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updated Thu. June 27, 2024

Asked about the three-way cooperation and how it is going to work, given that Russia, Iran and Turkey have their own plans and are supporting different sides in the conflict, Abdel Bari Atwan, an author and Middle East analyst, said “there is a common ground which makes three leaders work together, ...
Abdel Bari Atwan, the retired editor-in-chief (1989-2013) of the pan-Arab newspaper Al Quds Al Arabi and author of widely respected books on the Middle East, headlined on February 18th, “A superpower confrontation could be triggered by accident in Syria” and he opened: Qatar's plans to build a gas ...

TEHRAN – Almost all headlines in the Israeli media outlets suggest that the war between Iran and the Israeli regime is imminent, the editor-in-chief of the London-based electronic Arabic daily Rai-al-Youm has said. In the article published on Tuesday, Abdel Bari Atwan said the downing of an Israeli F-16 ...
Despite the condemnation of human rights groups and calls to investigate the coalition's alleged war crimes, the conflict remains largely underreported, says author Abdel Bari Atwan. That is “simply because Yemen is not an oil country,” he said in an interview with RT. “The West is paying attention when ...
While Russia strives to move Syria on from a stage of war and bloody anarchy to one of peace, stability and reconstruction — by inviting all parties to next month's Sochi conference to agree a roadmap including a new constitution and presidential and parliamentary elections – the US and Israel are drawing ...
New Year's Special with Abdel Bari Atwan & Lembit Opik (E562). Published time: 1 Jan, 2018 11:38 ... In this episode, we review 2017 and look forward to 2018 with the editor-in-chief of Rai al-Youm Abdel Bari Atwan & former Member of Parliament Lembit Opik. LIKE. Going Underground

“Channel 10 has not published the details of US-Israel secret agreement on countering Iran and Hezbollah, but clearly one of their main scenarios is to create instability inside Iran, fan the flames of protests and provoke separatist movements,” Abdel Bari Atwan wrote in an article published by Raialyoum ...
Our region stands on the brink of war. We should not let small details — such as the resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri's resignation or the detention of princes and former ministers in Saudi Arabia — divert us from the big picture and the real developments taking place behind the scenes ...
The distinguished London-based Arab writer, Abdel Bari Atwan, believes that the ground for the coming conflict has already been prepared through four recent developments: revelation of an Iran-bin Laden nexus, as culled from bin Laden's documents in US custody; the designation of Hezbollah as a ...
Abdel Bari Atwan: No, I don't believe there is a way back at all. This is a huge setback for ISIS. I believe that to lose Deir ez-Zor it will be a springboard to lose Raqqa very soon and I believe most of the eastern provinces of Syria will be under the Syrian army. It is a huge morale boost to President Assad of ...

Abdel Bari Atwan, the editor-in-chief of the London-based online newspaper Rai al-Youm, wrote in an article published on Wednesday that the return of Iranian pilgrims to hajj this year was “the first positive sign” that raised hopes of tensions easing between the two countries. Iranians started flying to Saudi ...
Abdel Bari Atwan :“I do not think that Turkey will risk any conflict with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and the US over Qatar. Russia is increasingly cosying up to Saudi Arabia, and I also don't believe Iran would enter into a war to support Qatar. You know Iran didn't enter into the Syrian war ...
Leading Arab journalist and political analyst Abdel Bari Atwan says a decision by a number of Arab states to cut diplomatic ties with Qatar may herald new ... Abdel Bari Atwan, the nationalist editor-in-chief of Ray al-Youm newspaper said in a post in his Twitter account that the move by Saudi Arabia and ...
author of the new book, The Islamic State: The Digital Caliphate. He is a longtime journalist who served as editor-in-chief of the London-based daily Al-Quds al-Arabi for 25 years. He now edits the Rai al-Youm website. He recently wrote an article for Salon titled “America Enabled Radical Islam: How the ...
... May 2011, but as Abdel Bari Atwan explains in Islamic State: The Digital Caliphate, Ayman al-Zawahiri, bin Laden's official successor as leader of “al-Qa'ida central,” looks increasingly irrelevant. Bin Laden's true successor is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the shadowy caliph of ISIS, the so-called Islamic State.
His editorials are influential and widely-read and his appearances on many news stations in both Arabic and English have gained him a large following over the years. Since 1996, when he interviewed Osama bin Laden in the caves of Tora Bora in Afghanistan, he has also been internationally recognized ...
In this episode, we speak to Abdel Bari Atwan, editor-in-chief of Rai al-Youm, about whether UK minority government leader Theresa May will really take Britain to war. US veteran and Virginia State Senator Dick Black tells us why a US Attack on Syria is the wrong thing to do. Plus, we investigate Lethal ...
Abdel Bari Atwan, author. RT: This ceasefire did not hold. What is your prediction that maybe a ceasefire would hold at some level? JJ: I don't think it will. As I say the terrorist groups that are in Ghouta are exempt from the ceasefire. There was no date for the beginning of the ceasefire in the resolution. I think ...


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