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That journalists would do everything to ensure that we have a just society, particularly, through the publication or broadcast of information to draw attention to policy makers remains a truism. From ensuring that politicians don't take undue advantage of the poor taxpayers to workers who press home ...
The Fijian Media Association is calling on journalists to grow a thick skin while covering this year's build-up to the General election as well as during the campaign period. FMA General Secretary and former Journalist, Stanley Simpson, says journalists need to understand and take threats and comments ...

8, 2018) -- students and faculty from Murray State University won more than 30 awards from the 149th annual Kentucky Press Association (KPA) ... "Murray State has an elite group of collegiate journalists and many of them choose to work for The Murray State News," said Dr. Stephanie Anderson, adviser ...
Under changes announced on Wednesday by the attorney general, Christian Porter, people not employed by the federal government, including journalists, will only be liable in serious circumstances where they willingly communicate "secret" information that endangers the health and safety of the public, ...
Sometimes moral victories matter. Such was the case with House Bill 1242, a measure geared toward freedom of student expression championed this week by high school journalism students and the South Dakota Newspaper Association. Though tabled by the House education Committee, the bill raised ...

"The journalists' physical safety index that we monitor recorded 90 assaults on journalists in the past year. At the same time, there were no punishments in these cases. Accordingly, there is no progress in the investigation of Pavel Sheremet's murder," head of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, ...
Femi Redwood, a member of both NABJ and the National Lesbian & Gay journalists Association, coordinated and moderated a panel at the convention titled "Sisters Suffering in Silence: The HIV Crisis Ignored in Black women." The panel delved into how African-Americans, more than any other racial ...
Local broadcaster Tulip Television received prizes for journalistic excellence in recognition of its reporting of the scandal from organizations including the Japan National Press Club, Japan Congress of journalists, and Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association. And the regional daily Kitanippon ...
Tehran - Members of the Iranian veteran sports journalists Association have asked Asian football Confederation (AFC) officials to stay neutral between Iranian and Saudi Arabian clubs. The Iranian journalists in a letter asked Dato' Windsor John, the AFC General Secretary, to consider spirit of Fair Play.
The president of Tunisia's journalists' union, Neji Bghouri, said 40 threat cases were registered in January amid nationwide protests over price hikes. Photographers and videographers say equipment was confiscated when they filmed police brutality against protesters. The protests came as Tunisia marked ...
The Female journalists Association of Liberia or FeJAL congratulates two of its staunch members for their appointments in leadership positions at the State-owned Liberia Broadcasting System. The commendation was made during a visit to the station. A press release says FeJAL's visit on Thursday was to ...
In June, the Nairobi-based Foreign correspondents' Association of East Africa called for an end to South Sudan blocking at least 20 international journalists from covering issues inside the country via means including rejecting media accreditation and visa requests. The call came two months after the ...
Videos from around the North African country showed journalists joining the day of action by sitting in front of local government offices. The president of Tunisia's journalists' union, Neji Bghouri, said 40 threat cases were registered in January amid nationwide protests over price hikes that degenerated.
Eleven Guatemalan journalists were murdered last year, bringing the total killed since 2000 to 36, according to the Association of Journalists of Guatemala. Two Guatemalan journalists were found shot in the head Friday, their bodies abandoned in a cane field with their feet and hands bound, in the ...
Reuters President and Editor-In-Chief Stephen J. Adler expressed disappointment at the bail decision and called for the journalists' prompt release. ... The Foreign correspondents' Club in Thailand, Foreign Correspondents' Association of The Philippines, Jakarta Foreign Correspondents' Club and Foreign ...

Mr. Kaikai, who leads the newsroom at Nation Television, asked a roomful of allies -- lawyers, fellow journalists, activists. ... Hanningtone Gaya, the chairman of the Media Owners Association of Kenya, described the encounter as a "dressing down" and told Mr. Kaikai that the group had been "read the riot ...
The Lexington Herald-Leader won 1st Place, General Excellence, among large newspapers in the Kentucky Press Association's annual Excellence in Kentucky Newspapers contest on Friday night. Numerous Herald-Leader journalists also won awards for news articles, investigative and enterprise ...
Yared Hailemariam, executive director of the Swiss-based Association for human rights in Ethiopia, told CPJ the government had yet to provide any indication on "whether journalists are included" among those who will be freed. Befekadu told CPJ that releasing political prisoners is only part of the ...
After thorough testing, the Automobile journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) have voted that the 2018 Ram 1500, Canada's second best-selling vehicle, is worthy of the title, Best Pickup Truck. With this nod, the 2018 Ram 1500 is now in the running for the honor of Canadian Utility Vehicle of the Year.
... free press in The Philippines sounded by various media and civil liberties institutions such as the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines, Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility, Foreign correspondents Association of the Philippines and economic journalists Association of the Philippines.
It's especially great because facebook isn't the one choosing who the scholarship winners are, rather Facebook is helping empower four expert-led organizations: the National Association of Hispanic journalists, Asian American journalists Association, Native American Journalists Association, and ...
The 2018 Chrysler Pacifica, which is manufactured in Canada, has been honored by the Automobile journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) as the Best Minivan. The award was announced at the Canadian Car and Canadian Utility Vehicle of the Year annual gathering.
The scholarship program will give $250,000 each to the National Association of Hispanic journalists, the Asian American journalists Association, the Native American Journalists Association and the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association to award $50,000 in scholarships over the next five years ...
She is the only black female reporter among the White House correspondents and is one of only three black reporters to have served on the board of the 100-year-old White House Correspondents Association. Ryan gained attention in the past year for her often-tense exchanges with President Donald ...
Clere said student journalists have a special importance to a school community in that they can capture the truth in the experiences of their peers. ... Lisa Tanselle, general counsel for the Indiana School Boards Association, echoed claims made by other organizations, saying a student's rights should be ...
Female journalists were forced to stand behind their male colleagues while covering Vice President Mike Pence's visit to Israel's Western Wall, one of ... The Foreign Press Association, which represents international journalists covering Israel and the Palestinian Territories, called the incident "clear ethnic ...
The Compton Volunteer Fire Association will hold its regular monthly meeting Monday at the County Line Baptist Church. The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. Everyone is invited to attend. Annual dues are being mailed out. For more information, please contact Chief Garland Matlock at (870)204-1845.
The author of two books, Ryan is a former board member of the White House correspondents Association and is the National Association of Black Journalists' 2017 Journalist of the Year. The morning-long event starts with a breakfast at 7 a.m. The laying of the memorial wreath at the A&T Four statue will ...
City journalists from various media houses, several associations and members of some non-governmental organisations organised a silent protest against an ... Along with quashing of the FIR, the journalists demanded suspension and departmental action against the UIDAI officials who, instead of owning ...
Mr. Akintola, a professor, urged Nigerian Muslims to endeavour to own media houses, while advising the Nigerian Union of journalists (NUJ) to sanction erring journalists who deliberately disseminate falsehoods. "The Nigerian media has been most unfair to Muslims in Nigeria, and I will advise that Muslim ...
"We are extremely grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for its great expression of support for the ICIJ and for the important work being done by the Committee to Protect Journalists. "Truth is under attack, both politically and economically, and the brutal reality of recent years is that journalists ...
Nairobi, January 08, 2017--A Somaliland regional court yesterday sentenced journalists Mohamed Abdilaahi Dabshid and Ahmed Dirie Liltire, to two ... of the Somaliland Journalists Association (SOLJA) and Guleid Ahmed Jama, chairperson of the human rights Center, a non-governmental organization ...
Some reporters, in unguarded moments, say that they fear for journalists' safety. Margaret Talev, the president of the White House correspondents' Association, was moved to tears in an interview as she recounted the death threats that now routinely land in her colleagues' emails. Other journalists -- ironic ...
PV journalists honored by press association, school board. Deirdre Cox Baker ... In the Iowa high school Press Association contests, the Spartan Shield staff won several honors and awards. ... In this, the students wrote about the guest speaker, Scott Winter, at the association's fall conference in November.
Wa, Dec. 1, GNA - The Ghana agriculture and Rural Development journalists Association (GARDJA) has said it supports government's intention to set up a National Development Bank to purposely support investment in the agriculture and manufacturing sectors. The Association also acknowledged ...
Journalists who had fretted about whether to pose for a photograph with Mr. Trump -- a ritual that can be awkward for reporters during any presidency -- need not .... Like the White House correspondents' Association dinner, the president's holiday reception has faced occasional criticism over the years.
On Thursday, December 7, the National Association of Black Journalists Chicago Chapter (NABJCC) will continue a holiday tradition that for the last 10 years has ensured needy children have toys, and needy students, scholarships. The nonprofit organization will host its 10th Annual Toy Drive and ...
Given these developments, "it is urgent that the government disclose records clarifying the precise limitations placed on its surveillance powers to protect the freedoms of speech, association, and the press," our lawsuit states. "The public has a right to know those limitations and to know whether the ...
The new lawsuit also seeks information on rules for surveillance of other types of constitutionally protected speech and association, not specific to journalists. The complaint cites the government's far-reaching warrant in the prosecution of the "J20" protesters at Trump's inauguration, which demanded the ...
Decision 2016 was previously honored by the Gracies, Communicator Awards, garden State journalists Association, Broadcast education ...
The journalists' association in Samoa says it's seriously concerned about a government proposal to resurrect libel laws that were repealed in ...
Macau | Local journalist's association becomes associate member of ... The Federation claims to be the world's largest organisation of journalists, first ...
The head of Ukraine's National Union of journalists (NUJU) is demanding the release of a Ukrainian radio correspondent being held in Belarus ...
Writers, journalists, and labor activists attend a November 6th rally in New York City to support the DNAinfo and Gothamist employees who lost ...
QAPSHAGHAI, Kazakhstan -- The former chief of the Kazakh journalists' Union, Seitqazy Mataev, who is serving a sentence for embezzlement ...
Ahead of discussions at the Association of Southeast Asian nations (ASEAN) Summit in Manila on Monday, the two leaders bonded during ...
The organizers of the 52nd Annual Country music Association Awards, one of the industry's biggest events, hoped to keep the focus on the ...
1, 2017 /CNW/ - veteran Montreal-based journalist Marc Lachapelle received top honours at the Automobile journalists Association of ...


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