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Decision 2016 was previously honored by the Gracies, Communicator Awards, garden State journalists Association, Broadcast education ...
The journalists' association in Samoa says it's seriously concerned about a government proposal to resurrect libel laws that were repealed in ...

Macau | Local journalist's association becomes associate member of ... The Federation claims to be the world's largest organisation of journalists, first ...
The head of Ukraine's National Union of journalists (NUJU) is demanding the release of a Ukrainian radio correspondent being held in Belarus ...
Writers, journalists, and labor activists attend a November 6th rally in New York City to support the DNAinfo and Gothamist employees who lost ...
QAPSHAGHAI, Kazakhstan -- The former chief of the Kazakh journalists' Union, Seitqazy Mataev, who is serving a sentence for embezzlement ...

Ahead of discussions at the Association of Southeast Asian nations (ASEAN) Summit in Manila on Monday, the two leaders bonded during ...
The organizers of the 52nd Annual Country music Association Awards, one of the industry's biggest events, hoped to keep the focus on the ...
1, 2017 /CNW/ - veteran Montreal-based journalist Marc Lachapelle received top honours at the Automobile journalists Association of ...
The Kenya editors Guild, the Kenya Union of Journalists and the ... Mr Oloo Janak, of the Kenya correspondents Association, argues that ...
Khartoum -- The First Vice President and the Federal Prime Minister, Gen Bakri Hassan Salih, said the journalists Union has requested the ...
On Tuesday the National Union of journalists (NUJ) sent out a strongly worded statement condemning the apparent strip-search of a ...
Journalists react after they were teargassed by anti-riot police who did ... Mr Oloo Janak, of the Kenya correspondents Association, argues that ...
The international association of ski journalists says Shiffrin will receive the Skieur d'Or-Serge Lang Trophy, named after the founder of Alpine ...
Tim Lopes Program launches in Brazil with videos on murdered journalists ... for the Protection of Journalists from the Brazilian Association of ...
journalists in Pakistan say they are facing increasing risks ranging from ... defines terrorism as creating "a sense of fear or insecurity in society.
The Chicago chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists is questioning the termination of two African-American female news ...

Relations between science journalists and science agencies have been ... that the Society of Environmental Journalists and the Association of ...
(Courtesy of the LDS Church) Elder D. Todd Christofferson speaks Saturday, Oct. 28, 2017, to a group of about 300 Latin journalists ...
... the chaos on Capitol Hill at the 73rd Congressional correspondents Dinner hosted by the Radio & Television Correspondents Association.
Italian journalists on Monday will be holding a manifestation in Rome on ... Amnesty International, the Lazio journalists association and several ...
Progressive journalists' Association, an Ankara-based NGO defending media workers and freedom condemned the arrests and accused the ...
Doomdooma, Oct 18: The executive meeting of Tinsukia District journalists Association (TDJA) which met at Doomdooma Press Cub on ...
... said in a speech at the Hungarian Association of journalists. "Negative trends in the sphere of press freedom in Hungary ... are continuing.".
Society has become accustomed to that exact very thing. But if we allow the licensing of one constitutional right -- even one -- that means the ...
Using the help of citizens and its network of correspondents distributed among 19 Venezuelan states, the Press and Society Institute of ...
But award partner the AA, using vehicle category data created by industry group, the Motor Industry Association, has ruled that only the XV can ...
She was previously named journalist of the Year in 2015 by the National Association of Black Journalists. "I don't think you can ever predict ...
Hay formed Pylon Reenactment Society a few years ago, with other ... of the Year" for the 10th time by the Jazz journalists Association.
A group of journalism students are working to start a chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) at NYU. The students hope ...
Peco, who covers politics and corruption, said that although she reported the burglary, and despite journalists' associations calling for swift ...
Representatives of the National Press Association (ANP for its acronym in Spanish), the National Association of Bolivian journalists (ANPB) ...
There's no venue booked just yet, but the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) and the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ...
Delaware, U.S.A - The 3rd annual convention of the Association of Liberian journalists in The Americas (ALJA) has ended in Wilmington, ...
The Broadcast Television journalists Association, one of the organizers of the annual Critics' Choice Awards, has named MediaVillage editor ...
Last year, Hasan Minhaj gave an excellent speech at the annual Radio and Television correspondents' Association Dinner, and during last ...
His proposal would require professional journalists to submit an ... department and a former leader of the Indiana civil liberties Union.
Recently, the Society of Environmental journalists (SEJ) organized a ... the Pennsylvania Coal Association to attend the presentation in Donora ...
Caracas, Venezuela -- A Venezuelan journalists association says the country's National Guard has detained three journalists who were ...
... 100 journalists and policy experts funded solely by the financial support of the general public. We need your help! Not only are these media outlets going after our reputation, but the White House correspondents' Association is facing pressure to ...
Michael served on the executive board of the Memphis Association of Black journalists and is a member of the National Association of Black Journalists. Michael is motivated by the challenges of work and has a deep desire to hear your stories, to see ...
... has been named one of the top five free jazz festivals in the country. Malfitano was also named a National Jazz Hero in 2016 by the Jazz journalists Association and an honorary Mother of Invention by original members of the legendary Frank Zappa band.
Telegraph Media Group is making a number of sub-editors on its Daily and Sunday titles redundant as it outsources their work to Press Association. More than 20 journalists are understood to be affected, with a small production team to remain in London ...
Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Sri Lanka's former defence secretary and brother of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa speaks to the members of the Foreign correspondents Association of Sri Lanka in Colombo, Sri Lanka March 27, 2017. Reuters/Dinuka ...
... 100 journalists and policy experts funded solely by the financial support of the general public. We need your help! Not only are these media outlets going after our reputation, but the White House correspondents' Association is facing pressure to ...
The report concluded that local press and RSF reported a presidential spokesperson threatened the representative of a journalists' association for calling on the government to reopen radio stations it closed in August. By Emmanuel Mondaye-Editing by ...
The Thai journalists Association (TJA) and the Thai Broadcast Journalists Association released a joint statement detailing three objections to a National Broadcast and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) order forcing Voice TV 21 to go dark for a week.
Similarly, the Online journalists Association (OJA) said its serious attention has been drawan towards the attack on photo journalists outside RRL campus. Earlier in the day, an unruly group hurled the petrol bomb targeting a group of journalists ...
The passes are seen as the first step towards becoming a full-fledged member of the White House correspondents Association.
Time and People magazines announced Monday that they aren't hosting their annual White House correspondents' Association dinner weekend party this year. They join Bloomberg, Vanity Fair and New Yorker magazines, which also have said they will not ...





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