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Adding an entry in the Last Interview series to one's library by no means should serve as the beginning and end of their subject's legacy, and that's one of the major problems with Christopher Hitchens: The Last Interview and Other Conversations. This is by no means the fault of its subject. Anybody familiar with the life and ...
Fixed Point Foundation has drawn international attention for organizing debates that featured famous atheists such as Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens debating Lennox and other Christian apologists. "I am, to put it bluntly, spent," Taunton wrote in the letter last year to supporters announcing his ...
He's perhaps most famous for his book, published after the death of Christopher Hitchens, that suggested the famous atheist was "contemplating conversion" near the end of his life, though he never actually made that leap. It was widely considered an insult and a lie by everyone who knew Hitchens ...
Significantly, the international community is beginning to ask tough questions: Can he be trusted? Is he capable of respecting the tenets of democracy? The whole debate reminds me of Christopher Hitchens' immortal words: "That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence ...

In the decade after, Amis followed his pal Christopher Hitchens onto the opinion circuit and there was a poorly received book on Stalinism (Koba the Dread: Laughter and the Twenty Million) and the inevitable book on militant Islam (The Second Plane). Both brought him the kinds of headlines he used to get ...
In his new book, The Meaning of Belief, philosopher Tim Crane argues that much of the anti-religious animus of atheists is largely motivated by the spectacle of religious violence in our day, typified by the events of 9/11/2001. Atheists such as Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, and Sam Harris ...
Even when he is considering writers he's assessed many times before (Saul Bellow, Philip Larkin, John Updike, Christopher Hitchens), his aim is so unerring that he resembles a figure out of Greek myth, firing arrows through ax-heads lined up in a row. He also visits a porn set in Los Angeles (disgusted, ...
He would not, he says, have published the piece had Updike still been alive, and he scolded his friend Christopher Hitchens for doing such a thing to the aging Bellow. The Updike essay, a delicately brief review of "My Father's Tears and Other Stories," is informed by Amis's own new "urgent interest" in ...
Screen grab of Christopher Hitchens debate A sociologist-researcher at Baylor University who studied how Internet usage affects our religious beliefs found that many "tinker" with faith. The study by Paul K. McClure, "Tinkering with technology and Religion in the Digital Age," was published in the Journal ...
Possibly you have never heard of Jordan B. Peterson, but don't worry, soon you will. He has written a book and he is coming to Australia in March to promote it, and if you're missing Christopher Hitchens, you're going to love him. Peterson is a professor of psychology, previously at Harvard, now at the ...
It has long been believed that Wolfe based this character on writer and professional atheist Christopher Hitchens. If so, (Hitchens, who loathed Wolfe, never thought so), there was no comparison. For Hitchens was amazingly productive--he wrote a column two weeks before his death from esophageal ...
It might be helpful to read "Trumpocracy" alongside not just Gibbon, but also with "No One Left to Lie To," the anti-Clinton pamphlet written by Frum's late friend, Christopher Hitchens. Like Hitchens, Frum is aghast watching his co-thinkers prostrate themselves before a psychopathic god. Like Hitchens, Frum ...
You could build a sterling magazine just around the contributors who have died over the last 25 years: David Halberstam, Christopher Hitchens, Dominick Dunne, Ingrid Sischy, Marjorie Williams, A. A. Gill, Snowdon, Frederic Morton, Tim Hetherington, Helmut Newton, Herb Ritts, and David Seidner. It would be impossible to ...
"Islamophobia" -- was dubbed by Christopher Hitchens as "A word created by fascists, and used by cowards, to manipulate morons." I couldn't agree more. Not only has the hijab hoax girl and her family failed to apologize, none of the political leaders jumping on the bandwagon have had the integrity to ...
A few years after Clark got her orientation on consent at Antioch, the now-disgraced news anchor Charlie Rose held a roundtable about the subject on his show with Naomi Wolf, Katie Roiphe, Rebecca Walker, Christopher Hitchens, and journalist Tad Friend. Walker connected the "rape crisis" to an ...

It is a much-repeated maxim of the late Christopher Hitchens that "it is impossible to have a nourishing conversation about last year's Oscar results", and of course the Oscars are not cinema's be-all and end-all. But an awareness of history adds pleasure to everything: even the Oscars, an institution that ...
More than 10 years have passed since writer and public intellectual Christopher Hitchens (1949-2011) wrote the book God Is Not Great and unfortunately for us it is still relevant today. How is it possible to deny what Hitchens discusses in his book on the disastrous effect of religions on our society?
Some readers, having grown accustomed to the style of photographers like Annie Leibovitz and the endless group shots of movie stars, have said Vanity Fair has grown too predictable. It hasn't won a National Magazine Award since 2012, when Christopher Hitchens, who had died the year before, won for ...
Christopher Hitchens said, "Never be a spectator of unfairness or stupidity. The grave will supply plenty of time for silence." Taken at face value, it could be easy to assume this to mean that not being a spectator means taking on the perpetrator of unfairness or stupidity. But when, oh when does that ever ...
No, according to the well-populated low-hanging fruit brigade, the remarks were racist. "The president of the United States is racist," was how CNN anchor Don Lemon chose to begin his Thursday broadcast. This silliness brings to mind one of the late Christopher Hitchens' great lines: "There is a tendency ...
The Nation called President Reagan "demented" long before any signs of Alzheimer's set in. Author Christopher Hitchens called him an "idiot." Even "60 Minutes" personality Andy Rooney reported that guests at a cocktail party wrung their hands about Reagan's mental fitness suggesting, "I think he's out of ...
Christopher Hitchens was born, raised, and educated in England, but as an author and polemicist he acquired his most persuasive power and propulsion in the United States. He wrote his most controversial and skillful essays for American publications, authored biographies of Thomas Jefferson and ...
For that matter, I still encounter people who bring up a piece he wrote five years ago, The Damnation Of St. Christopher, about Christopher Hitchens' transformation from socialist showman to moral sage. It outraged Hitchens' devotees (obviously). One website decried "Michael Wolff's shameful hatchet job ...
Fallaci "makes today's big-name interviewers look like powder puffs," wrote Christopher Hitchens in Vanity Fair after she passed away in 2006. Fallachi had interviewed many of the world's powerful--including Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Henry Kissinger, Yasir Arafat and Indira Gandhi. Stay up to date on all the ...
Sam Harris, a popular author and one of the "Four Horsemen of Atheism," made this argument in a debate with Christian philosopher William Lane Craig. The so-called Four Horsemen, which also includes Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, and Daniel Dennett, are not the first to make this argument, ...
It appeared in a list of 100 books that Bowie felt were "must reads," including works by Tom Stoppard, Christopher Hitchens, Martin Amis, Anthony Burgess and cult British adult comic Viz. A documentary charting the final years of Bowie's life was broadcast in the U.K. this year and will be aired in the U.S. on ...
They appealed to Jefferson to prohibit slavery in Louisiana, use German immigrants and freed slaves, proposing that the president offer land grants as an enticement, the late Christopher Hitchens wrote in The Guardian in 2006. Jefferson declined the proposal, largely because of the Haitian Revolution, ...
women can't do much about the latter but, over the years, men have tried to do plenty about the former. A favourite tactic has been to diminish funny women, because that's apparently easier than men changing their own laughworthy behaviour. Christopher Hitchens' 2007 essay, Why Women Aren't Funny, ...
I concur with Christopher Hitchens, who said the four most overrated things in life included champagne, lobster and picnics (the fourth was anal sex, but let's tap dance past that one). However, although I'm not mad about fizz, I'd say watching other people drink it when you are not is even more overrated.
Ten years ago, Christopher Hitchens wrote an infamous Vanity Fair article titled "Why women Aren't Funny" that conflates humor with sexual appeal. His underlying assumption -- that men are funnier than women -- is offered as an empirical claim, from which it follows that men have developed this ...
Christopher Hitchens: THE LAST INTERVIEW (Melville House, $15.99.) The always provocative Christopher Hitchens died six years ago, but his presence can still be felt. As part of its "Last Interview" series, Melville House pulls together some of Hitchens's greatest dialogues, each sparkling with ...
Though I miss the late Christopher Hitchens very dearly, I've made a point not to speculate too seriously about how he might have remarked upon the current affair of things. Even if that sort of thing didn't feel cheap to me, though I can assure you it most certainly does, I don't think I could guess at the aim of ...
So, critics can simply dismiss any unsubstantiated claim without having to put in the effort required to disprove its supposed validity. It is named after the famous British writer and journalist Christopher Hitchens, who elaborated on the argument in God is not Great: How religion Poisons Everything.
Six years after his death, the loss of Christopher Hitchens is still felt by many atheists. In a time when Donald Trump will say damn near anything to appease the religious Right (and, for once, live up to his promises), when faith-based terrorism still creates havoc on an international scale, and when critical ...
The late, great Christopher Hitchens recalled his own bizarre meeting with Princess Margaret, writing, "I myself cannoned into her, flesh-tinted and well into the gin (her, I mean), as I entered a cocktail party. She was unescorted, and seized on me as a new arrival. 'Know anything about China?
Show me the links and I'll show you the man: I discovered he was the Libertarian child of Christopher Hitchens and Ayn Rand. Mostly towards the end we just fought about politics. Cat Person, the short work of fiction in the New Yorker which went viral this week, struck many chords. Yesterday a male friend ...
The British critic Christopher Hitchens later lambasted Simon, who died in 2005, for fighting for the "Stalinists" in Spain, who turned their guns on the anarchists as the war wore on. "The award of the Nobel prize to such a shady literary enterprise is a minor scandal," he added, "reflecting the intellectual rot ...
The political moment also calls to mind the rhetorical voice of Christopher Hitchens, the public intellectual, critic, and professional contrarian who died in late 2011. In his introduction to Christopher Hitchens: The Last Interview, Stephen Fry writes that the absence of Hitchens "is felt so keenly today by all ...
We have both done work that is, in different ways, ideologically eclectic, and that has--over a long period of time--cast us as not merely nonpartisans but antipartisans. Temperamentally, we agree with the late Christopher Hitchens: partisanship makes you stupid. We are the kind of voters who Political Scientists say barely ...
His graduate degree from the New school for Social Research in liberal studies had him "taking classes with Christopher Hitchens and reading Marx." Ironically, McCarty recently began teaching media and analytics at Columbia University at the graduate level. "I love it," he says. Having never studied ...
The book of Evangelical apologetics sitting on the thrift store shelf looked interesting, because the author starts off describing a dinner with the famous atheist Christopher Hitchens. Entitled The Grace Effect, it promised fireworks. Hitchens criticizes Christianity by pointing to Christians behaving badly.
Of course, restaurants are never just about the food: here, "conviviality" is taken to "semi-hysterical," "full high dramatis" extremes: owner Otto Tepasse comes from the old school, and offers a "very old-school manner of hospitality" to match. If, per Christopher Hitchens, it's an unforgivable sin to be boring, ...
The late Christopher Hitchens was a surprising proponent of the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. He stood against a tide of politically correct (and surprisingly non-interventionist) leftist media that suggested the war a spoof and a miscalculation. Strikingly anti-war himself, the contrarian essayist argued that the ...
"I didn't think of health and safety," says the former Blue Peter producer Alex Leger. "I just thought, 'How am I going to stop John from dying?' " Where else do you start with a tribute to the irrepressible, uncontrollable John Noakes, who died in May aged 83, than with Nelson's Column? None of the ...
"I didn't think of health and safety," says the former Blue Peter producer Alex Leger. "I just thought, 'How am I going to stop John from dying?' " Where else do you start with a tribute to the irrepressible, uncontrollable John Noakes, who died in May aged 83, than with Nelson's Column? None of the ...
This entire Saturday morning is given over to Great Lives: Four Hundred and Counting (9 December, 9am, Radio 4 Extra). Here, Matthew Parris looks back over such highlights as Penelope Keith celebrating Morecambe and Wise, Michael Sheen on Philip K Dick and a grumpy Christopher Hitchens cutting ...
Conservative Barbara Olson's book "Hell to Pay" and liberal Christopher Hitchens' book "No One Left to Lie To" depict Hillary as the Toscanini of the "nuts or sluts" strategy effectively employed to malign and marginalize her husband's accusers. This is the person against whom Donald Trump ran. So, no ...
"The Last Interview and Other Conversations" by Christopher Hitchens with an introduction by Stephen Fry, Melville House, 178 pages, $15.99 paperback. The first and most important thing about this new paperback is that it's part of a long series from Melville House of "Last Interview" books. In the past ...



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