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A SOUTHPORT based charity which aims to help migrant workers across Sefton has been commended for helping raise awareness of loan sharks.
There is no doubt that farming has become very reliant on non-UK labour, mostly from Eastern Europe. Speaking at a rural law and finance event at Forfar Mart, Jamie Kerr - immigration partner with legal firm Thorntons - estimated that around 22,500 EU ...

The minister also explained that the employers must first submit work applications for their migrant workers to a local employment office.
"rights, Faith and Policy: A public Forum on migrant workers' Issues will bring together migrant workers, community organizations, faith groups and provincial representatives to build capacity for action, policy and solidarity on migrant workers' rights.
Qatar has until November to implement new labour reforms designed to end abuse of migrant workers or potentially face an investigation by an international labour watchdog in the lead up to hosting the 2022 World Cup.

Less than five per cent of temporary foreign workers in Canada are women. But for those women, they face numerous battles. Over the past few weeks I have met women who have left their families behind, who call their children over Whatsapp to get them ...
A public forum in Charlottetown will aim to shine a light on the situation migrant workers face in Canada. Fay Faraday, a Toronto-based social justice lawyer who will speak at the forum, told Mainstreet P.E.
Under the former Conservative government, Canada shifted toward an immigration system that absorbs migrant workers who first come to the country on temporary status to meet labour market needs, compared to the old "nation-building" model that let ...
A Singapore migrant welfare group has started distributing 3G-enabled mobile phones to cash-strapped foreign workers days before the city-state shuts down its 2G network.
In fact, the only people who applied for these jobs were migrant workers. The job specifically was to go out into the vineyards and pick the grapes.
The ministry said all migrant workers in the fishing industry have to register themselves to receive a proper work permit before March 31, as presently there are only 47,000 registered migrant workers in the fisheries sector, Thai National News Bureau ...
EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- As the Trump administration cracks down on illegal immigration, Wisconsin dairy farmers may struggle to maintain production with more than half of its workforce made up of migrant workers. Across the U.S. fifty-one percent of ...
Most migrant workers are here legally under the federal H-2A program that allows U.S. employers who meet specific requirements to bring foreign nationals to the United States to fill temporary agricultural jobs.
COM - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has called for an immediate revision of the law on migrant workers protection, in order to create an integrated service model. is one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date news portal of Nepal in nepali language.
To combat the forced labour and sexual exploitation of Romanian workers in Italy's Sicilian province of Ragusa, authorities in both countries have agreed to join forces.

According to Evelyn Encalada Grez, a labour researcher specializing in migrant work in Canada, female migrant workers have to deal with a compound of issues where both gender and class intersect.
MEDICAL clinics serving Filipino workers bound for Kuwait have asked the Court of Appeals (CA) to junk the indefinite suspension slapped on them by Health Secretary-designate Paulyn Jean B. Rosell-Ubial without the benefit of a formal complaint.
Congressman Fred Upton, R-St. Joseph, met last week with a group of farmers from Southwest Michigan to reaffirm his support for the agricultural industry.
At least 100 people gathered in Burlington Saturday to show support for migrant workers.
migrant workers of ASEAN member states, including those of The Philippines, stand to benefit once the instrument on the protection and promotion of their rights is approved, a social welfare official has said.
AN APP has been released aimed at tackling the "persistent" problem of underpayment of young and migrant workers in Australia.
"rights, Faith, and Policy: A Public Forum on Migrant worker Issues" is part of a growing movement to shed light on the ways Canadian laws constrain migrant workers' rights and to build protections and supports. The keynote speaker for this event is ...
Many of us take having the lawn cut or trees for the yard for granted. But at Southwood Nursery, they need to bring back eight Mexican workers for the season.
The driver of a bus full of migrant workers was responsible for rear-ending a school bus Wednesday morning, according to the Florida highway patrol.
While acknowledging that NACOSH had a "significant" role to play in promoting safety and health standards across the Barbadian workforce, Senator Byer Suckoo said it was often feared that the condition of migrant workers went "under the radar".
Death, torture cases reveal issues faced by migrant workers A migrant workers alliance group holds placards to protest the killings of two Indonesian women in 2014 outside the High Court in Hong Kong, Oct. 24, 2016.
For Abby McGill, that work focus is on empowering Thailand's migrant workers. McGill is responsible for coordinating campaigns around labor exploitation in globally-traded agricultural commodities at the International Labor rights Forum (ILRF).
Bangladesh receives one of the highest amounts of remittance in the world, and the amount has grown consistently in spite of changes in the economic climate.
What has been revealed by the Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) Thursday last about the cost that the migrant workers are made to bear for securing jobs abroad is more or less known to most people. But the TIB report, titled "Good governance ...
Blame game and lack of coordination between the ministries concerned and recruitment agencies have increasingly been pushing migrant workers towards risk and uncertainty. The scenario revealed itself during a conference styled "Safe Migration and ...
Leaders at the annual Two Sessions political meetings in Beijing are calling for greater protection of migrant workers. Migrant workers often deal with unpaid wages and serious health risks. CGTN's Han Bin reports that it's hard for them to get their ...
Harvested to extinction: Villagers become migrant workers after emptying forest of herbs. - BASANTA PRATAP SINGH, Bajhang. A file photo shows people heading towards India for employment at a bus stand in Bajhang.
Lawmakers yesterday said that the government must establish a mechanism to help migrant workers who have fallen seriously ill due to non-occupational diseases.
This January marked the 10th anniversary of the ASEAN Declaration on the Protection and Promotion of the rights of migrant workers, under which members pledged to "promote fair and appropriate employment protection, payment of wages, and adequate ...
Rosa Marta Zarate Macias holds a special place in her heart for immigrants, particularly those that contribute to the U.S. labor force and endure exploitation.
But they spent last year's summer holidays in the factory where Yang works, under an initiative that hopes to improve family life for migrant workers in Guangdong Province. The Family Friendly Factory Spaces (FFFS) scheme, run by ICTI Care, an NGO ...
Xie Liying paints designs on porcelain for overseas customers every day, but she cares even more about the livelihoods of migrant workers from remote villages, just like her. Xie, a deputy to the National People's Congress(Special coverage), called on ...
US President Donald Trump's immigration policies will increase the risk of human trafficking and labour abuses against undocumented migrants by pushing them further underground, a report said on Thursday.
Every year, several thousand foreign-born workers come to Maine legally to do a job no one born here wants to do: harvesting apples, blueberries, broccoli and other crops.
WILLARD - Willard City Council is making plans to embrace the city's large Hispanic population, including throwing a welcome back party for the summer migrant workers. "We're trying to work with a number of Spanish folk to make them more of a part our ...
Another main document that the ASSC seeks approval for is the Asean instrument on the protection and promotion of the rights of migrant workers. Taguiwalo said the instrument would serve as implementing rules and regulations of the Asean Declaration ...
Female migrant workers (who overwhelmingly find employment in the domestic service or hospitality industries, which are reliant on their labor) support entire economies in their native countries and help educate entire generations of youth.
Worries are rising among farmers over the Trump administration's efforts to tighten the guest worker program, as well as trade policy, agriculture experts say.
Kathmandu, March 7: The Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday issued a show cause notice in the name of government and other concerned ministries regarding their dealing with alarming death of migrant workers aboard and inappropriate mechanism to ...
In its annual report, "Walled by Alienation: Working and Living Conditions of migrant workers in Jordan", the Tamkeen Fields for Aid also called for ensuring equality between Jordanian and foreign workers by ending the exception of the minimum wage.
Worries are rising among farmers over the Trump administration's efforts to tighten the guest worker program, as well as trade policy, agriculture experts say.
Still, migrant workers say they didn't feel as though Obama was conducting what Fried calls the "state-sponsored xenophobia" under Trump.
"I will talk about the migrant workers' drive to self-determination," Salas said. The 74-year-old played a key role in the state's farm worker movement and struggle for justice.





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