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Jennifer Van Bergen was one of the first voices to raise the alarm against the PATRIOT Act with her six-part series "Repeal the Patriot Act." An adjunct faculty member of the New School for Social Research in NYC since 1993, where she recently taught their first course for undergraduates on the Antiterrorism Laws and the Constitution. Amazon bio

Jennifer Van Bergen
Jennifer Van Bergen
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The secret to Publishing Your Book: Author and former New school University professor Jennifer Van Bergen and Santa Fe English instructor and published essayist Fiona Lama lead a workshop/demonstration of how to publish your book, 4:30 p.m.
Jennifer Van Bergen has been a truth-teller, a whistleblower, and a believer in the right to speak one's mind her entire life - on matters great and small, public and private, personal and humanitarian, all for which she has been unfailingly vilified ...

Jennifer Van Bergen, author of The Twilight of democracy: The Bush Plan for America. "war Is A Lie is an important and compelling book that arrives at a time when America is engaged in its longest running war to date.
Discussion about the drones continues, with some people falsely claiming that Obama's use of drones is analogous to Bush's torture program.
Joy Drawdy, the neighbor with the video camera, says the problem started when Jennifer Van Bergen moved in less than a year ago.
On January 24, 2006 it was announced [1] that a subsidiary of Halliburton KBR was awarded a $385 million contract by the Department of Homeland Security to build detention centers in the U.S.

I have high standards, apparently, because I can't recall the last time I felt anyone was a hero. Julian Assange understands power relationships and he made a decision to delegitimize illegitimate power - or said another way, to disabuse abusive power ...
Is the State of Emergency Superseding our Constitution? Address to the Commonwealth Club, San Francisco, November 23, 2010. In July 1987, during the Iran-Contra Hearings grilling of Oliver North, the American public got a glimpse of "highly sensitive" ...
As the western world is thrown into debt bondage and the harsh reality of the draconian economic 'reforms' to follow, a social collapse seems increasingly inevitable.
Promising change after eight George Bush and Republican dominated years, Barack Obama won the most sweeping non-incumbent victory in over 50 years along with congressional Democrats gaining large House and Senate majorities.

The American Muslim has many article collections in its Resources section. To understand something about Islamophobia in America and the West, first read Islamophobia and Arabophobia: Laying The Groundwork - Us vs.
RAW STORY's Jennifer Van Bergen first revealed the extensive use of signing statements in 2005. The Boston Globe's Charlie Savage received a Pulitzer prize for a piece detailing hundreds more.
With all that the Bush administration does or does not do, it is remarkable that no one in the progressive community has yet bothered to do an astrological analysis of the charts of its key members.
Miami freelance reporter and photojournalist Carlos Miller, who has in the past written for RAW STORY, was arrested on the evening of Feb. 20, 2007 while photographing police at the scene of a car accident.
The US Department of Justice has implemented a secretive new prison program segregating "high-security-risk" Muslim and Middle Eastern prisoners and tightly restricting their communications with the outside world in apparent violation of federal law, ...
Jennifer Van Bergen, a journalist with a law degree, is the author of THE TWILIGHT OF democracy: THE BUSH PLAN FOR AMERICA (Common Courage Press, 2004).
The article by Jennifer Van Bergen appearing today on this site stresses the illegality of this practice. The Post article describes prison cells consisting of underground tunnels, hidden not just from the light of day, but from the prying eyes of the ...
The following article was contributed to the WSWS by Jennifer Van Bergen, the author of the upcoming book, The Twilight of democracy: The Bush Plan for America.
Jennifer Van Bergen, J.D., is the author of The Twilight of democracy: The Bush Plan for America, coming out September 1, 2004, Common Courage Press.
Tens of thousands of demonstrators who came to Miami last week to protest the Free Trade Agreement of The Americas (FTAA) ministerial meetings met with police harassment, provocation, and brutality.





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