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 Ray Lee Hunt

Ray Lee Hunt

is a Dallas businessman whose association with Hunt Oil Company began in 1958 as a summer employee in the oil fields. He was educated at Southern Methodist University (SMU) and received a degree in economics in June 1965. While at SMU, he was designated a University Scholar, served on the student senate, received the Outstanding Business Student Award and was president of his fraternity, Phi Delta Theta.[1]

Hunt now serves as Chairman of the Board, President, and CEO of Hunt Consolidated, Inc.; Chairman of the Board and CEO of

Hunt Oil Company
; and Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President, RRH Corporation. He has been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hunt Private Equity Group since its inception in 1990. [2]

Hunt was appointed in October 2001 by President

George Walker Bush
to the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board.[3]

Hunt joined the

Halliburton Company
Board in 1998. He is Chairman of the Compensation Committee and member of the Audit and the Management Oversight Committees. He also serves as a member of the boards of directors of PepsiCo, Inc., King Ranch, Inc., Electronic Data Systems Corporation, the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, and Security Capital Group Incorporated.[4][5] [6]

Hunt currently serves as a Member of the Board of Trustees of the

Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
in Washington, D.C.; the Board of Trustess for the [George Bush Presidential Library Foundation George Bush Presidential Library Foundation; the Board of Advisors for the Maguire Energy Institute at SMU Cox School of Business; the Board of Directors of the Texas Research League; the executive committee of the Southwestern Medical Foundation in Dallas; and the Board of Trustees of Southern Methodist University.[7]

Hunt has served as chairman of the National Petroleum Council in Washington, D.C. (an industry advisory organization for the Secretary of Energy) and served as its chairman from June 1991 to July 1994. In 1980-81 he served as president of the Domestic Petroleum Council [8] He is currently a member of the board of directors of the American Petroleum Institute. He also has served as president of the Dallas Petroleum Club.[9]

In 1987, Hunt was given The Order of Marib by the government of the Republic of Yemen. He is the only non-Yemeni ever to be so designated.

Ray L. Hunt

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updated Sat. April 13, 2024

Nearly 10 percent of the 400 richest Americans live in Texas, with most of the state's uber-billionaires making their home in Dallas. Dallas lays claim to 12 billionaires on Forbes' 2017 ranking of the 400 richest Americans, while Houston has 11, Fort Worth has six, Austin has four, and Temple has one.

Alice Walton, the daughter of the late Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton, remains the wealthiest person in Texas with an estimated net worth of $38.2 billion, according to the annual ranking from Forbes magazine released on Tuesday. Walton's riches put her at No. 13 on the Forbes 400 list of richest Americans, ...
San Antonio billionaire B.J. “Red” McCombs is suing former executives of his McCombs Energy for alleging starting a competing company while still employed at McCombs Energy. San Antonio billionaire B.J. “Red” McCombs is suing former executives of his McCombs Energy for alleging starting a ...
Ray Lee Hunt, the heir of H. L. Hunt, ranked $339th, with a net worth of $4.7 billion. Hunt is the chairman of Hunt Consolidated, which spans across industries including oil, utilities, real estate, and investment. The oil business, Hunt Oil, is among the largest private energy companies in the U.S..
Richard Kinder, chairman and CEO of Kinder Morgan, and his $7 billion are No. 194; and Dannine Avara, Scott Duncan, Milane Frantz, and Randa Williams are all tied at No. 261 with $5.7 billion. Other big Texas names on the list include Jerry Jones ($5.2 billion), Ray Lee Hunt ($4.8 billion), Robert Bass ...
Alice Walton, the Wal-Mart heiress, continues to reign as the richest Texan on Forbes' 31st annual list of the world's billionaires. Walton, 67, is ranked 17th overall with $33.8 billion in estimated net worth, according to the 2017 list released Monday. She comes in far ahead of the next Texan on the list, Dell ...
... including Hunt County; West Texas, including areas around Midland; and South Texas, in the vicinity of McAllen. In each region, people are caught between inflexible regulatory policy, the breakdown of consumer protections, and the money-making aspirations of Sharyland's owners, the family of billionaire Ray Lee Hunt.
The Hunt family fortune began with wildcatter H.L. Hunt (pictured above), an inspiration for the J.R. Ewing character on the long-running TV series "Dallas." He had 15 children (one died in infancy) by three women. Today his heirs oversee discrete fortunes: Son Ray Lee Hunt oversees Hunt Oil; son William ...
Forbes says Hunt's heirs number 33 in all, including 15 children, chief among them are: Ray Lee Hunt, who oversees Hunt Oil; W. Herbert Hunt, who previously owned Petro-Hunt LLC, an oil and gas firm that sold to Halcon Resources; Caroline Hunt, who founded and later sold Rosewood Hotels & Resorts ...


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