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updated Thu. April 26, 2018

A man was arrested in Bangkok on Wednesday for allegedly producing pink identification cards for illegal migrant workers ... said the shop's front business was making inkjet signs, stickers and labels, but it had for years allegedly catered to illegal migrant workers from Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.
Why are politicians held in such low esteem by many Americans? Because too often their true intentions are masked to win favor with one constituency while seeming to favor another. Look at how Congress and the White House are mishandling the H-2B immigration program for migrant workers. worker

The migrant workers, who land up in Kerala also face relatively less prejudice, hostility and discrimination than they would elsewhere in India. In spite of the best efforts of the BJP and the RSS - ably aided by the likes of Prime Minister, BJP chief Amit Shah and UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath - there ...
In the late 1980s and into the 1990s, dairying in New England was in crisis. Small farms were faced with a lack of demand for agricultural labor, according to Vermont Representative Peter Conlon, 53. Conlon, who was born and raised in Vermont, worked as a dairy labor specialist for ten years ... Migrant Workers
More than 300 Myanmar migrant workers working at a factory which produces shrimps in Maha Chai, Samut Sakhon province, Thailand, stopped their work on April 24 and staged a protest to demand a month's salary. workers claim they didn't receive their wages for over a month and they had made ...
The private homes in Amman's richest neighborhoods have sweeping views of the city's rolling hills and private courtyards filled with lemon trees and bougainvillea flowers. But behind the high walls of the city's richest homes are thousands of migrant workers, many of whom are live-in domestic help ... Jordan

Burmese migrant workers and labor rights activists have urged both Burma and Thai governments to assist migrant workers who are having difficulties in buying bus tickets to return back to Thailand after the Thingyan Festival. Many Burmese migrant workers are currently spending the night ...
So wrote Ian Almond -- a world literature professor at Georgetown University's campus in Doha, Qatar, who is currently on leave -- in a November 2017 letter sent to Provost Robert Groves concerning the treatment of migrant workers at the Qatari campus. Almond published the letter on his Facebook ... worker
Why are politicians held in such low esteem by many Americans? Because too often their true intentions are masked to win favor with one constituency while seeming to favor another. Look at how Congress and the White House are mishandling the H-2B immigration program for migrant workers. workers
"They got profiled," said the farmer, who asserted that they check migrant workers' paperwork at their farm. "I was just up there today and nobody approached me. What a shame." The arrested dairy farm workers had no connection to each other, and went to Walmart individually to do some shopping, ... workers
Farmers have used the program for decades to get documented migrant workers to help for a crop season, but onion growers like Bo Herndon say it doesn't give them any flexibility to adjust. The proposed update would change parts of the program. It would allow workers to sign with a farmer for multiple ... workers
Two young men, believed to be Vietnamese migrant workers, recently earned praise for their act of kindness, giving up one of their pre-reserved seats to two children inside a crowded train in Taiwan. To give way to the kids, one of the kind men sat on the lap of the other, sacrificing comfort for their good ... workers
TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - National Secretary of the Migrant Workers Network Savitri Wisnuwardhani said the number case of migrant workers abroad without complete documents is increasing. “From 2016 to 2017 it has increased to 254 cases,” she said at the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI) on ... workers
The sons and daughter of Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte visited Macau on Saturday to meet with hundreds of migrant workers as part of the “Tapang at Malasakit” campaign, which translates to “courage and care.” This is the first time that family members of a Philippine president have visited the ... workers
Almost 500 people, including migrant workers from Indonesia and several Hongkongers, gathered in Causeway Bay on Sunday for a candlelight vigil and prayed for victims of human trafficking after the shocking death of a young Indonesian domestic worker in Malaysia. During the gathering on Paterson ... workers
“If it weren't for migrant workers, our dairy products and everything else would go up higher to the point where we couldn't afford it. So I say, let them do what they came here to do, which is to support their families,” Lyle Deida, Carrillo-Sanchez's father-in-law, told the rally. Carrillo-Sanchez, Balcazar, and ... workers
Singapore's Ministry of Manpower said it had received 9,000 salary-related claims involving about 4,500 employers in 2016. These figures include both local and migrant workers. According to a response to a parliamentary question by Lim Swee Say, Singapore's Minister for Manpower, 95% of those cases ... workers

Finance minister T M Thomas Isaac tipped his hat to migrant labourers working in the state by referring to their contribution as 'invaluable' and by allocating Rs 50 crore to their welfare fund during the budget speech on Friday. The minister said that the government would conduct a comprehensive study on ... workers
“We will improve coordination channels among relevant authorities so as to ensure migrant workers can have their nationality verified before the June 30 deadline,” he said. Adul was speaking after attending a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister General Prawit Wongsuwon and relevant officials. workers
A group of migrant workers at a trucking company in Co Wexford twice threatened to set themselves alight this week in an industrial dispute, the Garda has confirmed. Chief Supt John Roche said officers were sent to O'Leary International at Marshmeadows in New Ross on Tuesday evening and ... workers
Zurich launches product for small business owners, migrant workers Employees attend to clients at the office of Zurich Topas Life in Jakarta in Feb. 2, 2017. ( A. Muchlis) ... workers
SURAT (INDIA) — A plan to bring migrant workers off the pavements and into apartments in Bhuj could be a blueprint for other Indian cities in the country struggling to accommodate tens of thousands who arrive daily in search of jobs. Most travel from their villages to find work for months at a time in the ... workers
This February, an increasing number of migrant workers are expected to forgo the time-honored tradition — and the considerable financial strain — of returning to their hometowns over Chinese New Year, a newspaper affiliated with the country's top discipline authority reported Tuesday. This growing ... workers
That's not necessarily attractive to Canadians, who prefer other jobs. But it does offer a chance for migrant workers to help their families back home. Some consumers feel that it's a fair bargain. Farmers get dependable, flexible and affordable labour, while migrant workers make money to send home. On the ... workers
Nur is the chairwoman of a migrant workers' organization called Kotkiho, or the Hong Kong Coalition of Indonesian Migrant Workers' Organisations, an umbrella group for eight different migrant workers' organizations in the city. Most people recognize Hong Kong's role as a financial hub and a playground ... workers
The protesters marched in silence from the remains of the encampment to the town hall, according to the USB, a union that campaigns for migrant workers' rights and which organized the demonstration. Some of them held photos of Becky Moses, the 26-year-old Nigerian woman who died in the fire that ... workers
A TASMANIAN senator will canvas migrant workers and international students in a bid to establish the extent of wage exploitation in the state, ... workers
Bengaluru: Thousands of children of migrant labourers across the country are missing something that could give their generation a better life ... workers
Geyer's bloodline came to Bay County in 1952 as migrant workers in Portsmouth Township. The Torres family would travel each summer from ... workers
There is very little connection that we as outsiders can make with the locals, and sometimes, people discriminate against migrant workers from ... workers
Temporary migrant workers make up around 10% of Australia's workforce. The study was carried out by the University of Technology Sydney ... workers
On Saturday evening, a fire broke out inside a two-story building in Beijing's southern Daxing District, leaving 19 people dead in a tragedy that ... workers
A dessert that's the centerpiece of many Thanksgiving tables this week depends on help from seasonal migrant workers. Many of whom travel ... workers
Known officially as the Asean Consensus on the Promotion of the Rights of Migrant Workers, it covers fair treatment of foreign workers, the right ... workers
“We registered our commitment to the protection and promotion of the rights of Asean migrant workers in the region by signing the Asean ... workers
Over the years, migrant workers have faced various barriers as they search for economic opportunities outside their country of origin. They have ... workers
KUALA LUMPUR: The National Patriots Association (Patriots) today called on the government to take stern action against a group of contract ... workers
The United Nations says Asia Pacific countries need to address issues surrounding the rights of migrant workers as international talks move ... workers
A first in the country, the Kerala govt's move comes after a fake WhatsApp clip that said migrant workers were under threat in the state. workers
There is a misconception that migrant workers from Bangladesh are poor and come from low class families. This is far from the truth, says Mr ... workers
LPN deputy committee chairman Surapong Kongchantuk said problems resulted because authorities had not registered migrant workers in a ... workers
MIGRANT WORKERS. A consensus on migrant workers' rights 'is a centerpiece of the Philippine chairmanship' of ASEAN, says DFA ... workers
It took 10 years of negotiation before an Asean consensus for the protection and promotion of the rights of migrant workers was signed by our ... workers
LPN deputy committee chairman Surapong Kongchantuk said problems resulted because authorities had not registered migrant workers in a ... workers
The UN's International Labour Organization (ILO) has dismissed complaints about the treatment of migrant workers in Qatar and welcomed the ... workers
"There are numerous fake job rackets that result in migrant workers finding themselves without proper documentation, low salaries or even ... workers
"Many migrant workers forget that their purpose in Taiwan is to earn and save money to take back home," the 28-year-old worker said. workers
Petrona Nunez cradled her 2-year-old daughter, Jazabell, in her arms and surveyed the damage to her family trailer. The roof had caved in on ... workers
CAIRO – Foreign Minister Taro Kono on Monday urged Middle Eastern nations not to accept migrant workers from North Korea to prevent the ... workers
Indonesia is presenting a State Report at the ongoing 27th OHCHR session on migrant workers' rights in Geneva, Switzerland. (Antara/M. workers


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