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updated Wed. March 29, 2017

The major political parties - Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Congress - have been upbeat on their prospects in the upcoming Municipal corporation elections but it is the unpredictable nature of the capital voters, that has ...
There has been a strain of populist analysis circulating recently that deserves second thought. The argument that a victory for French populist candidate Marine Le Pen might actually be positive for the stock market - as it was for Brexit or the ...
Public opinion on Turkey's upcoming constitutional referendum is still "neck and neck" said one of the country's leading pollsters, with many supporters of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) undecided. In an interview with the Turkish ...
As they investigate the forces behind the party's stunning losses in November, Democrats are coming to a troubling conclusion.
The race ahead of the April 16 referendum on constitutional changes shifting Turkey to an executive presidential system is still close, with the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) needing to convince the undecideds among its constituency ...
Pollster YouGov said its US presidential election predictions had outperformed its rivals as it cheered rising revenues and profits.
Vucic's lead ahead of first round remains huge - pollster. Aleksandar Vucic has by far the largest support ahead of the presidential elections, with over 50 percent.
Five days ahead of the snap parliamentary elections on 26 March a survey of political affiliations of Bulgarians conducted by Mediana pollster has forecast 27.7% in support for the Bulgarian socialist party (BSP) and 26.6% of support for center-right ...
As the Florida Legislature continues to debate the implementation of a popular medical marijuana initiative, voters believe the state is moving too slow in doing so, according to a new poll released Tuesday.
On behalf of the blog ZPolitics, the conservative pollster Clout Research is out with its second survey of the April 18 all-party primary for Georgia's 6th Congressional district.
According to Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight, Selzer is "the best pollster in America." She famously predicted then-junior senator Barack Obama's big win at the Iowa caucuses in 2008, and has run most of the Des Moines Register's political polls since 1987.
About ten days before the snap parliamentary elections on March, 26 the answer to the question who is the likely winner remains open, according to the findings of pollster AFIS about the political preferences in Bulgaria, quoted by BNR. The two major ...
With increasing separation from the turbulence of 2016, Kellyanne Conway's hindsight is sharper than ever. And that's a high bar.
Both the Brexit and Trump results seemed to reveal how the media, political elites and pollsters had failed to understand how voters were really feeling about some of the biggest issues of the day.
Donald Trump used him as his chief pollster for the 2016 election, and more recently to investigate Minnesotans' feelings on allowing Chilean company Twin Metals to build a copper-nickel mine near Ely.
One of the only polls to predict Donald Trump's victory caught even its creator by surprise. Arie Kapteyn, an economist at USC, ran the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times Presidential election Daybreak Poll, which consistently said Trump would become ...
Infotrak was clearly paid to attempt to convince Kenyans that Jubilee is more popular than NASA, Ford Kenya leader Moses Wetang'ula has said.
VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) - Despite ongoing attention towards provincial political donation policies, the issue is unlikely to make or break the upcoming May 9 election according to a BC pollster. Mario Canseco with Insights West says while fundraising ...
Wiper democratic movement Kalonzo Musyoka has claimed some NASA and Jubilee Party members have bribed opinion pollsters to influence the public ahead of the August General election.
While many traditional pollsters didn't exactly hit the mark, startups like polling platform MyVoteToday and electoral analysis platform 5Forty3 used opinions tracked via social media and independent polls to determine voting patterns using data ...
BJP has proved all pollsters wrong with an absolute majority in Uttar Pradesh. And if Punjab and Goa are any indicators, poor leadership will sound the death knell for any government.
All exit polls had unanimous in predicting complete rout of the BSP supremo, Ms Mayawati in UP and SAD-BJP in Punjab. However, the saffron front left all projections by the pollsters behind and came in with its best performance. Of the 403 Assembly ...
As the assembly election results roll in, it's clear the Congress stands firmly rejected in Uttarakhand as well as in Uttar Pradesh along with its recently acquired ally, the Samajwadi Party.
Surely an astrologer's reading of the polls is no more unreliable than a pollster's? The discredited fraternity needs to spread the blame, and the distant descendants of Varahamihira - who was a fine astronomer but in the fashion of Indian Astronomers ...
A focus group study conducted in Macomb County, Michigan, revealed President Trump's supporters don't regret putting him in the Oval Office.
The contest in the northeastern state is tough to call. While all pollsters predict BJP to better its tally in this election, Congress may give it a tough fight.
She got her start in polling working as a research assistant for Reagan's longtime pollster and strategist Richard Wirthlin, and later for GOP pollster Frank Luntz. She founded The polling company in 1995, focusing on consumer trends for corporate ...
Tuesday night's presentation by the Bowling Green State University political science professor, titled "The Trump Train: How the 45th President Won," examined the buildup, Donald Trump's victory and the failures of pollsters to predict the outcome of ...
All the excitement on Thursday is reserved for the announcement of the exit poll predictions - that were delayed by the election Commission for a day.
Bengaluru, March 9: The much- awaited exit polls for Uttar Pradesh and four other states will be out on Thursday after 5.30 pm. The exit polls had been postponed until March 9 following the death of Samajwadi Party candidate from Alapur seat in UP.
But pollsters have tested many of its key components, and we have good data on how Americans feel about replacing Obamacare in general.
The bitterly fought elections are being termed as a referendum on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's demonetisation gambit. The Bharatiya Janata Party, in fact, has a lot at stake in these elections; a good performance in these polls could help the party ...
To do that, we talked to a pollster. We spoke to Jim Gerstein, this episode. He's of GBA strategies, a company that conducts public opinion research and qualitative polling for Democratic candidates, advocacy groups, and others.
The Journal-NBC pollsters asked 1,000 adults, "When you think about the future of the country, would you say that you are mainly hopeful and optimistic or mainly worried and pessimistic?
From left to right: U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Florida) and Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R). Credit Ryan Benk / WJCT News. A new University of North Florida poll could spell trouble for one potential Republican candidate next year.
Although the topline results are fairly similar to other approval-rating averages such as the ones from Real Clear politics and Huffington Post Pollster - we currently have Trump's approval rating at 44 percent and his disapproval rating at 50 percent ...
This makes it harder to assess an individual survey's methodology or compare it when a competitor produces a radically different result.
Marin transportation officials will conduct a poll to gauge willingness among voters to extend and possibly increase a half-cent sales tax first approved more than a decade ago.
After a rocky few years pollster Angus Reid says he's "happy" with a deal that sees him selling off his remaining $44-million stake in Vancouver-based Vision Critical, the software company he co-founded in 2000.
Or perhaps Trump was listening to the words of Democratic pollster Pat Caddell. A new report from Accuracy In Media unearthed footage of Caddell calling the media - you guessed it - the "enemy of the American people" during a 2012 conference ...
"First marks for Trump" (Reading Eagle, Feb. 23) details a recent poll showing that President Donald Trump's approval rating is poor among Pennsylvanians.
Pollster John Zogby, taking the reins of our Weekly Presidential Report Card, says that he has found a good cop, bad cop "pattern" in the Trump administration.
A spokesman for finance Canada said to date, no contract has been signed with a pollster. "We are currently working with the contracting authority at Public Services and Procurement Canada to identify a contractor and no final decisions have been made ...
Blendon and I spoke Thursday morning about why he thinks this is the most important question Republican pollsters are watching - and why he expects Medicaid expansion to become the most challenging issue for Republicans to address.
When the pollsters looked back at their data and adjusted it to have the proper shares of urban and rural Americans, the data showed Clinton narrowly winning the popular vote, as she, in fact, did.
BENGALURU: With just over a year to go, before the 2018 assembly elections, the Janata Dal (Secular) is seeking out internal polls in all the 224 constituencies in the state for selecting the ideal candidates in each of the constituency to represent ...
Next, methodology. Live phone polls show Trump worse off than robopolls and online polls. There are arguments that Trump voters resist admitting they support Trump.
In a special edition of the TribCast, Ross talks to University of Texas/Texas Tribune pollsters Jim Henson and Daron Shaw about Donald Trump, marijuana, bathrooms and other poll results.
Berlin (dpa) - A prominent German pollster said Wednesday that the "chaotic" leadership of US president Donald Trump has caused an electoral decline for Germany's right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party.





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