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Even though it has lasted nearly a year and a half, most Illinois voters say they haven't personally felt the effects of the state budget impasse.

GENEVA - A Harvard pollster will talk about the presidential election and the role and influence of polling during a talk tonight at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.
Before Hillary Clinton suggested the federal government keep fully paying for Obamacare's Medicaid expansion, a leading Democratic pollster suggested the ...
Three weeks from Tuesday, voters will head to the polls and pick the next president of the United States. Terry Madonna, the director of politics and public affairs at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, said this is the most polarized America ...
The only real money in election polling goes to the pollsters hired by the campaigns. And those millions of dollars are less for the polls themselves than the guru-like advice the pollsters provide to the candidates to shape messaging and strategy.

Top public election pollsters are almost unanimous in their belief that Hillary Clinton will be the next president and are pretty sure that Republicans will retain control of the House.
SPARTANBURG, S.C.(WSPA) - As the candidates head into the final stretch, political pollsters are ramping up calls, trying to figure out who will be our country's next president.
"We're getting close now," he said, "to the period of time where the pollsters are going to have to start showing the race as it is.
Podgorica, Oct 16 (Reuters) - The pro-Western Democratic party of socialists (DPS) of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic was ahead in Montenegro's parliamentary elections on Sunday, pollster CEMI said on the basis of a forecast based on a partial vote ...
"It looks like Michael Fougere is headed towards a landslide win," pollster David Valentin, from Mainstreet Research, said of polling data commissioned by PostMedia.
"It's possible to imagine, but it's unlikely," Democratic pollster Mark Mellman said. He estimated that Clinton would need to win the presidency by a margin of 10 percent or more for the House to change hands.
In the HuffPost Pollster charts, Clinton leads by 7.5 points nationally in the 2-way race and by just under 7 points when third party candidates are included.
One of the state's most respected polls has begun incorporating online surveys for the first time, underscoring the increasing difficulty of relying on telephone questioning.

"Enter Kellyanne Conway, who Trump hired as his campaign manager last week. Conway, a longtime GOP pollster, owns her own firm, 'the polling company, inc.
With one of the biggest elections in history happening in the United States, Insights West decided to take a deeper look at the state of affairs in the country.
"Enter Kellyanne Conway, who Trump hired as his campaign manager last week. Conway, a longtime GOP pollster, owns her own firm, 'the polling company, inc.
Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic U.S. presidential nominee Hillary Clinton pause during their Republican U.S.
Frank Luntz, who was photographed Sept. 28 at his home in Los Angeles, has a bronze Remington statue that is an exact replica of the one that was in the Oval Office during the George W. Bush administration.
The Better Business Bureau (BBB) says people might start seeing a political pollster scam in the coming weeks until the election.
Donald Trump's decision to openly fight Republican leaders just a month before the election is leaving pollsters in the dark about how the unprecedented move will affect House and Senate races.
Donald Trump is starting this week faced with a less-than-12 percent chance of winning the presidency. New polling suggests his fortunes could drop further ...
As the Jakarta election draws near, pollsters are releasing their survey results to help candidates understand public opinion of them while of course promoting ...
The level of civility continues to erode with two presidential debates now a matter of record, according to F&M College Pollster Dr. Terry Madonna. He says, up to this point, there's little, if any respect that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have for ...
A poll released Tuesday by the Public Opinion Research Lab of the University of North Florida shows strong support for Amendment 2 and medical marijuana.
PORTSMOUTH - The state's top pollster predicted Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte's decision not to vote for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will have little impact on her reelection race with Democratic challenger Gov.
Donald Trump with a member of the audience after Sunday night's debate in St. Louis. Reuters/Saul Loeb. Republican pollster Frank Luntz declared Donald Trump back in the game after a strong performance at Sunday night's presidential debate in St.
Pollster's average puts Clinton up by 28 in the presidential race. [WashPost, chart]. -Massachusetts: Western New England University gives Clinton a 32-point lead over Trump, 58 percent to 26 percent.
The downturn in the accuracy of polling seems to have picked up steam in 2012, after major pollsters Rasmussen (which is right-leaning) and Gallup (which is not) showed that Republican challenger Mitt Romney would best incumbent President Barack ...
Younger Oregon voters have the clout to make their state even more liberal than it already is - if they only voted. "On non-presidential election years, millennials disappear," says Adam Davis, founding partner of the Portland-based DHM Research firm.
As the pollster for Bernie Sanders's presidential campaign, I learned a lot about what issues engage this generation. Sanders didn't start off with overwhelming support from millennials, after all.
GOP pollster Frank Luntz, who was overseeing the focus group, said it was perhaps the "KO punch" of the debate. Pence's comment referred to a comment last month from Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who put half of Trump supporters into ...
Pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson on Pence's Trump Defense strategy. More. ABC News' Amna Nawaz, Dan Harris and LZ Granderson talk with Anderson about the challenges the candidates face in the vice presidential debate.
A national poll from Monmouth University finds friends have been lost and people in general are just nastier, all thanks to this year's presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
Hillary Clinton has a four-point lead in one of the first national polls taken after Monday's highly watched presidential debate.
Pollster Predicts 3 to 5 Point Debate Bump For Clinton. Voters in Virginia and New Hampshire were the strongest supporters of Clinton's debate performance.
While most news organizations raced to declare Hillary Clinton the clear cut winner of the long anticipated first presidential debate, a Connecticut professional pollster Tuesday said "that was just a lot of chatter." Peter A. Brown, assistant director ...
Public Policy Polling's Tom Jensen believes the one issue that may decide the state's hotly-contested gubernatorial race is House Bill 2. Jensen, who sat down with Chris Fitzsimon last week, notes that 59% of voters now think HB2 has had a negative ...
Often the pollster is hired by the candidate or a supporter of the candidate. Sometimes, the polls are independent. Last week Bernie Pinsonat presented his latest poll.
The 2016 campaign has been like no other, and that makes it difficult to poll, according to Peter Hart, a pollster for more than 50 years.
Tonight's debate to define US presidential elections - Pollster Zogby. Posted Sep 26, 2016 at 6:19pm. American Pollster John Zogby. American Pollster John Zogby has predicted tonight's debate will be a defining moment in the country's November elections.
Don't lie, this was the one you were all waiting for wasn't it? 41% of likely American voters say that Clinton will cream Trump in tonight's debate.
The long-predicted demographic shift among U.S. voters is expected to crash into the 2016 election, forcing Republican Donald Trump to boost his percentage of white voters to historic highs, according to a GOP pollster's analysis. "In every single ...
Democratic pollster and political analyst Doug Schoen said that the presidential debate on Monday will make a big impact on the election in November.
For the pollsters, it was an unmitigated disaster. They had predicted a dead heat, with polling averages suggesting that the Conservatives and their rival party, Labour, would each win 34% of the popular vote.
Labour leadership: pollsters predicted Corbyn's win exactly right. YouGov said Mr Corbyn would win with 62 per cent of the vote in August.
Both Mike Pence and Donald Trump have visited Arizona, and Hillary Clinton's campaign has bought TV ad time during the general election.





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