struggle at Law360, and Guardian US staffers unanimously voted to join up in 2015. Meanwhile the Writers Guild of America ...
The head of the think tank that provided research for a utility-backed solar amendment on the November ballot, said his policy director "misspoke" when he characterized the effort as a strategy to deceive voters into thinking the plan was a pro-solar ...
FOXBORO, Mass. - No one knows exactly what New England Patriots football research director Ernie Adams does for the organization, but apparently his role includes relaying nuggets of wisdom to quarterback Tom Brady.
Grussendorf's efforts raise questions about the propriety of legislative staffers - who, like lawmakers, are subject to the Legislative Ethics Act - working to change laws in which they have a direct personal stake.
The suicide of a woman who worked excessive hours at Dentsu's Tokyo headquarters has prompted Japan's biggest advertising agency to lower the amount of overtime employees can book.
In response to the interview, which included the above quotes from Garza, a Clinton campaign staffer, domestic policy adviser Sara Solow, had just one word in response: "yuck.

Bill Laverty is a retired business owner and Montgomery resident. In the 1960 presidential election, Richard M. Nixon introduced anti-Catholicism into the campaign by suggesting John F. Kennedy was unfit because he would be beholden to the Vatican and ...
... or 541-758-9542. Follow at or Tags. Majestic Theatre · Jimbo Ivy · James Day · Covallis Parks And Recreation Department · Deficit · staffer · Employee · Lay Off · Volunteer · Part-timer · Jim ...
Tucked into the latest 100 pages of FBI documents on the investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server while Secretary of State, is a description of a U.S.
student Enrichment Services has expanded to include two additional staff members as part of an effort to increase its reach across campus, SES director Kourtney Cockrell said.
Dutch tabloid De Telegraaf broke the story, citing diplomatic sources that claim the affair between 58-year-old ambassador Ron Keller and a local staffer had become "the talk of the embassy." The two met several times at the ambassador's residence and ...
PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - A Carnegie Mellon employee was terrified on Tuesday by an elaborate, fake kidnapping-for-ransom scheme. A crime alert was sent from the Carnegie Mellon police, detailing the events.
"Not only did Seth travel almost exclusively on his bike, but it's a wonderful symbol of who Seth was," said another DNC staffer Pratt Wiley. "He was strong, he was vibrant, he was vigorous." In front of the DNC headquarters where Seth so often biked ...
Wikileaks dropped another round of emails on Monday, in what has now become a daily update to its archive of emails believed to be from an account belonging to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.
China, the No. 2 economy, is not part of the TPP. Proponents hope an agreement could neutralize some of China's power in global trade.
When the Hillary Clinton campaign learned that the man behind the San Bernardino massacre last December was a Muslim, staffers lamented over the fact that he wasn't white. In one of the hacked Clinton emails, a Clinton staffer shares a tweet from MSNBC ...
Senior staff writer Tom Fink was on the receiving end of a Vulcan Mind Meld at Comic Con 2015, during which Paul Forest, aka "Spock Vegas", learned more than he ever wanted to about doughnuts.
During his 20 years in Congress, Sen. Roy Blunt's take on PACs has shifted as he has built deep ties to Lobbyists. Here are examples of former Blunt aides who have moved to influential lobbying jobs in the capital.
WASHINGTON (CNN) - Former White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers said Friday that the first lady's passionate speech Thursday condemning sexual misconduct allegations against Donald Trump is "the real Michelle Obama.
In a hotly contested swing state race, presidential campaigns often bring in paid staffers to Ohio from around the country.
One way of piercing the all-too-effective corporate veil in the EB-5 business is to examine the court records when insiders fight each other.
In the wake of two money-losing shows, two high-profile staffers have left The Second City this week, according to the legendary comedy theater's owner.
During a 2009 taping of "Celebrity Apprentice," Donald Trump made disparaging remarks about Khloe Kardashian's weight before firing her from the program, several people who worked on the reality show told The Huffington Post.
Sixteen years ago, Diana Robertson decided to get involved with the Republican Party in Wisconsin. She felt like the party's ideals aligned with what she ...
The Savannah City Council on Thursday praised city staffers and residents for their responses to hurricane Matthew, while getting a briefing on the recovery ahead.
LA Times staffers in NYC to collect their Pulitzer. By Kevin Roderick | October 14, 2016 12:50 AM. lat-staff-at-pulitzers.jpg I believe that's Sarah Parvini at left, then Priya Krishnakumar, Alexandra Manzano, Marcus Yam and Paloma Esquivel.
donald-trump It's nauseating to watch female staffers working for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump act as his political pimps: bashing women who have accused him of sexual harassment.
Those are volunteers, but what about actual paid staffers who work for the campaign? Are they leaving? Fredericks says 15 paid staffers from Virginia will go to North Carolina, along with a Trump bus. He insists 25 staffers will remain in the Commonwealth.
It's a common gripe from Democrats working for the state Legislature this time of year: Leadership expects you to hit the campaign trail, whether you like it or not.
A November 2015 email chain between Clinton staffers discussed her Wall Street speeches. "Following up on the conversation this morning about needing more arrows in our quiver on Wall Street, I wanted to float one idea," says speechwriter Dan Schwerin.
WASHINGTON (CNN) - Former White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers said Friday that the first lady's passionate speech Thursday condemning sexual misconduct allegations against Donald Trump is "the real Michelle Obama.
7 recap of the Flint visit, a staffer mentions in one of the emails from Wikileaks that "Flint was quite moving. When we walked in the church and the water fountains were covered and marked "out of order," all we've read and seen in the news suddenly ...
There's no hard evidence that President Obama was captured sporting an erection in front of female reporters in a 2008 video.
Shortly after Hillary Clinton declared her candidacy, her aides pondered how long they could go avoiding reporters' questions at campaign events, according to emails released Wednesday by Wikileaks.
An Illinois Department of children and Family Services employee known for his friendly demeanor and love of hard work passed away suddenly in his office Wednesday morning, according to authorities and coworkers.
Billy Bush brazenly bragged to NBC staff about the vulgar Donald Trump tape while covering the Olympics in Rio, multiple sources tell Page Six.
Raimondo Chief of Staff Brett Smiley tweeted a disparaging remark about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during the second debate.
Inter-denominational Evangelical Christian campus ministry InterVarsity Christian Fellowship USA has denied a report saying it has threatened to fire its staffers ...
In Westland, a contracted ordinance officer was fired and his supervisor suspended after the body of a resident's dog was dumped into a Dumpster.






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