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updated Thu. November 23, 2017

In 2012, not long after the death of Christopher Hitchens, the guests included the remaining "horsemen" (Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, and Sam ...
The late political provocateur Christopher Hitchens wrote a whole book about this titled "No One Left To Lie To" that likely did not sell as many ...

The late political provocateur Christopher Hitchens wrote a whole book about this titled "No One Left To Lie To" that likely did not sell as many ...
The late Christopher Hitchens loved to cite Dwight's opposition to smallpox vaccination as another example of Christian opposition to science.
The late Christopher Hitchens once remarked of Eliot's mentor (and noted Fascist and misogynist) Ezra Pound that it "is still theoretically ...
As the Moore story developed, we were reminded on facebook of a quote from the late Christopher Hitchens, for whom the puncturing of smug ...

"Not all atheists are angry but what Dawkins and [Christopher] Hitchens and Harris did was to tap into a post-September 11 feeling that religion ...
Lamb, who hosted C-SPAN's "Booknotes" for 16 years, counts the late author Christopher Hitchens one of his favorite guests over the years.
For example, the late atheist Christopher Hitchens thanked the people who were praying for him after he was diagnosed with the cancer that ...
All the cool intellectuals are atheists (e.g., Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, and the late Christopher Hitchens). TV personalities like Bill Maher ...
In that vein, while Christopher Hitchens was unfair in describing Charles as a "slobbering dauphin," as king, any of Charles' gaffes would attract ...
On Oct. 24, Vuolo revealed he's reading a book about Christopher Hitchens, a famous atheist and journalist who died in 2011. Although the ...
... and American Revolutions, "I have a dream," Christopher Hitchens, the Declaration of Independence, and "The Times They Are A' Changing.
... or Christians to atheism, after listening to Dinesh D'Souza and Christopher Hitchens debate the topic "Is it good to believe in God?
... snake handlers" -- and said that the new atheism of Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens had a profound effect on their generation.
Even Christopher Hitchens disavowed her. She died in Florence, unrepentantly combative and eccentric, within hearing distance of the ringing ...
British atheist and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins'God Delusion and American journalist Christopher Hitchens' God Is Not Great ...

I thought back to "Mortality" by Christopher Hitchens, in which he writes that he was waterboarded in order to be able to write about it. I realized ...
This one was based on Christopher Hitchens' 2001 Harper's Magazine article, "The Case Against Henry Kissinger," which put forth the theory ...
While this might mean that the works of Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, among others, all committed atheists, will soon be made ...
His only rival as a public intellectual steeped in the literary realm was probably the late Vanity Fair stalwart Christopher Hitchens (who could ...
One of the great romantics of recent decades was Christopher Hitchens. In his review of Hitchens' last book before he succumbed to cancer, ...
Sigmund Freud, Martin Luther King Jr., Christopher Hitchens, Kierkegaard, Pope Francis and Hitler. Where would one look to find this group all ...
... published a Muslim-hating polemic, "The Rage and the Pride," whose hyperventilating scorn made it, in the words of Christopher Hitchens, ...
There's a readership for James Morrow novels among the disciples of Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins, but it's not where I live.
This is a real disappointment, considering that he's been compared to Christopher Hitchens and has cited Lenny Bruce as a major influence.
... historian William Dalrymple) or even the late Christopher Hitchens (though Hitch was not averse to the occasional bout of rhetorical flourish).
People like Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins. I left New Zealand thinking I could've been wrong my entire life about what I believe," ...
In 2005, for example, columnist Christopher Hitchens called Iraq "A war to be proud of," in 2010 it ran a cover story about the "medical ...
The late Christopher Hitchens once wrote that "If the Bahraini royal family can have an embassy, a state, and a seat at the UN, why should the ...
Christopher Hitchens, a fine journalist though one I disagreed with profoundly about many things, once wrote that if he had been guilty of child ...
As with his essay on Kingsley, he is better writing about others than himself, including his dearest friend, Christopher Hitchens. "He thinks like a ...
I first heard this little tidbit after reading a piece by writer and outspoken atheist and critic of religion, Christopher Hitchens, and it stuck with me ...
According to journalist Christopher Hitchens' article in Slate, he wrote that: "In 1991, in northern Iraq, where you could still see and smell the ...
Earlier this year, Milo was inexplicably lauded by Bill Maher as a "younger, alive Christopher Hitchens," but this past weekend Milo was ...
... 20 - The Buddha; 21 - 24 - Christopher Hitchens; 25 - Jesus; 26 - Lisa Houserman; 27 - 29 - Richard Feynman; 30 - Laura Ingalls Wilder; ...
"I found this article Christopher Hitchens wrote from the early 90s and I extrapolate what he's saying in a manner," says Hannah, "It's this ...
"I found this article Christopher Hitchens wrote from the early 90s and I extrapolate what he's saying in a manner," says Hannah, "It's this ...
Freshers' week is almost over - and it's now time to settle down at uni, join a few societies and (gasp) maybe go to a few lectures? But most ...
The late Christopher Hitchens, who remained a staunch backer of the invasion of Saddam's Iraq, was ever keen to scribble about the advances ...
The paradigmatic provocateur of the 1980s, according to Nunberg, was the essayist Christopher Hitchens. "He drove people crazy," Nunberg ...
Amis is referring to the sharpness of some of his friend Christopher Hitchens's work, but it might stand as a description of the internet. "Isn't it ...
Christopher Hitchens described Hillary as 'the other half of a buy-one-get-one-free sleazy lawyer couple' and there is hope that both will now ...
The first came when Christopher Hitchens offered a pre-emptive rejoinder to statue removal fanatics. Hitchens begins with an anecdote as to ...
English-born, naturalised American journalist and broadcaster Christopher Hitchens was as uncompromising in his political opinions as he was ...
Bill Maher talks to Milo Yiannopoulos on last Friday's Real Time with Bill Maher. He compared him to a 'young, gay, alive Christopher Hitchens'.
I don't stand among the ranks of journalists and editors who knew Christopher Hitchens personally and could boast of his company, which was ...
"There is no Eastern Solution," asserts Christopher Hitchens in his manifesto against religion, God Is Not Great. He says that adherents to ...
The ever-eloquent Christopher Hitchens, in his memoir Hitch-22, perfectly described the hypocrisy that seems to plague society's loudest moral ...
Attridge rebutted the morality argument with a quote from author Christopher Hitchens, "Human decency is not derived from religion.




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