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updated Tue. May 23, 2017

Additionally, another measure would allow poll workers to split shifts, allowing more people to participate in the process while ensuring polling locations are adequately staffed (A.6907-A).
One problem poll workers observed was people who came hoping to vote for Karen Handel or Jon Ossoff. Those two candidates for former U.S.
State law requires the entity seeking to place a levy issue on a special election ballot to cover the costs, including the costs of paying poll workers. If approved, the levy would raise $644,682 a year and cost the owner of a $100,000 home in the ...
Houston - Two Harris County poll workers pled guilty to unlawfully depositing a ballot during the May 2016 primary runoff election.
In close LA city races, latest update on ballot count doesn't show clear winners. Mary Plummer. May 19, 06:45 PM Show caption.
There are potential write-in winners in 114 contests, including one county race, 60 municipal or school board races and 53 poll worker races. The county board of elections, which consists of the three county commissioners, plan to hold the first ...
Of 348 write-in ballots cast for mayor on the Republican ballot, Ciccarone seemingly collected far more votes than any other candidate, according to a summation made by poll workers. No Republican was listed on the ballot. Dianne Herrin powered her way ...
He met with the city's poll workers and sought guidance from the West Virginia Secretary of State's Office on state-code requirements for running an election.
The computerized notepads would also allow poll workers to look up voter information and change addresses. To have all 24 precincts equipped with the poll pads on election Day, Steidl estimates they would need 51, at a cost of almost $78,000.
District 30 officials said on Thursday that it was unclear if voters were influenced by false information spread by a poll worker at the Forest Road Elementary school during Tuesday's Board of education election, but that it did not occur on a scale ...
poll workers open the doors to set up for primary election day voting at the Ebenezer Baptist Church on Wylie Avenue in the Hill District Tuesday morning.
After a long night of verifying and counting ballots, Doctor William Truly has unseated current Mayor Arnel Bolden by getting 55% of the votes in the Runoff ...
These poll workers were on the job Tuesday in Sykesville. They are, left to right, Jenna Lupone, who was working as Judge of elections; Haley Marshall, minority inspector; and Marilyn Buhite, majority inspector.
poll workers tally the results of the Greater Johnstown school Board annual budget vote/schoo lboard election Tuesday night at Johnstown high school.
Fred McBride, a voting-rights consultant for the Southern Coalition for social justice, said the entire incident could have been avoided if poll workers were better trained and properly enforced the rules. "You scratch your head and go, OK, a poll ...
The Mercer County elections office was "fairly quiet" Tuesday morning - primary election day in Pennsylvania. Jeff Greenburg, the county's director of elections, was fielding a few phone calls from poll workers about campaign signs placed near polling ...
poll workers Patricia Keoughan (left) and Nan Denton check in voters at the Falmouth high school polling station Tuesday afternoon.
In stark contrast to the presidential election, when 72 percent of Berks voters showed up at the polls last November, poll workers battled boredom most of the day. In the fire station at Third and Court Streets, the judge of elections said only about 3 ...
Turnout in West Philadelphia was light today, and poll workers set up at the Philly's Finest Unisex Salon found themselves with little to do for long stretches of time.
He was employed by the Board of elections beginning in August 2004 - with his duties including training poll workers - and he was paid $38,398 annually.
Voter Clarence "Pete" Horner (left), 84, of Coopersdale, signs in to vote with assistance from poll workers Nancy Fabina (center) and Lou Ann Bowser at the 21st Ward polling place in the former Cooper Avenue United Methodist Church hall on Tuesday, May ...
Each city precinct has its own voting area in the community room, and poll workers seated nearby. Polls opened at 6 p.m., and voters straggled in during the early hours, declining offers to speak their mind about the vote, though one woman said she ...
Kathi Martin casts her ballot at the Shadow Hills Presbyterian Church Polling place in Sunland Tuesday, May 16, 2017. Karo Torossian and Monica Rodriguez are in the runoff to represent a cluster of northeast San Fernando Valley communities on the Los ...
An employee of the election commission said about 40 people were lined up at the American Legion when the 10 poll workers opened the doors to where five touch-screen Voting Machines had been placed.
poll workers at Clinton Elementary school said they have not experienced problems, despite . Poughkeepsie voter Dan Goodwin said his name was missing from the book when he first tried to vote in the morning.
@THE GUSS REPORT-The election cycle ended for most people back on November 8 when the president and a full slate of national, state and local votes were cast.
"It's been pretty slow here, most of the people voting are in their 50s and 60s," said poll worker Lisa Durbin, outside the library.
A judge of elections at one of Wilkinsburg's precincts didn't report for duty Tuesday morning because he was in jail, said Amie Downs, an Allegheny ...
Shortly after 4 p.m., poll workers for Easton's 10th Ward Eastern District said 38 of 471 voters showed up, good for an 8 percent turnout even though there was a competitive city council race in that part of town.
"We pay the poll workers $125 dollars a day. This will require a minimum of 24 poll workers. We are doing paper ballots this time because to have the company send out a tech to program the machines is $750 dollars a day and we would need them three to ...
... mostly felons confused about the reinstatement of their rights; a 10-year audit in North Carolina that found 50 instances of dead people voting, with mistakes attributed to poll workers; and a 2012 Florida investigation of non-citizen voting that ...
There's a last-minute scramble to recruit workers to staff polling places for Tuesday's election, especially those who speak Spanish, Los Angeles city clerk officials said Monday afternoon.
But few matters are as beloved as the office's smallest token - the "I voted" sticker handed out by poll workers. Chief Clerk of elections Timothy Benyo said the county began handing out the small red, white and blue stickers after he took the job in ...
STARKVILLE - Following protracted uncertainty during which the Ward 1 Republican primary's outcome changed three times, finally ending as a tie, voters get ...
Somerville, NJ - Primary elections are just around the corner and the Somerset County Board of Elections is looking for election day poll workers.
No surprise, considering the 22-year-old has already been a poll worker herself in the past 15 elections under Whitfield County Chief Registrar/Elections Supervisor Mary Hammontree.
Those names are provided to poll workers. Then if they challenge a prospective voter, that person can take an oath swearing that they are indeed eligible ... Mary Kiffmeyer, author of the proposed legislation, had an interesting reason for supporting ...
... election officials have - will be discovered as having been erroneously checked off by the poll workers because they meant to check off the name that appears above that of the ineligible voter on the voter list or the poll worker mishears the ...
He said the poll worker allowed him to vote, so he voted. He said he was confused as to whether he was allowed to vote as a felon since he had heard that certain felons can vote if they were done with their sentences.
poll workers at the second site told her to go back the first site. Wolfe said she made this trip back and forth about four times.
Special District elections are on Tuesday. Bannock County is once again preparing their poll workers. There are four special district elections.
"We received really positive feedback from poll workers and voters," elections Board Deputy Director Ross McDonald said.
"I don't think people know about it," says poll worker Mike Renfro. "Not enough advertising about it." Voters are casting for candidates for vacated seats.
... elder, Sunday school teacher, and instructor of the Bethel Bible Series. She served regularly as a poll worker, tutored Each One Teach One students and was a dedicated hospice volunteer for a full decade.
Allen said Saturday's election would cost $2,977.75 - $2,845 for poll workers' pay and overtime for county staff, and the remaining $132.75 for ballot printing and postage.
"I don't think people know about it," says poll worker Mike Renfro. "Not enough advertising about it." Voters are casting for candidates for vacated seats.
Credit: NWA Democrat-Gazette poll worker Winona Woods places an "I Voted" sticker on Jesse Bray after Bray voted Tuesday in the school millage election at First Baptist Church in Pea Ridge.
REEDSVILLE - Mayor James Wagner said he will be attending an election training course May 12, in Clarksburg, to acquire knowledge needed to train poll workers for the upcoming June election. "We only have one poll worker at present. We need three ...
In addition to missing ballot samples, volunteers also found spotty use of bilingual poll workers in communities of color where the voting population is so small as to be covered only by the state election mandates, not the federal Voting rights Act ...
The city can also relocate polling places to an accessible building and will train poll workers to file reports with the U.S.





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