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clowns are comic performers who employ slapstick or similar types of physical comedy, often in a mime style.

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updated Sat. June 24, 2017

Time flies when you're dressing up like a clown and rapping about magnets. Twenty years ago today, Insane clown Posse were embroiled in their first major controversy when their fourth album, The Great Milenko, was pulled from shelves mere hours after ...
It has become clear that divisiveness is plaguing our country. I recently heard an interview with an Illinois Republican who claimed that if Senate Democrats didn't like being shut out of the small group writing healthcare legislation in secret, they ...
Tributes have been paid on social media following the news that Scunthorpe-born circus clown Allan Dixon has died, aged 74.
Charges against a Lockport resident accused of wearing a clown mask to scare another man have been dropped after the complainant didn't show up for court.
Somonauk VBS features Merry Hearts clowns. 5:30 am. The Somonauk United Presbyterian Church will hold a one-day vacation Bible school featuring the Merry Hearts clowns from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. July 14. children up to sixth grade from all communities are ...
"clown Bar" is a cheeky blend of crime melodrama and circus frolics, depicting the denizens of a dive bar that's a front for criminals in makeup and big floppy shoes.
The nightmare-inducing antics of Pennywise may have helped the first IT promo break records worldwide, but the Dancing clown has some competition on his clawed hands if the first trailer for the Mr Mercedes TV show is anything to go by. Both clowns ...
There is the cultural concept that clowns can be evil. Stephen King wrote It about an evil clown. How many nightmares did that book prompt?
And while Gordon is the top barrel when it comes to rodeo clowns, he'll have plenty of company as The Rodeo clown Reunion also will be a part of the festivities, with an All-Star band of about 40 hall-of-fame and venerated performers from the past who ...
Snoop Dogg takes aim at Atlanta artist Young Thug and his eccentric ways in his new "Moment I Feared" music video. In the new visual for the Neva Left track, a Young Thug-esque rapper by the name of Fonz D-Lo wears a dress similar to the one Thugger ...
... who set out to produce a documentary exploring the highly publicized, creepy clown sighting epidemic, which was investigated by local law enforcement.
There have been quite a few magicians auditioning this season, but there seems to be even more clowns coming out of the woodwork to show off their talents.
Annis and Lee continue to invest their clown counterparts with curiosity and humanity. Their comic timing is impeccable - just watch how Annis makes her way across the room to a cart brimming with Cheezies or the clowns' prolonged tangled encounter ...
One of the latest modern rap stars to embrace the Pac legacy is Young Thug. "I dropped E.B.B.T.G on 2PAC'S bday because I'm the #newPAC I feel like I am the ...
The clown pants are finally coming off. On Monday, the police Brotherhood of Montreal announced its members will temporarily suspend the protest measure that's been in place since July, 2014.
The next season of the summer's best reality show is almost upon us, and, if you're wondering who Big Brother 19's Jason Dent, the rodeo clown of the cast is, then you're probably not alone. After all, given that he's competing against a microbiologist ...
Some online video stars attract viewers with makeup tutorials. Others finds fans in the world of video games. For Giggles The clown, however, the secret to success involves a gothic getup and copious amounts of (presumably fake) blood. Giggles is the ...
Former Kubasaki high school classmates of a sailor who perished on the USS Fitzgerald Saturday say they are in shock at the loss of a friend.
E.T. Snell, a self-described political activist who often dresses in colorful clown garb to accentuate his points, appeared with one-time adviser to the city, Johnny ...
Known as DuSH, David Barashi is the head medical clown at Jerusalem's Hadassah hospital. Since 2002, Hadassah has progressed the idea from entertaining young patients to an integrated professional therapy service.
Sitting in a room with Nick Zayas, director, and Spirit Gum's largest cast to date, one gets the sense that the comedy and drama of "clown Bar" is wide-ranging and may depend on a character's point of view. Ten Actors portray the clowns and one former ...
The Guardian view on Brexit Britain: a clown not a lion. Editorial. Leaving the European Union is a huge gamble that shows no sign of paying off.
ROSEVILLE, Mich. (WXYZ) - Not even 30 minutes after Elandra Sledge and her friend, Jaime Salinis, purchased and put on their creepy clown costumes were the two teenagers being arrested by Roseville police, accused of terrorizing another teenager and ...
Those included a photo of a creepy clown at a Clinton Township car wash that appeared on social media. In Sterling Heights, police answered a pair of complaints related to people dressed as clowns. In one incident, a young boy was said to have been cut ...
With the film's remarkable similarities to #It (both star creepy clowns and will be released a month apart) you may be wondering whether this is just a blatant attempt to benefit from the Stephen King adaptation.
Doug (Happy Face the clown) and Sharla (Kisses the clown) Bengtson sat down with us to talk about clowning, the clown community and how they got their start in clowning. The duo started clowning in 1997, and their first performance was at the Belview ...
"One of the guys said, 'Did you hit a clown on your way to work?'" Hayes said. "I looked in the parking lot and there was orange road-crew paint dripping off the side of my car.
He pulls on the puff balls of his clown outfit and fidgets with his fingers. In some performances he'll engage the audience, drawing laughs from them as, despite his shy appearance, his personality fills the room.
For over 30 years clown Camp has been the premier training program for aspiring clowns or clowns looking to improve their skill sets.
The two armed robbers wore identical yellow clown masks and had towels draped over each of their heads when they struck at a Lauderhill gas station.
Sean Byrne isn't famous but the "Chuckles the clown" persona was infamous on social media last October when a group of Byrne's friends and their costumes were known as the Cali Killa clowns. Unbeknownst to the rest of San Diego County, Byrne and his ...
DELUSIONS of grandeur don't come more pronounced than local government buffoons delving into global affairs and historic injustices.
Erik Daily, La Crosse Tribune. Local dance instructor Jen TeBeest is hosting classes on clowning and dance and Decorah, Iowa, Yoga instructor Laura Gentry is teaching laughter yoga for clowns who want to add that skill to their repertoire. New sessions ...
Bello Nock performs with his daughter, Annaliese Nock, in "IncrediBello!" at the Historic Asolo Theatre on Tuesday. This year, for the first time, Feld Entertainment is producing the "summer circus" at The Ringling's Asolo Theater.
The company's Tommy Vlahopoulous said: "clowns have traditionally been associated with slapstick style performance, comedy or mime, but there has always been a dark side to a clown. This is not fake news, Behind the Sightings is centered around the ...
"Turtle" the clown, also known as Claude McGuire III, is congratulated by fellow clowns Carole "Rosie" Ailes, at left, and Camille "Feathers" Federoff, at right, after McGuire, 33, of North East, and another clown (not shown) graduated from the annual ...
"Where I think Jeremy Corbyn did resonate with voters is in authenticity and I think one of the problems with Theresa may's campaign is she came across as very robotic and quite frankly if you behave like a robot then the voters are going to vote for a ...
(AllHipHop rumors) I don't think 50 Cent is going to bury the hatchet with anyone else before he leaves this earth. 50 cent never misses an opportunity to take ...
A man who claims a shotgun-toting thief wearing a clown mask crept into his home and demanded he hand over cash says he's been left terrified and his town on edge.
"clowns have traditionally been associated with slapstick style performance, comedy or mime, but there has always been a dark side to a clown," said Vlahopoulos. "This is not fake news, Behind the Sightings is centered around the terrifying clown ...
Many UVA Today readers will remember Tim Cunningham; he's the University of Virginia nursing professor and professional clown, profiled in December, who possesses the perfect combination of compassion, brilliance and humor. When mixed together ...
Detained Senator Leila de Lima mocked Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II, calling him the administration's "clown" for his alleged attempt to link some opposition members with the ongoing crisis in Marawi City. "Aguirre's reputation as the clown of ...
One of Sarasota's own performers and famous clown Bello Nock is leading the way. Bello is used to doing things big really big.
Stop us if you've heard this one: A 7-foot clown walks into a bar, armed with a suitcase and a setlist of the world's saddest songs to perform.
While McCracken began his career as a bullfighter - the clowns whose job it is to protect bucked riders from raging bulls - most of what he does these days is, well, clown around. McCracken is all about interacting with the crowd with comedy bits and ...
Skarsgard went on to explain that it might have been more than the heavy makeup and clown costume that scared the kiddos. Being that he comes from a family of Actors, he's probably honed his craft pretty well.
A Rushworth man, 59, has been left shaken after a gun-wielding offender wearing a clown mask broke into his home last night.





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