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Stung by accusations of spreading "fake news", the Vatican has released the complete letter by Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI about Pope Francis after coming under blistering criticism for selectively citing it in a press release and digitally manipulating a photograph of it. The Vatican Secretariat for ...
Five BYU public relations students ran a month-long campaign titled "Every Kid Counts" to raise awareness about childhood cancer. BYU students Elsie Powley, Lauren Thomas, Katie Gantt, Kevin Twitchell and Madison Taylor worked together to develop the campaign. "Developing the actual big idea that ...

Just over a year later, a string of public relations disasters occurred, starting with Dao's dragging last April. Munoz apologized repeatedly after botching an initial mea culpa and was forced to explain overbooking and other airline policies before several, angry lawmakers. United launched more robust ...
The Arizona Student Public Relations Society (ASPRS), which was established in spring 2017 at the University of Arizona, provides opportunities for students to gain real-world experience and skills in the Public Relations field. UA accommodates a wide variety of clubs and organizations, which provide ...
In his new position, Vo is responsible for overseeing the resort's global communications strategy, which includes public relations, advertising, digital marketing and community relations. He brings more than 10 years of strategic communications experience in the areas of hospitality, luxury and travel and ...
By doing so, West Seneca joined the ranks of the Erie County Water Authority as a public entity hiring an outside public relations firm. Some municipalities have hired spokespersons, but few have hired an outside firm. The Water Authority, which hired Zeppelin Communications, run by Republican strategist ...

Public relations experts gave United's response mixed reviews. "It feels sterile, and loveless," Ed Zitron, founder of media relations company EZPR, said about he airline's statement. United failed to appropriately communicate its concern for animals and pets, Zitron said, and instead appears to only feel bad ...
The Air Force has decided it needs to be much more secretive since a Gazette story last month on the National Space Defense Center in Colorado Springs triggered a public relations "stand down." In an email, the Pentagon confirmed the existence of a memo that bans most Air Force public relations ...
We are currently seeking a Public Relations Manager to join our growing marketing team. The role will be vital in generating awareness and understanding of Groundfloor among key external audiences, including traditional press, industry trade, real estate investors, and influencers. We are looking for an ...
Senior Chelsey Jordan has been selected to serve as an official delegate for the Public Relations Student Society of America's National Assembly in Miami, Florida, in March. Delegates will meet to vote on bylaws, make decisions about future plans for the society and elect new national committee chairs.
The Plaza 16 Coalition and other affordable housing advocates and community members alege that the event, dubbed "Made in the Bay" was little more than a blatant public relations campaign designed to build support for the Monster in the Mission, which is officially known as 1979 Mission. Organized by ...
The University of Central Missouri's public relations program will lead a study abroad trip to Brisbane, Australia, Dec. 9 through 21 for interested UCM students and alumni. The trip includes professional training opportunities with Australian public relations and marketing professionals at Queensland ...
Please do not equate "public relations" or "PR" with propaganda or publicity. Yes, it's done all the time, but incorrectly. Professional and ethical public relations is about building and maintaining relationships between organizations and their stakeholders, something that SDSU is not doing well these days ...
INDIANAPOLIS - Brent Rockwood, a native of Fishers, Ind., and Butler University graduate, has been named Senior Vice President for Corporate, Community and Public Relations for Pacers Sports & Entertainment, it was announced today. Rockwood, currently the director of Corporate Communications ...
The High Court judge who ruled on Tuesday that disgraced former leader Donald Tsang Yam-kuen should bear part of the costs for his bribery retrial also heaped criticism on "undesirable" public relations tactics used during the hearings. After Mr Justice Andrew Chan Hing-wai explained why Tsang should ...
The largest public relations firm in New Mexico won big at the 2018 Reed Conference & Awards on Feb. 27 in Charleston, South Carolina. Agenda, an Albuquerque-based international integrated public relations, communications and public affairs firm, took home two Reed awards in the categories of Best ...
... spent on consultations and surveys, and the generation of benchmarks and targets. Countless documents record strategic visions no poet would immortalise. The corridors echo with the banal hyperbole of public relations. Our cathedrals of learning worship metrics that do not measure anything of value.

Trump, touting the Republican tax cut law, is taking credit for new worker-friendly policies from some of America's largest corporations, including one-time bonus payments and paid leaves. Starbucks and Walmart, for example, recently announced they are adding paid leave benefits or expanding ...
That's how the outside world perceives public relations professionals. Outgoing White House Communications Hope Hicks did us no favors this week when she admitted in congressional testimony that she's told "white lies" on behalf of her boss, President Donald Trump. The next day she resigned. But PR ...
The chicken-franchise company KFC just had one of the worst weeks in its history. It ran out of chicken. No, seriously. KFC restaurants were forced to shut down in England because of supplier issues. The company had just switched suppliers and because of logistics issues, the supplier wasn't able to ...
Please do not equate "public relations" or "PR" with propaganda or publicity. Yes, it's done all the time, but incorrectly. Professional and ethical public relations is about building and maintaining relationships between organizations and their stakeholders, something that SDSU is not doing well these days ...
PRNews, an organization that focuses on honing and growing public relations and marketing professionals' skills in social media, recently honored two Drake public relations students with awards for their work making an impact in the communications field. Maddy Gildersleeve and Sarah Mondello were ...
The coordinator's office has been busy over the past year, at Mordechai's instruction and with the encouragement of Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, with an extensive public relations campaign aimed at the Palestinian public, part of which is being conducted on social networks. But the statement ...
A New York native with a wealth of experience in public relations recently opened her own promotions and public relations company. "I love helping individuals get their message out," Wildflower Promotions and Media Management founder Mindy Quinn said. "The mission of Wildflower is to give a voice to ...
But what kept me enthralled about the movie--apart from its Entertainment value--were the lessons to be learned from P.T. Barnum, who many believe was one of the earliest and most brilliant practitioners of public relations. Yes, The Greatest Showman imparted vital lessons on public relations that I ...
Waterhouse public relations has expanded its communications team with the additions of Sarah Burns as social media coordinator and graphic designer, and Emily Wildenberg as account coordinator. "We represent clients whose communication needs are progressing as consumer habits are changing," ...
The Boston University community lost a valued member this weekend with the death of Terry Clarke, a BU alumnus and a professor of Public Relations and advertising in the College of Communication. Clarke was spending the weekend in Florida with the Boston Common, the barbershop quartet of which ...
That's a pretty lofty title for Mr. King to now live up to, but one thing that cannot be denied is that he is a master of effective Public Relations. We've seen school superintendents go down the road of wanting to close down school campuses before, and they've typically been met with disastrous results. Former ...
The eight-minute film hands the microphone to current PR people of color who candidly describe how difficult their experiences have been while offering some prescriptions for change. "The only people who…really understand how big the diversity problem is in P.R. are the people of color," said Andrew ...
PORTLAND -- The Maine Public Relations Council, the state's professional association of public relations practitioners, announced Kaleigh Haroldsen of Kennebunk and Laura Nicolo of Lebanon as recipients of The Arthur Marcoux Scholarship and The Maine public relations Council Scholarship, ...
MARTINSVILLE, Ind.-- A Public Relations firm has resigned from their position with the City of Martinsville claiming "chaos and misinformation" within the city means they cannot function effectively. Susan Nelson, owner of Indianapolis-based Communicate, submitted her resignation, effective immediately, ...
In 2014, Fagan left American Airlines to start her own Public Relations firm, Fagan Communications. Fagan socialized regularly outside of work and "was just a lot of fun as a friend," Ebert said. "She had all kinds of parties for friends in her apartment and she loved decorating." In February 2017, Fagan was ...
Share of voice reigns as a popular and valuable metric for measuring the effectiveness of an organization's public relations. Share of voice can provide quantifiable data that illustrates how its PR fares against competitors and helps determine PR's contribution to business goals. Although share of voice has ...
We can also look at the numbers to see that the practice of public relations is not going anywhere; the growth of the global PR industry has rebounded according to Arun Sudhaman of The Holmes Report. His article , "Global PR Industry Now Worth $15B as Growth Rebounds to 7% in 2016," provides a look ...
Hawk Communications started off as an idea and eventually evolved into a student-run, full-service Public Relations (PR) firm that offers services ranging from PR to production to advertising. The first ever on-campus PR agency aims to give students real-world experience while working with faculty advisers ...
Scottsdale-based 10 to 1 public relations has announced that Laura Slawny recently joined the team as a senior account executive. According to a press release, Ms. Slawny's passion for public relations evolved from her career in television as a reporter, news producer and executive producer.
We are seeking a digitally savvy, experienced marketing mind to lead our digital PR and influencer outreach efforts. This role has a very high degree of creative freedom and visibility, and it requires abilities in multiple areas, including social media marketing, PR, thought leadership, content creation, brand building and ...
The investing firm at the center of seemingly every major tech deal now has more help to deal with the barrage of interest in its every move. Andrew Kovacs, the former head of communications at Sequoia capital, has joined SoftBank to helm communications at the Vision Fund, which is investing $100 ...
Alonda Thomas, former senior public relations manager at TV One, has been newly appointed to the role of Director of public relations. Prior to her appointment, the role was vacant, dating back to October 2017. The announcement came Monday, Jan. 29, in a press release sent by Howard University ...
Patriotism is a word that most of us hear and use on a regular basis. Most people, like me, truly believe that it means loyalty and devotion to our country, admiration of those who serve and dedication to the ideals of our free democratic style of government. This is not the complete expression of patriotism.
Almost two years since the incident--in which the band's core duo convinced the media they'd been the victims of a privacy hack, only to reveal it was a promotional stunt--they've come to terms with what they did wrong, and the backlash that followed. From left: Yacht's Jona Bechtolt, Rob Kieswtter and ...
Valdosta -- Valdosta State University will present From Crisis to Hope: Healing Orlando from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Friday, March 2, in the University Center Magnolia Room. This workshop will examine the 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, from a Public Relations perspective.
The pay for Public Relations work in Washington has also grown, even for lower-level public relations positions. "A PR specialist, which is more of a nonmanagement position, had an average salary of $93,700 in D.C. in 2016. Nationally, it is just $58,000 for the same role," Scully said. A D.C. PR manager ...
The 9:01: Yo Gotti billboard a public relations misfire from both directions. Chris Herrington, USA Today NETWORK - Tennessee Published 9:01 ... Instead, a half measure ended up being a public relations loss on both sides of the divide. That said, here's to the underlying premise: Our community is full of ...
The study also showed that while senior Public Relations executives in the study overall tend to use "rational approaches," such as research, case studies and appeals about what is right and lawful, success depends on building relationships with colleagues in other departments so that they have backup ...
Waco, Texas (Jan. 29, 2018) -- women in Public Relations are more likely than men to seek allies and form coalitions before they give ethics counsel to senior leaders, while men are more likely to rely on presenting research, according to a Baylor University study. The study also showed that while senior ...
West corporation ("West") and Nasdaq, Inc. (Nasdaq: NDAQ) ("Nasdaq") jointly announced today that West has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the public relations (public relations Solutions) and webcasting and webhosting (Digital Media Services) products and services within Nasdaq's ...
OGUNQUIT -- Following a meeting earlier this month where the Select Board tabled discussion of a public relations policy, pending review from the town attorney, the board on Jan. 16 once again decided to continue talks at a later date. The initial proposed policy's purpose was to ensure consistent and ...
She headed global Public Relations for the soon-to-be 16-ship line. In the past year alone, Picariello's activities included various events and reveals for Norwegian Bliss, entering service this spring; Norwegian Joy's inaugural in China; the start of Cuba service; the introductions of a major new destination, ...
One of Austin's largest and best-known Public Relations firms just got even bigger. Elizabeth Christian public relations said Thursday that it has acquired Wyatt Brand. As part of the deal, financial terms of which weren't disclosed, Wyatt Brand's co-founders David Wyatt and Rachel Wyatt will join Christian's ...


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