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updated Sun. April 23, 2017

The Department of Labor and employment (DOLE) said it will push for the signing of a new agreement for the protection of migrant workers during the Association of Southeast Asian nations's (ASEAN) Leaders' Summit, which will be held here in the ...
The E-Work Permit is a new service provided to migrant workers, aimed at reducing procedures for the issuance of a work permit document.
BRANFORD - San Juan Mission will be providing needed food, clothing and any cooking supplies to migrant workers on Saturday after a week long charity drive.
EDITORIAL: Whether or not the government's changes to immigration settings are on the whole too delicate and insufficiently emphatic, the south should applaud at least one aspect of them good and hard.
Kathmandu, April 21: The Nepali Embassy in Malaysia on Wednesday helped 18 Nepali migrants in the local Bukit Jalil Campus to return to Nepal.
"This is like 19th century cooking," he chuckles. "In Pakistan we don't live like this, we'd use gas cookers.
Most people sitting around this table in Mendocino County are migrant workers. They flood into the region during the cannabis harvest in the fall.
SCOTTISH Chambers of Commerce has hammered home its view that there is a relatively greater economic need for migrant workers north of the Border. And it has underlined businesses' concerns over the impact of Brexit on employees from other ...
MANILA - Overseas Filipino workers who have worked in Taiwan for more than a year are now entitled to paid leaves credit, the Manila Economic cultural Office (MECO) said Wednesday.
Matthew Ridge's car wash exploited migrant workers * Marlborough vineyard contractors taken to ERA after Labour Inspectorate investigation * migrant worker calls for better support for skilled migrants. "This practice takes advantage of migrants who ...
However, if the negotiations fall through, the employers are required to allow the migrant worker to continue with their original plans and date to return to their home countries, according to the Workforce Development Agency.
Indonesian Consulate confirmed that dozens of illegal Indonesian migrant workers (TKI) were arrested by Merin Tawau police of Sabah,
An Egyptian online platform is offering on-demand booking of home cleaners with the aim of digitizing the market for household services as well as minimizing the possibility of mistreatment and abuse of domestic and foreign workers by homeowners.
Most of the week, they toil in homes and at construction sites. But as they climb scaffolding or clean windows, lines of poetry or song bloom in their minds.
A 13-year-old migrant worker today died in an accident on the Nakodar road here. The deceased was identified as Ajay Kumar, a resident of Tilak Nagar.
A Nepali migrant worker died in Qatar on Saturday night.
workers from Laos are returning to their home country to celebrate the New Year, which also coincides with the Thai New Year or Songkran.
President Rodrigo Duterte has announced the creation of a government agency that will attend solely to the concerns of Filipino migrant workers. President Duterte made the announcement during his meeting with the Filipino community in Manama, Bahrain ...
WINCHESTER - Ask Miguel Valdiva Vera how he got to America 15 years ago and he responds with a single word: "walk." Valdiva Vera doesn't talk much, using mostly single words to answer questions.
firefighters said no structures were threatened early Thursday morning as a vegetation fire spread in an old palm grove.
In the 1950s, when legions of men left the labor market to fight in World War II, the U.S. initiated the Bracero Program, a series of laws and agreements with Mexico to provide famer labor for the northern country.
farmers are poaching each other's migrant workers, rushing to develop robot field hands and abandoning some crops altogether because of a shortage of seasonal workers that poses yet another predicament for President Donald Trump.
THE government of South Korea describes Cheonan prison, south of Seoul, as "the world's first specialised foreigner correctional facility".
Posing as fellow migrant workers who need help or by offering free flight tickets for carrying a bag full of permitted goods, Dubai-based smuggling gangs have been conning migrant workers to transport gold illegally into India. On being caught with the ...
They eventually wound up in Florida, where they picked tomatoes and oranges in small towns like Bartow and Arcadia as migrant workers. It was a harsh life with long hours in blistering sun. Virginia was still working when she was eight months pregnant ...
The study found that governments in the gulf provide migrant worker visas to multinational and local construction companies for free or at a nominal cost, but Gulf-based agents turn around and sell them at a markup to recruiters in South Asian ...
PARLMERSTON NORTH (Scoop NZ/Pacnews) - Recent reports that wages and working conditions are plummeting for seasonal migrant workers in New Zealand reveal the National government's failure to adequately protect migrant workers from ...
The study found that governments in the gulf provide migrant worker visas to multinational and local construction companies for free or at a nominal cost, but Gulf-based agents turn around and sell them at a markup to recruiters in South Asian ...
Kaohsiung, April 9 (CNA) Two migrant workers from Southeast Asian countries living in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan, have been confirmed to be infected with ...
Taipei, April 8 (CNA) A regulation has recently been revised to lower the amount of service fees that brokers in Taiwan can charge foreign migrant workers after ...
Low paid migrant workers at an east London hospital have beat back privatising bosses with unofficial action. Now they're raring to fight for more.
The Compass Center was founded in March to provide support and assistance to individuals who live in Gainesville, especially Latinos.
NESCOPECK TWP. - Township supervisors voted 3-0 this week to grant a conditional use request by Douglas Zehner of Route 93 to house up to 15 migrant workers at two houses on his farm property for harvesting work in September and October.
Apr 6, 2017- A migrant worker was found dead in a toilet of his quarter in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday night. The deceased has been identified as Mithila Mahara, 35, of Jaleshwor Municipality-7 in Mahottari.
law enforcement and advocates for the undocumented are at odds over a nearly 4-year-old Vermont bill meant to protect workers. This year's new law is a largely symbolic gesture, but a 2013 bill promising protection has familiar groups arguing about ...
migrant workers at Di'Mare farms in Florida City, Florida, load a truck with unripe tomatoes. | Photo: Reuters. Previous; Next.
Much has been made of how leaving the European Union could see work forces across the county decimated as local farmers struggle to bring in enough migrant workers to keep business running. As central government continues to flirt with a hard Brexit ...
"We expect 3,000-5,000 migrant workers to show up for the camp," Dr. T.P. Rajagopal, who heads the committee set up to run the camp, told The Hindu .
Labour Minister Sirichai Distakul said the water festival, celebrated as Songkran in Thailand, was a cultural event common to other Asean member countries, particularly Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos.
Kartyana said. The Entikong police in collaboration with the Entikong migrant worker Placement and Protection Service Post (P4TKI) conducted background checks on the deported workers and sorted them based on their hometowns, Kartyana said.
police foil attempt to send 7 illegal migrant workers Rescued: The seven female illegal migrant workers from West Nusa Tenggara who were rescued from an alleged human trafficking attempt during an operation on March 29.
Members of a Vermont activist group called Migrant Justice protested at Ben & Jerry's stores on Tuesday while the ice cream vendors were giving away free cones.
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: One major concern shared by many overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) is what awaits them back home after they're done with working abroad once and for all.
police in Tak's Mae Sot district have detained 37 Myanmar migrant workers in Mae Sot, Tak province for breaking rules concerning their work permits, sources said Tuesday.
KOTTAYAM: The first ever state conference of the Kerala migrant workers Union, affiliated to All India Trade Union Congress(AITUC), was held here the other day.
The Board has prepared the draft of the guideline relating to the legal aid to be provided for migrant workers and sent it to the Ministry of Labour and employment for further action.
... migrant workers are not going to complain unless they are absolutely at the end of the rope and if there is absolutely no hope,'' Josie Baker, the migrant worker outreach co-ordinator with the Cooper Institute, told The Guardian during a recent ...
Last year represented the third consecutive year in a row that the number of legal Vietnamese migrant workers to Taiwan exceeded the 100,000 figure, said Pham Viet Huong, of the Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs (Molisa).
Indonesian female workers stranded in Amman will be able to return home soon after philanthropist Dato' Sri Tahir promised to help repatriate them.





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