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updated Tue. March 28, 2017

A prostitute lays back in a chair with a red hat in one of Bangkok's barsLast year the country's first female tourism minister vowed to shut down the country's many brothels and go-go bars.
Shaun Mitchell is a published poet and the author of several plays. He also has a strong interest in history-the subject of most of his theatrical work.
According to an Aurora police report, Paul Thorne was on duty and wearing one of the code enforcement division's new body cameras Dec. 28 when he called ...
An Aurora code enforcement officer has resigned after he recorded himself soliciting two prostitutes late last year while his body camera was rolling, according to ...
Over 500 commercial sex workers have sent a message to Uhuru Kenyatta ahead of the 2017 General election. 500 Kenyan prostitutes send a MESSAGE to Uhuru ahead of the 2017 election. Starehe parliamentary seat hopeful, Simon Kamangu at a meeting ...
However, she loves singing and continues until she has to confront some powerful men who treat her as a prostitute. The struggle which Anarkali goes through to make these men understand the concept of consent is the theme of this film.
Cassie Havard also said Khalid Masood, who was born Adrian Elms, "s****** prostitutes", smoked crack cocaine and "stuck knives in people's faces" while living in East Sussex.
Today, in the first part of an investigation into street prostitution in Hull, three women speak out about some of their horrific experiences.
The London terror attacker blew thousand on four-day crack binges and prostitutes, his former friends have claimed. Khalid Masood's former landlady also ...
Twelve San Rafael residents were arrested on suspicion of soliciting a prostitute on Friday, authorities said. San Rafael police partnered with Marin sheriff's deputies and probation offers to target johns, or purchasers, at San Rafael hotels ...
The Electioneering period has it's all manner of surprising twists and turns but bone is half as shocking and jaw dropping like the one that has just been pulled off by one of the top aspirants for a top Constituency in this City.
'Harlots' 'Harlots,' HuluSomewhere in the vast terrain between the hooker-as-fairytale-princess fantasy of Julia Roberts in Pretty woman and the prim, grim ...
Not too long ago, BBC Pop Up produced a video in Lebanon about the 'Lebanese Pablo Escobar'. They covered the issue and topic of drugs in Lebanon - getting various perspectives; the drug lord's, the user's as well as the police's.
A body camera turned the tables on an Aurora code enforcement officer who was forced to resign from his job after the camera on him recorded him soliciting ...
One of the men reportedly posed as a client to get into the flat but once the door was opened he punched a prostitute in the face and he and two accomplices ran in.
The two men, both aged 32, were found guilty by the Court of First Instance of charges of murder and that of using the flat as a brothel in International City.
Those were some of the vices the U.S. government's star witness admitted to during testimony in the inside-trading trial of Las Vegas gambler Billy Walters.
A 30-year-old man, Frank Igwe, was Wednesday dragged before a Yaba Chief Magistrate Court in Lagos State for allegedly using fake Nigerian currency to pay.
Dr. Lance Wallnau, a Christian thought leader who predicted Donald Trump would become president, claims an "anointed" cake baked by former "hookers" ...
A mother in Myanmar gave her son a serious lesson when she decided to sue him after he called her a prostitute. police recently arrested a 21-year-old male named Wana Oo after his mom, Tin Tin Hla, decided to sue him over a facebook post.
A 19-year-old Warren man accused of acting as the pimp for a minor is headed for trial. The FBI-led, Southeast Michigan Trafficking and Exploitation crimes (SEMTEC) task force, which is made up of multiple police agencies, received a tip about a minor ...
A teenager looking for work says she was left insulted by a potential employer - who said she looked like a prostitute. TATTOOS18DH4 Chelsea Dann, aged 18, of Willenhall, who claims she was discriminated against.
The Michigan legislature will consider making it illegal for police officers to have sex with prostitutes during undercover operations.
A Myanmar woman is suing her own son for calling her a "prostitute" on facebook, the latest case under a controversial law that stifles free speech.
CONCORD- A Cornelius man was recently arrested in Concord after police said he was soliciting a prostitute. Bret Douglas Chapman, 57, was arrested on Friday, March 17 at the Wingate Hotel on Gateway Lane.
(Reuters) - An Oklahoma state senator accused of hiring a 17-year-old boy as a prostitute submitted his resignation on Wednesday, saying felony charges against him have become a distraction and he will defend himself against them.
The two men, both aged 32, were found guilty by the Court of First Instance of charges of murder and that of using the flat as a brothel in International City.
women running for political seats in Turkana county yesterday said they are being harassed, intimidated and threatened by their male counterparts.
The message led investigators to Davis and his girlfriend, who was allegedly recruiting prostitutes. ... Davis reportedly told officers that the teens had the idea to prostitute themselves, and all he did was rent the motel rooms and drive the girls ...
Kent police arrested a man for investigation of prostitution loitering after he reportedly picked up a woman walking near South 240th Street and Pacific Highway South on the West Hill.
A native doctor identified has reportedly died, while having a sex romp with an alleged prostitute in a brothel at Anara, Isiala Mbano local council area of Imo State.
A Myanmar woman is suing her own son for calling her a "prostitute" on facebook, the latest case under a controversial law that critics say is increasingly stifling free speech.
It is unclear whether the prostitutes he met through the site were male or female or if he used both. He used the site's webcam service 257 times - speaking to British and eastern European women.
Wayne Rooney prostitute and Ex on the Beach star set to expose Mario Balotelli secrets. The former escort is set to cause some serious trouble for her old client in the new MTV series.
The 21-year-old victim from Nashville was in Murfreesboro to meet a prostitute, according to a police report. Evidently, the victim was at Motel 6 on Chaffin Place where he arraigned to meet with the prostitute who turned out to be a man dressed as a ...
Lansing - A state representative wants to close an exemption in Michigan's laws that allows law enforcement officers to have sex with prostitutes during investigations. Rep. Gary Glenn, R-Midland, introduced a bill last week that would close that ...
A man accused of promoting a 16-year-old girl as a prostitute in Raleigh last summer has been arrested in Ohio and returned to Wake County to face charges of human trafficking and promoting a minor as a prostitute. James Raymond Hannah, 24, is listed ...
Dubai // Two men who stabbed to death a visitor to a brothel they owned because he was harassing their prostitutes were each sentenced to three years in jail.
Users in Canada asking for 'escorts' and 'prostitutes' have been directed to an eSports bar - full of gamers, rather than sex workers.
Bill would reverse Michigan law that allows police to have sex with prostitutes during an investigation.
A Florida man has been sentenced and fined after bringing his 6-year-old daughter with him to meet a prostitute "for research," police said.
NORTH Korean prostitutes are trying to stave off the nation's sexually transmitted disease epidemic with OPIUM. The hermit nation has a raging clap problem due to hordes of Kim Jong-un's sex-starved soldiers spreading the disease when on leave ...
A housewife, Nkiruka Ibeanu, was yesterday arraigned before the Igbosere Magistrates' Court for allegedly calling a pastor, Lovelyn Mba, a prostitute and threatening to kill her. Ibeanu, of Abijo in Ibeju-Lekki area of Lagos, was charged before ...
police on Thursday filed felony prostitution charges against Republican Oklahoma state senator and former state campaign chair for Donald Trump Ralph Shortey after officers found him in a hotel room with a 17-year-old boy.
A MAN who woke up to a dead prostitute in his home and encased her in concrete under his basement in a blind panic has been told by police he did not kill her ...
A Florida man has been sentenced and fined after bringing his 6-year-old daughter with him to meet a prostitute "for research," police said.
But the brothel, not far from La Rambla in the heart of the city has now moved to a mystery new location with a receptionist saying the address would only be given out to paying customers.
A flock of sex-crazed Canadian iPhone owners were disappointed to discover that Apple's voice-enabled virtual assistant Siri might not be the best travel ...
There are no limits to what people will use Siri for, but the virtual assistant in the palm of your hand is causing one Little Italy bar grief by directing users who ask ...
A group of nine US Navy officers are facing charges for trading classified information in an international fraud and bribery scheme, the US Department of Justice ...






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