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Dreyfuss got his start with Ralph Nader's Public Citizen, making the break to become a free-lancer in 1992. Now that he's on the mastheads of Mother Jones, The Nation, and American Prospect, and a regular contributor to half-a-dozen magazines, he has more work than he can easily handle.

"He's a virtuoso," says co-editor Robert Kuttner of American Prospect. "He's got the classic great reporter's ability to persuade sources to confide in him, and he's got the gift of a great storyteller."

Dreyfuss's reporting takes him through the halls of Congress and the Beltway bureaucracies, studying the influence of Big Tobacco, the insurance industry, and the National Rifle Association, to name a few. It's taken him to Vietnam and to the shadowy world of the cia, interviewing spies and "slam-bam communist fighters."



Robert Dreyfuss

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updated Sat. April 13, 2024

In December of 2002, Robert Dreyfuss reported that the inner circle of the Bush White House preferred the intelligence coming from Chalabi and his associates to that being proffered by analysts at the CIA. What exactly, is perception management? The Pentagon defines it this way: “actions to convey and/or ...

Permanent medical recruitment specialist Remedium Partners welcomes senior business leaders Tony Bourne and Robert Dreyfuss as non-executive directors. • Simon Sharkey joins engineering firm RS Components as vice president, talent acquisition. • US management consulting firm Talent Plus ...
Robert Dreyfuss on Russiagate Plus: Our Russiagate reporter Bob Dreyfuss explains the indictments of 13 Russians for crimes that involved supporting Trump for president—and talks about the next steps special counsel Robert Mueller might take—following the trail left by the Russian hacker group Cozy ...
It's too early to say how, exactly, Robert Mueller's special-counsel investigation of Russiagate will end. Sometimes, amid the flow of revelations—that Mueller has impaneled at least two grand juries, that he's issuing a stream of subpoenas, that's he's executed search warrants and a pre-dawn raid, that his ...
... States government "needs a good shutdown" – are precisely matched by his romance with those abroad who, apparently to Trump's jealous chagrin, don't have to deal with pesky oppositionists. Robert Dreyfuss is an independent investigative reporter and co-editor of the online journal, ThePopulist.Buzz.
Trump spoke to the press Thursday after the U.S. dropped the "mother of all bombs" in Afghanistan. By Bob Dreyfuss. April 14, 2017. More News. What to Make of Trump's About-Face on Syria Democrats' Support for Trump's Syria Strike Is Self-Defeating Taibbi on Trump the Destroyer All Stories. What to make of the sudden ...
The 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles that rained down on a remote Syrian air force base Thursday night could be a one-off strike designed as a chest-thumping show of force by President Trump in response to the horrific Syrian chemical attack in that country's northwest earlier this week. Or it could be the first ...
Cold War, Holy Warrior. Ike was president. Washington was desperate for Arab allies. Enter an Islamist ideologue with an invitation to the White House and a plan for global jihad. Robert DreyfussJanuary/February 2006 Issue · Share on Facebook · Share on Twitter · Email; Print. Illustration: John Ritter ...


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