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updated Tue. April 3, 2018

We begin by spending several frames of this crazy, wild 71-minute film watching Janet's hubby Bill (a gnarly, bearded and wild-eyed Timothy Spall) sitting in a rickety chair in the living room, drinking his third large glass of wine, while listening to one of his LP jazz records. This celebration party is for ...
Directed by Sally Potter, the new film The Party may just feature the greatest British ensemble of all time, headed by Kristin Scott Thomas, Patricia Clarkson and Timothy Spall. The film conveys sharp and timely commentary about politics, feminism, long-term relationships, same-sex families and ...

Starring Kristin Scott Thomas, Patricia Clarkson, Cillian Murphy, Emily Mortimer. Directed by Sally Potter. Running time: 71 minutes. Venues: Boscov Film Theatre in the GoggleWorks Center for the Arts. A discussion will follow the 7 p.m. showing on Monday. Sally Potter's new film "The Party " is 71 ...
The Party is a dark cerebral comedy from British writer-director Sally Potter, the woman behind such brilliantly challenging productions as Orlando and Yes. Shot in black and white, The Party's cinematography turns every facial crease into a chasm and every shadow into an abyss. The film stock is gritty ...
In Sally Potter's delicious new black comedy "The Party," the acclaimed English filmmaker deliberately flouts such convention, gathering a cast of smart, ... As the film opens, congratulations, it seems, are in order: Janet (Kristin Scott Thomas), a member of an unnamed opposition party under the U.K.'s ... politics
The Party is the first full-on comedy from writer/director Sally Potter, the wild talent who gave us Orlando, The Tango Lesson, Yes and Ginger & Rosa, but you'd never know it. Running barely over an hour and unfolding in real time, The Party is like throwing back a shot of espresso after a bottle of red wine: ... politics

As we applaud the wave of women making (still far from equitable) inroads into film directing, let's pause to appreciate a veteran in the field. Primarily a choreographer, songwriter and performance artist in the early part of her career, Sally Potter began making experimental films in the 1960s. Her cinematic ... politics
Interview: Sally Potter on Casting Her New Film 'The Party' ... As the guests arrive, director Sally Potter brings together a dream guest list, but the evening swiftly goes to hell since everyone in attendance stands for something that ... I also work with two great casting directors and I brainstorm with them. politics
Writer/director Sally Potter seems to think that if her characters act erratically, they'll draw us into their mystery. She might also think ... This is also the type of movie where its characters blurt out huge life announcements to their significant others while in front of friends and acquaintances. And I mean ...
If there's one thing British filmmaker Sally Potter knows, it's how to throw a dinner party that the guests – and the audience – aren't likely to forget in a hurry. In Potter's latest film The Party, a cast of acting stalwarts – Kristin Scott Thomas, Timothy Spall, Patricia Clarkson, Cillian Murphy, Emily Mortimer, Cherry ...
Several foreign productions lead the pack of this weekend's Specialty newcomers just as future foreign contenders take the spotlight at the Berlin International Film Festival. Berlinale '17 prize winner The Party by Sally Potter takes its bow in the U.S. via Roadside Attractions. The black and white feature, ...
“Laughter is the best medicine in these not very laughable times!” said director Sally Potter as she introduced her film The Party at last night's New York premiere. Moviegoers including Alan Cumming and Blondie's Debbie Harry were transfixed in the Metrograph theater's ruby-red seats. A dark comedy ...
Sally Potter has a new movie out, and it is not like any other Sally Potter film — except when it is. ... I talked to the director recently about making her new film during the Brexit vote, her collaborative approach to performance — she's actually written an entire book about working with actors — and that time ...
While its timing may have been purely providential, The Party is the perfect film for the modern political landscape. ... Sally Potter has been producing little treasures for nearly three decades -- the kind of films that might quietly change your life through some chance encounter late at night on SBS, or at ... Progressives
When Sally Potter's 1983 sophomore feature, Gold Diggers, finally came to the States in 1988, Janet Maslin, writing for the New York Times, called the experimental, Julie Christie-starring film “torture.” Maslin was especially turned off by the fifteen-minute play-within-a-film sequence featuring a tap-dancing ... Progressives
Award-winning director Mahalia Cohen developed The Last Hot Lick while trying to fund another film she had written. “In 2015, for awhile I'd been trying to get a movie made, get funding,” the Portland-born, New York-based filmmaker said about Thinner Than Water. (You can watch the charming visual ... Progressives
The Beyond the Canon monthly series will pair one well-known, highly regarded 'canonized' film, with a thematically or stylistically related work that is equally ... The series also includes Sally Potter's The Gold Diggers (1983), Herbert Biberman's Salt of the Earth (1954) screening with A Crime to Fit the ... Progressives

In a pre-Sundance Film Festival move, UK-based media fund manager Great Point Media is launching a US theatrical distribution arm with plans to release ... The first release will come in March with “Submission,” writer-director Richard Levine's adaptation of Francine Prose's novel “Blue Angel,” starring ... Progressives
It required Sally Potter's dinner party farce, The Party, and Joe Wright's new Churchill biopic, The Darkest Hour, to lure Scott Thomas away from the boards. “I did not miss film-making,” she says, flatly. “But then Sally Potter sent me a script which I loved and Joe Wright asked me to do his. So those were two ... Progressives
It's fair to say that Sally Potter, now 68, did not go into film-making to see her name up in lights, let alone across people's chests. One of Britain's most staunchly independent writer-directors, she has mostly resisted the lure of mainstream attention and awards in order to work on her own restlessly inventive ... Progressives
The 405 caught up with Anne Marie O'Connor, director and writer of the heart-felt short film starring three generations of trans actors (Kate O'Donnell, Joe ... I loved Sally Potter's Orlando for its scope, beauty and androgyny, Andrea Arnold's Fish Tank for its raw darkness and inspection of character, and ... Progressives
This British movie invasion is just the worst ... Derek Jarman, Sally Potter and many others used to surprise and stimulate us with. ... The film tries to say something about the hunger for innocent fantasy to ameliorate postwar trauma, but director Simon Curtis is more interested in his art-directed cottage and ... Progressives
UK sales outfit Great Point Media has set film and television ... Page, and Alicia Vikander drama Euphoria, as well as Sally Potter title The Party. Progressives
Roadside Attractions' latest film, The Party, offers a black and white look to its new movie. Interestingly enough, another contemporary black ... Progressives
Review: 'The Party' (Stockholm International Film Festival) ... British writer-director Sally Potter's often makes artistic choices that could be seen as ... Her fall into the pit of disillusionment is the movie's strongest thread. Progressives
... are the writer-directors of this year's other two best British independent film ... Both films also earned nominations for best director and best screenplay. ... earned her first BIFA mention for her role in Sally Potter's The Party. Progressives
The film's director Thomas Napper is also recognized in the best debut director ... at BIFA for the first time for her role in Sally Potter's The Party. Progressives
The original Thor movie began in May 2011 with £5.45m including £2.34m ... The director's previous film A Bigger Splash began in February ... Also in the mix are Sally Potter's The Party and the hand-painted Loving Vincent. Progressives
The British director discusses how working as a female director has changed over the decades. Sally Potter's latest film The Party is a ... Progressives
The British director discusses how working as a female director has ... Sally Potter's latest film The Party is a black-and-white biting satire filmed in just two ... a political film now, how she paved the way for female directors, her ... Progressives
Both written and directed by Sally Potter, who over the years has won ... ranging from riotous to shocking, this film is definitely worth a watch. Progressives
The Party, the eighth feature film from talented director Sally Potter, had its ... Jones spoke with fervour about the intensity of filming the movie in ... Progressives
The titular “party” of writer-director Sally Potter's riotous tragicomedy is both a .... Potter's first film since 2012's Ginger & Rosa, The Party is an ... Progressives
It's fair to say that Sally Potter, now 68, did not go into film-making to see her name up in lights, ... One of Britain's most staunchly independent writer-directors, she has mostly resisted the ... A Russian director of photography. Progressives
Denver Film Festival (DFF) returns for its 40th year this November. .... In this thoughtful and moving road movie, director Richard Linklater's ... better for the audience to bask in writer-director Sally Potter's zinger-rich dialogue. .... THE STRANGE ONES – USA / Directors: Christopher Radcliff, Lauren Wolkstein Progressives
Following its prize-winning world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival 2017, Picturehouse Entertainment will release Sally Potter's superb The ... Progressives
Directors kept asking her to perform the same old tricks. ... Written and directed by Sally Potter, it's a spiky piece of filmed theatre, ... Scott Thomas says that the film was shot at speed: 12 days, flat out, which .... I can give the director what they want. ... She enjoys the fleeting camaraderie of the movie set; the ... Progressives
... affair with the movie business, and “Darkest Hour,” the film that's brought her ... To capture Clementine on film, Scott Thomas talked to one of her ... Director Joe Wright has been careful to provide Scott Thomas with a ... Her experience on “Darkest Hour” along with her work on Sally Potter's “The Party” has ... Progressives
Roadside Attractions has debuted the trailer for The Party, the new dark comedy from director Sally Potter (Ginger & Rosa, Orlando). Check out ... Progressives
Roadside Pictures ha diffuso il trailer della nuova commedia The Party, scritta e diretta da Sally Potter e presentata recentemente alla Festa del ... Progressives
... writer/director Sally Potter's new dark comedy The Party — and PEOPLE has the exclusive first look at the trailer. The film, which competed at ... Progressives
It's that time of year again when the Jio MAMI Film Festival rolls back into town, ... to attend the entirety of festival to still partake in the rapturous movie-watching. ..... A British comedy from director Sally Potter, which stars Emily ... Progressives
The 1982 film Blade Runner was set in 2019. ... Gimmicky cameos are well-intended, but can often ruin returns to long-lost movie universes. ... The same isn't true of Sally Potter, the director of The Party (72; Oct 12), the best ... Progressives
Andy Serkis' directorial debut Breathe to open BFI London Film Festival ... audience today as his movie Breathe opens the BFI London Film Festival. ... features from directors such as Clio Barnard, Dominic Cooke and Sally Potter. ... Boyhood director Richard Linklater will premiere his new film Last Flag ... Progressives
He said of the part: 'If I never did another film after this, I'd be happy. ... Rule” – “No movie featuring either Harry Dean Stanton or M Emmet Walsh in a ... Directors who cast him include David Lynch, Sam Peckinpah, Ridley Scott, .... Anger Management to the Sally Potter-directed drama The Man Who Cried, ... Progressives
... winner of the Panorama Audience Award at the 2017 Berlin Film Festival. ... and infectious Hungarian buddy-movie about a wheelchair-using gang of ... of the life and death of Vincent van Gogh, Sally Potter's delightful chamber comedy ... enigmatic tale from the director of The Lobster Yorgos Lanthimos. Progressives
Hinkle credits the Brattle's executive director, Ivy Moylan, for coming up with ... 14) with Sally Potter's “Orlando,” the 1992 gender-bending arthouse smash ... as “instigation and inspiration”), the film — despite the horror movie ... Progressives
... with the movie business, and “Darkest Hour,” the film that's brought her back ... To capture Clementine on film, Scott Thomas talked to one of her ... Director Joe Wright has been careful to provide Scott Thomas with a ... Her experience on “Darkest Hour” along with her work on Sally Potter's “The Party” has ... Progressives
The organisers of the upcoming London Film Festival have been ... feature films which will be shown during the 12-day event, have women directors. ... You Were Never Really Here, and writer/director Sally Potter's The Party. Progressives
But first, there's news from the London Film Festival. ... Faris alongside political satire “The Party” by British writer and director Sally Potter. Progressives


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