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updated Wed. March 29, 2017

The Maroon 5 frontman was asked by Howard Stern about Keys' au natural look and Levine couldn't help himself in revealing to the American shock jock that sometimes her no makeup look does actually involve some makeup. "She was putting on a little bit ...
Bogosian cited shock jocks like Rush Limbaugh, whose predecessors were the inspiration for his "Talk Radio" character Barry Champlain, and blamed them for exploiting gullible audiences.
Last week's deadly terrorist attack on Westminster Bridge was "aided and abetted" by the bridge's paint-only cycleway, claims a shock-jock. LBC's Nick Ferrari is notoriously anti-cyclist but this morning's lengthy rant about London's cycleways is a new ...
The second time came when right-wing shock jock Ray Hadley had a dig at Morrison at the end of their usual weekly interview, saying he hoped he'd be talking to Morrison next month as treasurer - in reference to rumours that Morrison might go if the ...
But in a world with the attention span of a moose - a big but amnesiac creature - it's hard for more orthodox office-seekers to compete with political shock jocks like Le Pen or Trump. "It's now the world of (Vladimir) Putin, the world of Donald ...
Nigel Farage has busied himself by becoming Fox News' go-to shock-jock and resident Briton in the aftermath of Wednesday's terror attack in Westminster.
The shock jock was due to start on March 6 but extended his sick leave until March 27. Jones' lengthy absence has hurt ratings for the station.
companies have complained that their ads are being shown next to the likes of American white nationalist David Duke, a pastor who praised the killing of 49 people in an Orlando gay nightclub, a homophobic "shock jock" Michael Savage, as well as ...
When it comes to Kyle Sandilands, no topic is ever off-limits, even his plans to have a baby with his girlfriend of six years, Imogen Anthony.
He heard about it on some right-wing shock jocks' radio show, which was totally NOT fake news because Donald Trump believed it.
But while the shock jock, 45, is feeling clucky, the model and social media influencer, 26, has other ideas. "He's got to let me ripen a little bit more.
The disgusting debate saw the prisoner call in to shock jock host Allan Beswick's evening phone in show which airs on BBC Radio Manchester and BBC Radio Lancashire, immediately announcing that he was calling from a jail.
David Duke, the American white nationalist, Michael Savage, a homophobic "shock-jock", and Steven Anderson, a pastor who praised the killing of 49 people in a gay nightclub, all have videos variously carrying advertising from the Home Office, the Royal ...
Well, the good folk on Gogglebox Australia think otherwise, crowning his jungle buddy and Melbourne shock jock, Steve Price, as the show's breakout "sex symbol.
Well, the good folk on Gogglebox Australia think otherwise, crowning his jungle buddy and Melbourne shock jock, Steve Price, as the show's breakout "sex symbol.
Well, the good folk on Gogglebox Australia think otherwise, crowning his jungle buddy and Melbourne shock jock, Steve Price, as the show's breakout "sex symbol.
Well, the good folk on Gogglebox Australia think otherwise, crowning his jungle buddy and Melbourne shock jock, Steve Price, as the show's breakout "sex symbol.
The new UC Berkeley Chancellor nominee is Carol Christ, the former Smith College President and current interim executive vice chancellor and provost at Berkeley.
The conservative talk radio host caught heat recently when the progressive media watchdog Media Matters and the Chicago Tribune reported on his routine mockery of Chicago's murder victims.
His shock-jock diplomacy has included discursive tweets, unfiltered statements in press interviews, freewheeling phone calls with world leaders, critical national security decisions made over dinners, and meetings with foreign leaders without the ...
Radio shock jock Alan Jones' lengthy absence from the airwaves has hurt 2GB's Sydney breakfast ratings, and there is still no return date for the top-rating presenter.
Tampa (FOX 13) - A request for a restraining order against Bubba the Love Sponge Clem has been dismissed. The Tampa "shock jock" was accused of abusing his former girlfriend, Niki L'Ange. L'Ange tells FOX 13 the issue has been settled out of court.
hub, Gareth Cliff has always claimed the headlines with his brand of strong opinion and whiplash wit. He has been suspended from the airwaves or crucified by his critics more times than he can remember - whether for interviewing himself as Jesus or ...
The shock jock antics of The Fairfax Media-controlled Macquarie Radio and its stations 2GB and 3AW in Melbourne, and the attempt to turn 2UE into an advertising-heavy operation, have forced ACMA, the media regulator, to significantly tighten the radio ...
acoustic/pop singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran is flying high off of the release of his latest album, Divide. He stopped by The Howard Stern Show on Tuesday (Mar. 7) to speak with the shock jock and also perform a few acoustic medleys. READ: Ed Sheeran Puts ...
During an interview with Kyle Sandilands and Jackie 'O' Henderson's morning radio talk show, they asked Nicole about her intimate scenes with her on-screen husband, Alexander Skarsgard.
If that new D.P. doesn't bring home the coveted MLS Cup, Supporters Shield, and CONCACAF Champions League treble in his debut season, then expect lots of angry phone calls to early morning shock jock sports radio programs. But it's not all anger and ...
The presidency, the highest office in the land, and Congress, once known as the world's finest deliberative body, have been reduced to a semblance of Neverland.
The lawsuit stems from a 2012 post where Gawker editor AJ Daulerio published a two-minute snippet of a 30-minute video showing Hogan having sex with Heather Clem, at the time the wife of Todd Clem, aka shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge. A full recap ...
The rocker appeared on Howard Stern's SiriusXM show and told the shock jock, "she hates me to death," but the exes were photographed together in NYC on the same day the interview aired.
One of the most appalling torture techniques I can think of includes being forced to listen to conservative shock jock Mark Levin 24 hours a day.
shock jock Kyle Sandilands is once again in the spotlight for his comments - this time for deeming the psychic on his show "not rapeable".
Richard Wilkins has been romantically linked with Eva Mendes in what must be one of the most unlikely celebrity couples since Mariah Carey and James Packer.
shock jock Sandilands asked. "I didn't even actually realise it was public knowledge, so there you go," Christian replied.
It appears the "source" of the rumor that has sent Trump into a tailspin of paranoid delusion is none other than the far right hate site Breitbart.
The shock jock maintained that the Terror Squad veteran misfired with her second go at her rap nemesis, but isn't willing to let Nicki Minaj off the hook as easily as other critics.
The legendary shock-jock would do his best to provoke his interviewee with some misogynistic line of questioning and Trump would happily take the bait.
NORTH Kansas CITY, Mo. - A City of North Kansas City, Missouri man was in for a shock this week when he found a charge on his water bill totaling more than $500,000.
Radio shock-jocks have their calls screened, protecting them from being subjected to offence and insult. Live radio operates on delay, allowing broadcasters to immediately cut off callers who may insult or abuse them, or cause offence to other listeners.
Tampa (FOX 13) - The ex-girlfriend of Tampa shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge is seeking an order of protection from him. Nicole L'Ange says their relationship was tumultuous and Bubba, also known as Bubba Clem, was controlling and threatening.
It's sad that Dallas "Crook" and his cronies got in bed with Bob Romanik - the racist, profanity spewing shock jock. Does anyone believe a word uttered by this convicted felon? Romanik brags about lying under oath hundreds of times to a federal grand ...





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