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updated Mon. July 22, 2024

As author Norman Solomon recently observed, “The Washington Post was instrumental in avidly promoting the lies that made the Vietnam War possible ... The Post buried pre-war articles questioning the Bush team's shams on Iraq; their award-winning Pentagon correspondent Thomas Ricks complained, ...

Journalist and historian Thomas Ricks writes in his 2012 book The Generals that for all the talk of “warfighters” the U.S. military has “produced a ... The failure of this very concept in Iraq and Afghanistan seems to have taught the press and politicians nothing, but even aside from that we know for a fact that ...
Thomas Ricks, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and bestselling author, will join Task & Purpose as senior columnist, and Jeff Schogol comes aboard as senior Pentagon ... A seasoned military journalist, Schogol comes to Task & Purpose from Marine Corps Times, where he reported on the Marines United ...
The author, pictured near the Golden Gate Bridge. (D.J. Skelton). Here's a letter to the VA written by my friend, Army Maj. D.J. Skelton, who was grazed in the head by an RPG in Iraq. —Tom. Dear VA,. On Saturday you had me go to the emergency room at my local hospital to place a feeding tube in my ...
But mainly I think it was the invasion of Iraq, and what followed there. The Iraq War broke my heart. I never thought my country would invade a country so recklessly, with so little understanding of the culture of the place or the politics of the region. Why did not we see that taking over Iraq and insisting on ...
In recent years, a new post-Cold War generation has found resonance in his words. “I'm sure George Orwell didn't think: 'I must write an instructive tale for a boy from Iraq,' when he wrote 1984,” Iraqi writer Hassan Abdulrazzak remarked in 2014. “But that book explained Iraq under Saddam for me better ...
During the presidential transition, when a friend called me to discuss whether he should accept a national security post in the Trump administration, I advised him to do so. My thinking was that the more mature, thoughtful people we had in the administration, the better. But over the last two weeks, I have ...
In “Churchill and Orwell,” the Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Thomas Ricks (who is now the Book Review's military history columnist) clearly has a theme. Both subjects, he tells us in this page turner written with great brio, are “people we still think about, people who are important not just to understanding their ...


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