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Press Release - Lebanon's General Security agency has detained and deported migrant domestic workers apparently for having children in Lebanon, Human ...
A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Daily Star on April 26, 2017, on page 4. Recommended. Advertisement.

The Manatee education Awards Ceremony, held Monday night in Palmetto, honored the 25 migrant worker students from Manatee County schools who will be ...
Thai police have rescued 65 Cambodians, including five children, from a two-story shop house near Rong Kluea market in Sakeo province where they had been locked up for three days.
A rise in work visa has been the driving force behind record immigration numbers but the main source countries are not from Asia. A Herald analysis into immigration data found work visa arrivals increased from 16,787 in 2004 to 41,576 last year.

"These gangs kidnap Bangladeshi migrant workers and demand a hefty sum for ransom," said Lt Col Khandakar Golam Sarwar, former commanding officer of RAB 3. "They usually do this with the help of the corrupt officials of the local law enforcement ...
Coordinating Minister for Human Development and culture Puan Maharani asked problematic Indonesian migrant workers in Saudi Arabia to return home after ...
SALEM, Ore. (AP) -- The head of Bethel Heights Vineyard looked out over the 100 acres of vines her crew of 20 Mexicans had just finished pruning, worried about what will happen if the Trump administration presses ahead with its crackdown on immigrants.
The cards were first issued at the Post-Arrival and Reintegration Centre for migrant workers in Mae Sot district of Tak. They were distributed to newly-arrived migrant workers under a memorandum of understanding (MoU) requiring joint supervision of the ...
Their population has been steadily growing over the past several years.
The Department of Labor and employment (DOLE) said it will push for the signing of a new agreement for the protection of migrant workers during the ...
The E-Work Permit is a new service provided to migrant workers, aimed at reducing procedures for the issuance of a work permit document.
A court has ruled a Canberra school cleaning business that underpaid migrant workers and signed them to agreements they didn't understand breached the Fair Work Act.
BRANFORD - San Juan Mission will be providing needed food, clothing and any cooking supplies to migrant workers on Saturday after a week long charity drive.
EDITORIAL: Whether or not the government's changes to immigration settings are on the whole too delicate and insufficiently emphatic, the south should applaud at least one aspect of them good and hard.
Kathmandu, April 21: The Nepali Embassy in Malaysia on Wednesday helped 18 Nepali migrants in the local Bukit Jalil Campus to return to Nepal.

... working without pay. 20 Apr 2017 10:04 GMT |. Listen to this page using ReadSpeaker. 0; All Social. Listen to this page using ReadSpeaker.
Most people sitting around this table in Mendocino County are migrant workers. They flood into the region during the cannabis harvest in the fall.
SCOTTISH Chambers of Commerce has hammered home its view that there is a relatively greater economic need for migrant workers north of the Border.
MANILA - Overseas Filipino workers who have worked in Taiwan for more than a year are now entitled to paid leaves credit, the Manila Economic cultural Office ...
How do migrant workers access justice when their rights are violated? And who decides what that justice looks like? Too often, and particularly when the migrant worker is a woman, her own choices in travelling and working abroad are overlooked.
The center is mainly to help migrant workers who have lost their jobs because their workplaces closed, or because of health issues or personal problems.
IN The Philippines, where an estimated eight million Filipino migrant workers have either worked or are still working overseas, human trafficking looms as an ever-present threat, especially in some Middle Eastern countries whose laws and cultures do ...
An Egyptian online platform is offering on-demand booking of home cleaners with the aim of digitizing the market for household services as well as minimizing the possibility of mistreatment and abuse of domestic and foreign workers by homeowners.
(Above from left) Indonesians Nur Hidayati, 31, and Wiwik Triwinarsih, 32, and Bangladeshi Mahbub Hasan Dipu, 28, are three of the five migrant workers who helped design a mural at the Goodman arts Centre as part of the Migrant workers Awareness ...
As U.S. border restrictions increase local businesses say supply of migrant workers decreases. Local orchards say it's increasingly difficult to find seasonal workers.
workers from Laos are returning to their home country to celebrate the New Year, which also coincides with the Thai New Year or Songkran.
President Rodrigo Duterte has announced the creation of a government agency that will attend solely to the concerns of Filipino migrant workers. President Duterte made the announcement during his meeting with the Filipino community in Manama, Bahrain ...
WINCHESTER - Ask Miguel Valdiva Vera how he got to America 15 years ago and he responds with a single word: "walk." Valdiva Vera doesn't talk much, using mostly single words to answer questions.
Mecca, Calif. - A 30-acre brush fire in Mecca prompted authorities to cut power to local residents Thursday but was contained without anyone hurt, fire officials said.
farmers are poaching each other's migrant workers, rushing to develop robot field hands and abandoning some crops altogether because of a shortage of seasonal workers that poses yet another predicament for President Donald Trump.
In the 1950s, when legions of men left the labor market to fight in World War II, the U.S. initiated the Bracero Program, a series of laws and agreements with Mexico to provide famer labor for the northern country.
The thoughtful treatment foreigners receive in prison is harder to find outside it. migrant workers, mainly from South-East Asia, are becoming a new underclass.
... would put in order migration control, put greater responsibility on migration officials, who are supposed to enforce migration regulations, the businessmen who employ migrant workers, as well as landlords renting their property to migrants ...
Myawady: Bus fares were ramped up to more than three times the usual cost, as tens of thousands of migrant workers returned home for the Thingyan holiday period on Sunday, sources said.
A discrepancy in the stipulations concerning board and lodgings in a contract provided to migrant workers by the Philippine government, and in a legal document issued by the Ministry of Labor might lead to legal disputes, Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT ...
The report, titled "migrant workers Pay: Recruitment of the Migrant Labour Force in the gulf Construction Industry," details how workers are exploited through a complex system of agents and subagents who gross hundreds of dollars in profit per worker.
World War II affected the U.S. labor market in countless ways, but in the farms of the South and West, the impact was perhaps most visible when harvest time arrived.
Jakarta, 11 April 2017 - A regional workshop to validate the draft study report on women migrant workers in the ASEAN Economic Community was held yesterday.
Posing as fellow migrant workers who need help or by offering free flight tickets for carrying a bag full of permitted goods, Dubai-based smuggling gangs have been conning migrant workers to transport gold illegally into India. On being caught with the ...
They eventually wound up in Florida, where they picked tomatoes and oranges in small towns like Bartow and Arcadia as migrant workers. It was a harsh life with long hours in blistering sun. Virginia was still working when she was eight months pregnant ...
South Asian migrants in Arab gulf countries shoulder the heavy costs of their own recruitment fees as construction workers while companies and clients reap the benefits of cheap labor, according to a new study.
South Asian migrants powering the construction boom in oil-rich gulf countries are often illegally made to pay for their own recruitment, adding to hardships of poor working conditions and wages, according to an investigation released Tuesday.
The report, titled "migrant workers Pay: Recruitment of the Migrant Labor Force in the gulf Construction Industry," details how workers are exploited through a complex system of agents and subagents who gross hundreds of dollars in profit per worker.
The Nepali migrant workers in Qatar have donated 20 sets of computer to a school in Lamjung. The Nepali nationals, who have been operating Dhamilikuwa Qatar Group in Qatar, donated the computers to Shailputri Secondary School.
DRASTIC cuts to the numbers of migrants allowed to enter the United Kingdom would not damage Britain's economy, a former UKIP leadership contender ...
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - A regulation has recently been revised to reduce the amount of service fees that brokers in Taiwan can charge foreign migrant workers who have worked in the country for more than two years. According to the amended Standards for ...
PARLMERSTON NORTH (Scoop NZ/Pacnews) - Recent reports that wages and working conditions are plummeting for seasonal migrant workers in New Zealand reveal the National government's failure to adequately protect migrant workers from ...
Eateries in the city have always had a good number of migrant workers in their kitchens. But migrant workers are cooking their way into people's hearts even ...





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