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updated Sun. July 7, 2024

According to Salkida's new information, the set of five have been indoctrinated and being thought the ways of the sect, adding that the girls told the terrorists not to ever return them to their families in Chibok. "But the set of 5, according to the group today, have apparently become permanently embedded in ...
The image, Gillan tells The Hollywood Reporter, "haunts her, and she can't escape it until she finally finds the strength to confront it." ... Although I have not experienced the same traumatic events you will see our lead character go through, I embedded all this fiction in aspects of my real life," Gillan says.

As an embedded reporter with an Iraqi special forces unit, he'd often accompany troops and return to a base with a commander at night. The soldiers he was embedded with were fascinated by his decision, and often met his requests to accompany them along the lines of, “yeah,'re crazy, but ...
Jess Sullivan. Jess Sullivan has covered the criminal justice system in Solano County for several years. He also covers police, fire and general assignment. He was an embedded reporter in Iraq in 2003. Reach him at 425-4646, ext. 254, or Story Archive @jsullivandr on Twitter.
Most of the dialogue is bluntly on the nose, the characters mono-dimensional heroes or villains, the default tone soapy to the point of kitsch. Squeezed between musical numbers, or sometimes embedded within them, these sketchy vignettes have little of the humor and nuance that defined The Mountaintop.
"We're in a new loop," series co-creator Jonathan Nolan told The Hollywood Reporter, standing alongside his co-creator and wife Lisa Joy, both of whom were ... Reddit detectives and other sleuths all over the Internet spent weeks embedded in the theory trenches, in an attempt to figure out the biggest ...

CBS News journalists, embedded with survivors of the Parkland, Florida school shooting, take viewers inside the creation of a movement as students turn ... David Hogg | Student journalist[addressing crowd] The fact that all of you are out here today is showing that this is a turning point in American history…
We found at least one tweet from an IRA account embedded in 32 of the 33 outlets—a total of 116 articles—including in articles published by institutions .... Previous research confirms the tendency of journalists to rely on Twitter for sources, quotes, and contacts, often without external validation to ensure the ...
Once embedded journalists came into existence, they could see only what the authorities wanted them to see. So some mediapersons try to sneak off and take photographs. But that is also not safe. At present, many are trying to prevent media from covering what is actually happening. That was not the case ...
Journalist Vegas Tenold, who embedded himself into different Neo-Nazi groups, explains some key points in the alt-right movement, including their participation in online forums and social media such as 4chan and Twitter. Tenold claims the alt-right movement is smaller than we think and that most of the movement lives ...

He is a very well-respected journalist who hosts a cable talk show called Embedded, and then we discover that he is also dating Trish Walker. Griffin and Trish have clearly bonded over their shared passion for journalism, and it really looks like that bond made for a strong romantic connection as well, as he ...
Kimmel also discussed a tweet by Donald Trump Jr., who embedded a tweet from someone who asked who else didn't watch the Academy Awards. Trump Jr. responded with a raised-hand emoji. "If you look closely you know that's an authentic trump hand because it's gold and tiny," Kimmel said. Kimmel ...
Adam McKay reveals that his plot idea for a potential Anchorman 3 would take famed fictional journalist Ron Burgundy and embed him in a combat zone – as real life U.S. reporters did during the Iraq Wars. Will Ferrell played the cocky newsreader in both 2004's Anchorman and 2013's Anchorman 2: The ...
According to accounts of the meeting, the journalists were provided with guidelines on how to cover the unfolding war. Reporters were asked to “bear in mind Turkey's national interests”, one participant recalled. News published in the foreign media was to be treated with caution as it was likely to give a ...
Subsequently, various news organizations embedded the tweets with the image in stories about whether the Celtics would successfully recruit basketball player Kevin Durant, and if Brady would help to seal the deal. Goldman sued some of these news outlets. The original defendants in the lawsuit are ...
The journalist-director of a center that tracks press freedom in the United States said most American journalists who get arrested were covering protests or ... That might have been because the local reporters stayed behind police lines — the arrested journalists were "embedded" with the protesters — and ...
With more than three decades as a newspaperman in Massachusetts, including 25 years as a reporter and editor at the Herald, Crittenden has covered crime, politics, science, national security and other issues here and abroad. He rode with U.S. troops as an embedded journalist in the invasion of Iraq.
Bear in mind: Nash is a character who, early on in the film, distracts a Russian squad car so that he can protect the identity of an American mole embedded in the SVR (the Russian intelligence organization). That kind of devotion apparently makes Nash a sucker worthy of abandonment and flabbergasting ...


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