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Sohini C, a freelance journalist in a report in local media writes about India's history of hiding diseases. "Suppressing figures on dengue, and ...
Currently, the railways follow a manual maintenance system and adopt find-and-fix methods rather than predict-and-prevent approach.

David M. Perry is a freelance journalist covering disability rights, history and education. He writes regularly at his blog: How Did We Get Into ...
Rosa Clemente, a community organizer and freelance journalist, has been on the ground in Puerto Rico with a team of media makers to ...
A photojournalist facing a criminal trial on several felony charges sounds like something that would happen in another country. So this article is ...
NPR's Scott Simon talks with freelance journalist Jeffrey Barbee for the ... freelance journalist Jeffrey Barbee is in Harare and joins us now.

(As a self-employed freelance journalist, our family relies on my husband's WGA coverage.) California Senate Bill 946, California's Autism ...
Available on Netflix now, the 8-episode docuseries follows freelance journalists, also called stringers, who chase news stories all over Los ...
Kamala Thiagarajan is a freelance journalist based in Madurai, South India. Her work has appeared in The International New York Times, BBC ...
Reporter Yashar Ali in August found himself in a difficult situation for any journalist, let alone a freelancer. He was hit by a lawsuit from Fox ...
A photograph has emerged of British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson with the "London professor" whose alleged high-level Kremlin contacts ...
... a mixture of major news reporters and individual freelance journalists. Steve Gust has been a freelance journalist for eight years working for ...
Aung Naing Soe, left, Burmese freelance journalist and interpreter, Hla Tin, Burmese driver, and Lau Hon Meng, Singaporean journalist stand ...
Myanmar freelance journalist and interpreter Aung Naing Soe, center, is hugged by his mother as he arrives with driver Hla Tin, right, at a court ...
Groups with Unite the Right clash with police in Charlottesville on Saturday Aug. 12, 2017. Unite the Right was protesting the name change of ...
Kessler, who describes himself on twitter as a "freelance journalist" contributing to far-right publications, announced his verification by the ...
Beirut, November 9, 2017--The Committee to Protect Journalists today called on Iraqi authorities to release freelance journalist and political ...

Davis Richardson is a freelance journalist and media strategist whose reporting has been featured in Vice, Business Insider, Fox News, the ...
New Delhi: Mahesh Goyal, the drug dealer who was arrested for trying to supply party drugs that he had ordered through the Dark Web, is a ...
Groups with Unite the Right clash with police in Charlottesville on Saturday Aug. 12, 2017. Unite the Right was protesting the name change of ...
His first choice of speaker for the February event was Roxana Saberi, a freelance journalist and former Miss North Dakota pageant winner who ...
... detained along with their local interpreter and freelance journalist Aung Naing Soe after flying drones over the parliament building on Friday, ...
freelance journalist Abdul Hassan who said he was harassed by IEBC officials and police while covering the repeat presidential election in ...
Shannon Mullane, center makes her story pitch in Michael Kodas' Journalism Newsgathering and Multimedia Storytelling class at the Armory ...
A lot has changed in the century since Philadelphia architect Charles Barton Keen drafted plans for the hilltop estate near Centreville, but the ...
"After 22 years, the mission of the Rory Peck Trust remains the same: to support freelance journalists through these challenges, and help them ...
Browne is a freelance journalist covering a variety of topics, including music, sports and politics. Browne previously wrote for Grantlandand was ...
A man who introduced himself as a freelance journalist was arrested Saturday night for carrying an unlicensed handgun inside the Sofitel ...
A freelance journalist has been suspended from the Labour Party after allegations of sexual harassment were made against him. Sources told ...
Others are independent and freelance journalists, which got the Shop Talk crew wondering how to determine who qualifies to be called a ...
A prominent backbench Labour MP has called on a freelance journalist accused of sexual harassment to be sent to prison. Jess Phillips, the ...
A freelance journalist has issued an apology after an anonymous facebook note was published detailing allegations of sexual harassment ...
David Ritchie, a freelance journalist, whose video we sometimes use, says he's breathing a sigh of relief after charges against him were ...
So when Hurricane Irma hit a month ago, we spoke with freelance journalist Anika Kentish, who's based in Antigua. So we thought we'd check ...
Members and advocates of free press received the shock of their lifetime when they learnt about the mysterious death of freelance journalist ...
Freelance writers were the targets of a phishing scam when they received emails purportedly from editors at The Atlantic offering non-existent ...
Abdullaev worked for years as a freelance journalist, contributing to the Uzbek service of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, locally known as ...
Madsen, 46, is held on preliminary manslaughter charges in the death of 30-year-old Swedish freelance journalist Wall. Wall went missing on ...
Media FHE Ltd is seeking a freelance journalist to provide research and editorial support on a regular basis for the company's growing ...
Cristina Maza is a freelance journalist who formerly lived and reported out of Cambodia, and has extensively covered the former Soviet Union in Georgia, ...
New Delhi: Mahesh Goyal, the drug dealer who was arrested for trying to supply party drugs that he had ordered through the Dark Web, is a ...
The Crown's office has withdrawn charges of obstructing police and resisting arrest from last May against freelance journalist David Ritchie.
This week marked World Mental Health day. Here journalist Jim Butler writes candidly about the toll taken when feast turns to famine for a ...
Meanwhile read Royal Jordanian's advice on 12 things to do without your electronic gadgets: 1) Read a book 2) Pretend food tray is a keyboard 3) Reclaim territory on armrest... Mahmood Saberi is a freelance journalist based in Dubai. You can follow him ...
Vinograd, a freelance journalist and producer who has reported on the growing conflict in South Sudan, listed things to prepare before going into the field: 1. Leave contact information for your editors and policy numbers for your insurance with ...
The five women from the Westboro Baptist Church who protested outside of Yeshiva University on Monday, March 27 did not hold any signs related to gays being "doomed," as they have done in previous demonstrations.
Among those attending the library event were two of Angela's friends and colleagues from her media days - Garstang freelance journalist Anthony Coppin and onetime Lancashire Post, Lancaster Guardian and Garstang Courier photographer Steve Pendrill, ...
The Air Force released a draft solicitation March 27 for a 10-year, multiple award set-aside contract that will replace the NetCents 2 Application Services Small Business contract.
Yogini, massage therapist and sound healer Devine Willerth is launching aerial Yoga classes, also known as AIReal Yoga, through Sukha Healing arts, a wellness business she's owned for two years.
Bhubaneswar: Odisha based freelance journalist and rights activist Akhand received the Laadli Media and Advertising Award for Gender Sensitivity 2015-16 at a function in New Delhi on 23 March.




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