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His achievement, however, was immediately shadowed by the firestorm and backlash he received from his comments regarding the debate, during an interview with Howard Kurtz. When asked about his responsibility to challenge assertions made by the ...
They began well before early voting and before any of the votes have been counted. The press has advanced the narrative by suggesting that the race is over.

A representative for Powell told ABC News that the emails, which were first seen and reported on by BuzzFeed, were "accurate." After those emails were made public, Trump said in an interview with Howard Kurtz that he was not "a fan" of Powell's and ...
"It seemed to me... he's making rational decisions, he hasn't killed everybody, he's letting some people go," Dr.

I recall seeing a panel discussion on Israel once that consisted of Andrea Mitchell, Wolf Blitzer, Howard Kurtz, and Barbara Walters.
Fox News' Chris Wallace chatted with his colleague Howard Kurtz today about the final presidential debate he moderated last week.
"It's not just, 'we trust our writer' - it's 'Here are six people who she told the night of the alleged attack, the day after the alleged attack, an independent witness who says she was there for the Melania Trump exchange,'" she told guest Howard ...
We're just talking about the unfair media and Trump gave the answer he wanted to give,'" Howard Kurtz said, adding that, before that moment, he thought it was Trump's best general election debate performance yet.
But don't expect too much fact-checking from the moderator. Wallace told Fox News' Howard Kurtz, "It's up to the other person to catch them on that.
Wallace took some heat last month when he told FOX media analyst Howard Kurtz that he had no intention of being a fact-checker during the Trump-Clinton debate, noting, "I do not believe that it's my job to be a truth squad.
CNN's Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter was the No. 1 media program beating Fox News' Media Buzz with Howard Kurtz in the key demographic adults 25-54 now for the third straight week. On Sunday, October 16, CNN had 423k, a +45% advantage over ...
In September, Fox's Howard Kurtz interviewed Wallace and pressed him on the responsibility of moderating a debate. In response, Wallace declared that it's not up to him to hold the nominees accountable for their answers.
MEDIA BUZZ The Howard Kurtz hour on Fox included Heidi Przbyla of USA Today who said of the Trump sex scandal: "The accounts of these women almost hauntingly match what Donald Trump said he himself does to women.
In September, before any moderators had yet to take the stage, Wallace told Howard Kurtz in an interview that he planned to get out of the way of the candidates when his turn came.

Howard Kurtz, a media critic at Fox News and host of a weekly program, wondered Thursday on twitter whether it is "fair to question the timing" of the allegations.
Four years after his historic White House run, Michelle Cottle, Matt Lewis and Howard Kurtz discuss the media's more lukewarm coverage of President Obama's 2012 campaign on Sunday, September 9, 2012.
Host of Fox News Channel's 'MediaBuzz' Howard Kurtz speaks about the Donald Trump tax return leak. Howard Kurtz, FOX NEWS: As you just saw, Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie both using the word "genius" to describe this tax story. I think it ingenious ...
Howard Kurtz, a former Washington Post media reporter who now hosts "Media Buzz" on Fox News, and a media reporter for Mediaite - a popular news aggregation website owned by former MSNBC host Dan Abrams - both found that Holt requested more ...
That's why I know that the skin color of the police officer who killed Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte in a still-disputed shooting is largely irrelevant, just as it is in most such incidents, no matter what media critics such as Howard Kurtz think ...
Issac Bailey has been a journalist in South Carolina for two decades and was most recently the primary columnist for the sun News in Myrtle Beach.
In an interview on Fox News' "Mediabuzz" with Howard Kurtz the night before Hannity's confirmation, Trump insisted that he and Hannity debated the war in private conversations.
Fox News' Sean Hannity said Monday that Donald Trump did in fact oppose the Iraq war before it began, claiming that Trump told him so in private conversations at the time.
Howard Kurtz (HOST): Now, when you're on that big stage in Las Vegas, it's not like hosting a Sunday show, correct?
... information, Brown's comment echoes what the moderator of the third debate, Fox News' Chris Wallace, recently said about his own role as moderator with regards to the facts.
Alex Burns of the New York Times thinks that Howard Kurtz of Fox News was soft on Donald Trump in a recent interview. Kurtz isn't buying it: Sorry to ruin the narrative, @alexburnsNYT, but I challenged Trump on Iraq opposition by citing and knocking ...
I don't even remember you ever even being on the stage,'" he told Howard Kurtz. When Kurtz asked what he will do if a candidate makes assertions that he knows to be untrue, Wallace said: "That's not my job.
"I'm not there to truth-squad," he told his colleague Howard Kurtz. That was surprising because Wallace can be a very tough and effective interviewer; I hope he'll change his mind about that.
The birther question didn't come up in an interview with Fox News "MediaBuzz" host Howard Kurtz that aired this past Sunday.
Fans were turned on in the greenhouse to provide some relief for the steady flow of onlookers. Raleigh attorney Howard Kurtz was one of the few who got a direct whiff of Lupin, sticking his nose in a small hole cut in the base of the maroon flower ...
Grade Trump On A Curve. Media grade Trump on a curve when they perpetuate the logic that so long as he doesn't "vomit all over himself and [he gives] a decent" performance, he'll succeed.
Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz has acknowledged that Trump has a "lower bar" to clear in debates than Clinton does.
Howard Kurtz: Donald Trump made this argument to me last week. "Oh all the moderators are going to be unfair they are going to be unfair because they fear a [Matt] Lauer like criticism from their buddies in the media" but the thing is, Brit, that ...
That is not, however, the way some media critics see it, and not just those with a stake in Trump's promotion, like Howard Kurtz of Fox News, who has accused the media of "piling on" poor Donald. There is now a debate over whether Trump-bashing is ...
File-Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban appears on CNN's Reliable Sources with Howard Kurtz on April 10, 2011. billionaire businessman Mark Cuban criticized Donald Trump on Monday, calling his attack on the federal judge overseeing his Trump ...
Trump has frequently lambasted the media during his campaign, and did so again recently while speaking with Howard Kurtz of Fox News.
donaldtrump73 I had literally just read a column by Fox News' Howard Kurtz, "Liberals denounce the media for not derailing Trump's candidacy," when the Washington Post posted a hit piece online about Donald Trump.
Fox News is nearing full tantrum mode as the media is starting to tell the truth about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.
MEDIA BUZZ In that Republican elder and Former Secretary of State Colin Powell denounced Trump in emails that were hacked, Trump told Fox host Howard Kurtz by telephone that "I've never been a fan of his. He really led us down a terrible path .
One of Donald Trump's favorite lies is his assertion that he opposed the war in Iraq before the March 2003 invasion. The evidence to support the claim simply doesn't exist: the only public comments Trump made in advance of the war was on Howard Stern's ...
Fox's Howard Kurtz spoke with Donald Trump this morning and Trump basically used his 10 minutes to largely attack the "biased" media.
Earlier this month, Fox's Chris Wallace invited serious debate about the debates, telling Howard Kurtz he doesn't believe it's his job to be a "truth squad.
On September 18, Trump phoned into Fox's Sunday morning media criticism show, MediaBuzz, and complained to host Howard Kurtz that the debates are "a rigged system," pointing to recent criticism of NBC's Matt Lauer, who moderated the September 7 ...
Here's how Hume suggested that Hillary Clinton staged the appearance of a little girl that she hugged after her fainting episode while claiming it was Clinton's fault he was doing so.
File-Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban appears on CNN's Reliable Sources with Howard Kurtz on April 10, 2011. By Chris Isidore.
Howard Kurtz: Well this race isn't over in Trump's favor any more than it was over in Hillary's favor a month ago when she had that ten to twelve point lead and a lot of people were just speculating about who she'd have in her cabinet.
Clinton has been using alleged media bias as a way to rally political donations, Howard Kurtz of Fox News notes, sending out fundraising letters accusing "Today Show" host Matt Lauer of sexism during a Sept.
Howard Kurtz: Oh, something, staged in politics. I'm shocked. HUME: Well, I'm just saying, you know, it may well not have been.





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