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updated Thu. February 23, 2017

WASHINGTON - Two construction workers were shot and wounded in Southeast, D.C. Wednesday morning, according to officials. There were three men walking down Alabama Avenue around 9:30 a.m.
Sunday and public holiday penalty rates will be reduced for full-time and part-time workers in the hospitality, retail and fast-food industries, the Fair Work Commission has ruled.
Programming classes for nontechnical workers, now at Seattle Central College. Originally published February 22, 2017 at 7:01 am Updated February 22, 2017 at 3:03 pm.
"There is significant psychological impairment that goes into being disabled and feeling hopeless. Injured workers' lives are turned upside down.
Should injured pro Athletes be allowed to earn workers' compensation benefits until they are 67 years old, like other workers, even if their athletic careers normally would have ended more than 30 years earlier? That issue is being debated between the ...
In his budget address, Gov. Bruce Rauner said Illinois should emulate Massachusetts' workers' compensation system. However, following its lead would come at a great cost to our state's taxpayers.
Austin - A Senate panel has endorsed a sweeping child welfare privatization measure that in future years could outsource most of what Child Protective Services does beyond initial investigations of child-maltreatment reports.
The capital's soaring property market is pricing thousands of young workers out of the city and into commuter towns like Yanjiao.
In other words, co-workers have no clue about their competitive cohorts. "Some people show their competitiveness, some people you can tell have it out for you, but others have it out for you and act like they're your close friend," Elfenbein said ...
A group of 10 co-workers claimed their million-dollar Georgia lottery ticket sold in Woodstock. You know that office lottery pool you've turned down because it seemed like a waste of money?
... that the federal government will make it tougher for foreign workers to get visas. Across New York, worries are rising among farmers over the Trump administration's efforts to tighten the guest worker program, as well as trade policy, agriculture ...
"This is the first event other than the hill slide that I've seen affect workers this way," she said. "It has a huge impact on workers unless they have savings accounts that they can rely on. They still have to pay rents that are usually very high and ...
At 9:20 a.m., a worker at the Knickerbocker Bed Company, 770 Commercial Ave. in Carlstadt, became stuck under some steel, according to the Carlstadt police Department.
McGonigle and his staff have learned American Sign Language to better understand their co-worker of nearly a year, Kamal Nasser.
A preliminary investigation indicates a machine moving the equipment somehow lost its load and it fell on the worker, trapping him.
In delivering care to injured workers through telemedicine and via mobile apps that can direct injured workers to preferred medical providers.
A new boss can lead to a lot of soul-searching - and even anxiety - among the staff. Edward Price, who worked at the Central Intelligence Agency since 2006, most recently as a spokesman for the National Security Council, wrote an op-ed in the ...
Senior executives working for the three firms, as well as the delivery company Hermes, told MPs that a change in the law being considered by the government to give more workers in the so-called gig economy basic employment protections would not force ...
The median age for the typical US worker is 42, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, but in tech, workers are frequently a decade younger (or more). To wit, data compiled from salary firm PayScale, which compared data in 2016 from 18 ...
MILTON, Mass. (AP) - A prestigious boarding and day school near Boston says four former workers engaged in sexual misconduct with several students decades ago.
Chris Orrock, Department of Water Resources spokesman for the Oroville spillway incident, said at least one of the fired workers was employed by Syblon Reid, a contractor working on repairs to fortify the dam's emergency spillway. Four other private ...
EDMONDS, Wash. - A hit and run driver slammed into a city worker, pinning him between two vehicles before taking off. Vincent Smith, the victim, is trying to stay positive about the bad turn of events from Saturday afternoon.
Griffin, who ran for state representative in 2016, said she organized the upcoming activity "because I wanted to provide workers throughout our state a time to gather in solidarity and provide them with a day of hope as we gather to pray for our state ...
A NURSING home worker has been charged after she was caught on camera allegedly performing a lewd lap dance in front of a 100-year-old dementia sufferer.
TriHealth, the fourth-largest employer in Greater Cincinnati, laid off 70 workers last week in a restructuring of the hospital system's administrative offices.
McGonigle and his staff have learned American Sign Language to better understand their co-worker of nearly a year, Kamal Nasser.
The Maine State Chamber of Commerce and Maine Development Foundation as well as Coastal Enterprises Inc. have released recent reports about the impact of immigrants on the state and called for policies to attract workers and families. "The issue has ...
At an individual level, care recipients and families can be unappreciative of, and even disrespectful towards, care workers. A care worker told us she once overheard a care home visitor say: "These people are only working here because they can't get a ...
Responding to the U.N. declaration that famine in South Sudan has been aggravated by the conflict there between government and rebel forces, President Salva Kiir pledged Tuesday that aid workers would have free access to civilians throughout the country.
Replacing critical EU workers within the hospitality industry if their rights are not protected post-Brexit would be a major struggle, industry experts have warned.
farmers have warned that food will "rot in the fields" and Britain will be unable to produce what it eats if the government cannot guarantee that growers will continue to have access to tens of thousands of EU workers after Brexit. Meurig Raymond ...
The UK's construction industry must hire more than 400,000 workers every year for the next five years to build enough homes to meet demand.
Many workers, even those who understand their rights, do not know how to go about fighting for them. In one scene, as activist Lin Dong hands out labor law handbooks, an angry factory worker accosts him. "We're supposed to have a lot of things! What ...
The Florida Division of workers' Compensation has formed an online insurance company database to assist Florida business owners with obtaining workers' compensation coverage that protects employees from the impacts of on-the-job injuries. According to ...
A worker died after being buried alive in three metres of what is suspected to be coal ash at a power plant on Tuesday. The victim, a man in his 50s, was one of seven workers cleaning a giant dust pool at Castle Peak Power Station on Lung Yiu Street ...
Unions deny charge that they have demanded 'nokkukooli'
To prepare for the campaign, BCTGM Local 22 hired a Spanish-speaking organizer and reached out to the Center for workers United in Struggle (CTUL), a Minneapolis worker center with experience organizing low-wage immigrant workplaces, for advice.
Fire engulfs Rewari unit around noon; cause of blaze yet to be ascertained.
The Minnesota State Patrol on Monday confirmed 38-year-old David Earl Hyde of Missouri was killed when a large metal pipe was dislodged from a trailer and ...
Instacart has hidden its tip option on its app and employees aren't happy, Recode reports.
While 46 percent of the firms said they had transfers involving at least one female worker over the past year, a separate survey by a Chuo University research team on female workers showed that 58 percent of them do not want to be relocated to a ...
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. - Should injured pro Athletes be allowed to earn worker compensation benefits until they are 67 years old, like other workers, even if their athletic careers normally would have ended more than 30 years earlier? That issue is being ...
St Johns territorial manager for East Auckland Mark Deoki said bystanders helped the injured workers. He said it was lucky the men were not closer to the centre of the bridge, where the entire scaffolding is now in the water.
Karen Foxgrover, who uses a wheelchair and lives on her own, relies on personal-care workers to help her get up, bathe, dress, eat, use the bathroom and go to bed.
He also worries that the restaurant isn't going to be able to attract or retain servers if they go from making more than any other worker there to making $8, $9 and eventually $12 an hour. "I know I wouldn't want to do it for $8 an hour," he said. Greg ...
Suarez was part of a crew working at the under-construction subdivision Dec. 26. He had backed up the truck to be loaded with dirt and parked it before exiting to use the restroom, Orange-Chatham District Attorney Jim Woodall said.
Some of the care workers I spoke to cited instances of their hours being cut after they had complained about the size of their workload.
CARSON CITY - Democrats, low-income workers and union representatives argued Monday that lawmakers should raise state minimum wages 75 cents each of the next five years to match Nevada's economic growth.





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