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Lucrative Qatari hostage payments bankrolled a feared Al Qaeda-linked militant group in Syria, one that has grown to become the most effective and ... That has allowed them a breathing space that they almost certainly would not have had otherwise”, Jason Burke, expert on extremism and author of several ...
... and former Astros Insider writer Matthew Seliger. Additionally, the prospect genius himself Astros Future has agreed to stay on and produce hands-down the best Houston Astros minor league content out there. Finally, my former boss at Climbing Tal's Hill, Jason Burke, will be joining the staff after taking a ...

“What you have in her is both the sense of possibility and failure together; hope and disappointment,” Njabulo Ndebele, the author of a novel about her life, told the Guardian in 2011. Born in the poor Eastern Cape province, Madikizela-Mandela's childhood was “a blistering inferno of racial hatred”, in the ...
A Jersey kid, information junkie and Google search virtuoso. Writes random articles, but mostly about Mets and Star Wars once my blood has been infused with enough coffee. NYC sports fan who truly believes the teams I roots for (Mets, Knicks & Jets) are a good metaphor for my nefarious existence.
[13] Jason Burke described al-Qaida as comprised of three layers – the “al-Qaida hardcore,” the “network of networks” and a third layer described as the “idea, worldview, ideology of al-Qaida”. [14] The layered description of al-Qaida became dominant in subsequent years – alongside the related idea of ...
It's the culmination of a year-and-a-half of building custom algorithms to risk adjust all of the clinical and claims data. “Our official launch is at HIMSS,” said Jason Burke, vice president of Data Informatics, 3M Health Information Systems. “Today we have 15, 16 early adopter clients, mostly providers; we have ...

Before the start of business, Just Security provides a curated summary of up-to-the-minute developments at home and abroad. Here's today's news. SYRIA. At least 250 civilians have been killed in the past two days in the besieged, rebel-held enclave of Eastern Ghouta near the Syrian capital of Damascus ...
The Sweet Springs Board of Education met Thursday, Feb. 15, where board members voted to join the Missouri assessment partnership consortium. “As most of you are probably aware, in my opinion, there have been problems with the MAP test since it began several years ago,” Superintendent Donna ...
However, the 75-year-old retains significant support inside the party and at a local level in many parts of South Africa. Ralph Mathekga, a political analyst and author, said: “Zuma is not just a person. He is a system. There are a whole lot of people whose politics fortunes are tied to his. “We are watching a ...
... party, say it is essential that Zuma is sidelined as early as possible to allow the ANC to regroup before campaigning starts in earnest for elections in 2019. Adriaan Basson, a senior South African journalist, wrote: “Zuma has played all his cards and is now at open war with Ramaphosa and his supporters.”.
Somalia is facing yet another major crisis as the United States steps up its drone attack and combat operations in this Horn of Africa state. Drone attacks are promoted by the Defense Department and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as an effective means of targeting so-called “terrorists” without ...
Hundreds of olive green tents surrounded the refurbished control tower, home to the US special forces and light infantry units who flew from Bagram to raid distant villages in the hope of picking up the trail of al-Qaeda fugitives. They had limited success, not least because most of their targets had long fled ...
On Oct. 13, in his statement decertifying the Iran nuclear deal, President Trump claimed that Tehran “provides assistance to Al Qaeda.” The following week, his C.I.A. ... “I've never seen any evidence of active collaboration,” said Jason Burke, the author of an acclaimed book on Al Qaeda. Ali Soufan, a former ...
According to Ali Soufan a Lebanese-American former FBI agent who was involved in a number of high-profile anti-terrorism cases, and is author of a book on Hamza, the young bin Laden was raised by al-Qaeda's top leadership while his father was in hiding. Bin Laden is said to have asked his advisers to ...
The latest Guardian Weekly cover story takes us to Raqqa. For more than three years, the Syrian town was the political capital of Islamic State's self-styled caliphate. Last week, the final strongholds fell to Kurdish fighters. However, writer Jason Burke cautions against any talk of victory. A foreign ...
But a victory is a victory, and there are few reasons for cheer these days. So let us celebrate the defeat of Islamic State and its hateful so-called caliphate – and keep a wary eye out for the next fight. Jason Burke is the author of The New Threat: The Past, Present and Future of Islamic Militancy (New Press) ...
A Zimbabwean journalist who reported that Grace Mugabe, the first lady, donated used clothing including underwear to supporters of the ruling Zanu-PF ... have called for Nyangani's release and accused Zimbabwean authorities of seeking to intimidate and harass journalists in the former British colony.

The origin of this trend is often traced back to Inspire, the web magazine published by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which published an article in .... these attacks need to prevent people from becoming radicalized in the first place, says Jason Burke, author of The New Threat From Islamic Militancy.
Not, however, by Cathy Scott-Clark and Adrian Levy, two veteran journalists who have published a series of rigorous and readable investigative books ... The narrative reaches from Pakistan to Mauritania, where a key informant of the authors now lives, and starts days before the 11 September attacks on ...
Hamza bin Laden – a potent weapon in the rivalry between al-Qaida and Isis. Son of Osama bin Laden called for strikes against 'Jews' and 'Crusaders' 10 days before Manchester suicide bombing. Jason Burke. Mon 29 May 2017 23.00 EDT Last modified on Mon 29 May 2017 23.07 EDT. Share on Facebook · Share on ...
Some time within the coming weeks, Iraqi forces will reach the great mosque of al-Nuri, in Mosul. It was from the pulpit in this small, 900-year-old complex that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of Islamic State (IS), declared the foundation of a new caliphate with himself as caliph in 2014. The mosque was ...
The term, which describes an individual actor who strikes alone and is not affiliated with any larger group, is now widely used by politicians, journalists, security officials and the general public. It is used for Islamic militant attackers and, as the shooting in Quebec shows, for killers with other ideological ...
In a second case on Monday, the same court sentenced Mohamed Kayse Mohamoud, a 31-year-old author, to 18 months in prison on charges of “offending the honour of the president.” The case ... Local human rights workers say at least 12 journalists have been detained, some for up to three weeks.
The authors of these intimidating critiques are mainly the "Intellectuals (les "clercs" in the French version, a term borrowed from sociologist Pierre Bourdieu), which in this case include journalists, professors, researchers and lawyers. Most of them have strong credibility in their professional field, which gives ...


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