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'Jennifer is just a few months shy of what would have been her 30th anniversary with Carnival and, needless to say, she has led countless public relations and communications initiatives for our company during that time,' president Christine Duffy said in a memo to employees. 'She was part of the team that ...
This press release is submitted and shown here in its original form, unedited by Furniture Today. Statistics show that only 4% of businesses make it to the ten-year mark. Laurie Rudd public relations and marketing, a member of a marketing segment known for being the first to go when times get ...

Yopko Penhallurick announced that Madison Suvak has joined the Public Relations agency as public relations assistant. In her role, Suvak's ... Yopko Penhallurick is a marketing communications and public relations firm with extensive experience in consumer, business-to-business and nonprofit marketing.
Furia Rubel Communications, Inc. (, an award-winning, integrated marketing and public relations agency, has been honored by the Web Marketing Association with a MobileWebAward in the "Best Marketing Mobile Website" category for the agency's new, rebranded website.

Reno - IRA Gostin, MBA, APR, the president and chief marketing officer of 120 West Strategic Communications, earned his Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) credential following the certification of his comprehensive examination on December 22, 2017. According to the public relations Society of ...
There is an undeniable hopefulness in doing year-ahead trend articles. They're affirmations, at the darkest time of the year, that life will continue much as it has. Against all odds, we made it to 2018 (relatively) unscathed. Despite some saber-rattling bluster from both Washington and Pyongyang at the ...
MARTINSVILLE, Ind.-- Martinsville city council members are questioning the city's contract with an Indianapolis public relations firm that has totaled more than $56,000 in claims. Records show Communicate, owned by Susan Nelson, has contracted with the city of Martinsville since January 2017 for ...
April Courville has joined Acadian companies' marketing and public relations department as marketing specialist. Courville will oversee marketing communications and strategy for the National EMS Academy and Acadian Ambulance, two of Acadian's six divisions. She will also assist in writing press ...
Paige Garty (left) and Megan Day (right) celebrate with Shara Clark (center) on their wins at the Cincinnati public relations event. Miami students were honored by the Cincinnati chapter of the public relations Society of America during its Blacksmith Awards competition. This was the first year that the ...
ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Cascade, the public relations K9 for Roseburg Fire Department, has passed away, the department said Tuesday. "It is with a broken heart and much sadness that we announce the passing of our public relations K9, Cascade (aka Cade)," RFD said on social media. "Cascade passed away on Christmas ...
That being said, I'll bet a big, fat paycheck that 2018 will manifest itself as a massive public relations headache for many companies. Opinion logo While I can't predict if any specific organization will fall prey to a scandal, my forecast stems from the indelible fact that 2017 set up some very precarious trends ...
Has a break-in ever occurred at your self-storage property? Did a natural disaster cause damage to your buildings? Or did some other situation arise that may have resulted in bad press for your business? Being prepared in the event of a crisis with a media-relations plan can minimize the negative ...
Phoenix Home Care, Inc., recently announced the promotion of Brandi Crane to the position of Public Relations manager. Crane started her career at Phoenix Home Care, Inc. in August 2015 as a billing specialist and was later promoted to the lead biller in Financial Services. Prior to her new position as the ...
politics and public relations in Malaysia has been incorrectly interpreted due to its perception rather than its true value and position in society. More often, it is seen as an unfavourable profession instead of being the 'bridge' that connects people and organisations. The common definition used and accepted ...
We talk so much about the heroic moments of those awful nights in October but not so much about the other stuff: The arguments, the things that were said and done in anger and desperation. I remember my son yelling at his sister to get off her cellphone as we rushed to pack the cars, not realizing she was ...

It's that time of year again! Was it really only a year ago that we were talking about Leslie Jones and the Ghostbusters movie, Pokemon Go, and Samsung's exploding phone? 2017 has felt like a lifetime. And in that lifetime (as one would expect), a lot has happened. Let's take a look! The NFL. One of the ...
On a day-to-day basis, the public relations manager will be responsible for spearheading media and community outreach -- primarily in Illinois, but also nationally -- surrounding our stories, our staff and our mission. The public relations manager will also be responsible for helping to introduce, establish, ...
On a happier note, Olson also got to orchestrate an elaborate, multi-month Public Relations push keyed to the retirement of the Boeing 747 that played well to United's rich history with the iconic aircraft. Olson came to United from coffee behemoth Starbucks. He was hired while Munoz was on medical leave ...
Four public relations (PR) students recently took first place in a marketing challenge sponsored by Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (HBCBS). Students Kiana Dixon, Emma Glackin, Eric Lamadrid and Katherine Steiner worked together to develop an extensive campaign focused on ...
The state agencies that oversee the Erie Canal have a Public Relations problem -- they have no relations with the public. At least not when it comes to what the Canal corporation and its parent agency, the New York Power Authority, call the Vegetation Management Project. The $2.6 million project involves ...
ATLANTA -- One of the plenary panels during the 2018 religion Communicators Council (RCC) National Convention will demonstrate how faith groups have used advertising and Public Relations to reach key populations since the 19th century. The meeting runs April 5-7. Realizing the Dream: peace and ...
TORONTO, Dec. 7, 2017 /CNW/ - The Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) announced Rod Stanley, APR, FCPRS as the latest addition to its prestigious College of Fellows. The Society's newest Fellow will be welcomed by his peers in his hometown of Charlottetown on May 27, the first day of Connexions 2018, the ...
I spent some time watching the Aug. 23 hearing on the equalization rate determination for the town of Guilderland. In fact, I viewed it twice. I also had email conversation with Michael Coles who represented the town of Scribo at that hearing. I then did some research obtaining the commercial sales from the ...
Charlene Lamb Executive Director of ONSPOT Communications Management explains what it means to work in the public relations industry, from the client, to the media channels and the external public at large for the over-all results.
Kristy Gould, corporate planning and development officer at Hattiesburg Clinic, will give a presentation Tuesday, Dec. 5 at 1 p.m. in College Hall at The University of Southern Mississippi to students studying public relations. Gould oversees the marketing, public relations, communications, provider relations ...
Paul Manafort ghost-wrote an editorial about his political work in Ukraine, violating a court order, according to a new court filing from the special counsel's office. The allegation was disclosed Monday as the reason the special counsel was backing out of a deal on bail with Manafort's lawyers. The deal ...
Warren Griffith, the President and CEO of FUEL in Greenville knows the power of a social media campaign. This holiday season, his digital marketing company and Smoke Public Relations plan to use that power for the greater good. "It's an organic social media campaign. We've had a lot of success with ...
Foxconn's public relations effort is being overseen by Platform Communications, a company owned by Walker campaign political adviser Keith Gilkes. A Platform spokeswoman declined to discuss the group's communications strategy. The company provided a statement saying over the coming weeks and ...
A degree in public relations or a related field. Have planned a PR or social media calendar and executed it in full. Strong social media skills and conducted guerilla marketing activities. A passion for PR campaigns and influencing engagement. Ability to organize, implement and attend events representing and promoting ...
Armitage Communications is one of Europe's leading technology communication consultancies, with some 30 years of experience advising the industry's leading firms, including ABB, Airbus and Spirax Sarco. In 2015, the consultancy was employed to analyse the benefits of digitalisation and has since ...
Public Relations (PR) and branding, of which social media is a now an intrinsic part, are powerful discipline that when leveraged in the right way can change and create perceptions, which in turn become realities. We create PR and branding campaigns that build national identities; leverage storytelling and ...
For nearly a year, Democrat and Public Relations consultant Jana Lynne Sanchez has been begging people to pay attention to her bid to represent Texas's 6th Congressional district. Now, thanks to viral nude photos of Rep. Joe Barton, the Republican she hopes to challenge for the seat, she's landed a ...
Howard Mendelsohn was a polished Public Relations expert who built his Chicago business with high ethical standards and enduring relationships. After founding Howard Mendelsohn & Co. in 1957, he did Chicago-area work for clients that included Ford Motor Co. and Universal Pictures and for such stars ...
Public Relations and marketing strategist, Syreta J. Oglesby, is the founder of SJO public relations. The New Jersey-based firm specializes in Entertainment and lifestyle PR and marketing. The Spelman graduate and former pre-med student is best known for developing strategic partnerships with firms such ...
Tourism Ministry wins two Public Relations Media Awards 2017 An award show called Indonesia Tourism Award 2017 at Bidakara Assembly ...
PIKEVILLE, Ky. - Al Greenfield has been appointed Director of public relations/Medical Leader at Pikeville Medical Center. Greenfield has ...
The Spectrum Awards, which Wisconsin school public relations Association (WSPRA) presented Nov. 10 at its annual conference in Elkhart ...
A successful marketing strategy incorporates various digital tactics, including traditional platforms like Public Relations. For those looking to ...
The exposure is just what Natchez needs, Public Relations expert Lou Hammond told the Natchez-Adams County Chamber of Commerce ...
The University of Southern Mississippi has captured one of the top three awards at the Southern public relations Federation Lantern Awards ...
Millennial PR Coach and publicist, Candice Nicole is the founder and CEO of Candice Nicole public relations (CNPR). Celebrating ten years ...
Platform Public Relations (Los Angeles) and Serge public relations (New York) are joining forces. The two companies have formed a bicoastal ...
Even if you're not an award-winning writer, you still deal with the concept of writing almost every minute of the day in public relations. You're ...
Let's get one thing straight. public relations isn't marketing, it's not advertising, and it's not social media. It's not all about media relations and it's ...
There is the famous saying "Jack of all trades, master of none", but the same cannot be said for the Public Relations (PR) professional of today ...
The Bateman Case Study Competition chooses a nonprofit client, allowing college students to create a full Public Relations campaign that can ...
Khadijah King of Westbury, New York, is the new Miss University of West Alabama and will represent the University in the 2018 Miss Alabama ...
Five Public Relations students in a team called Tied Relations coordinated the event for an assignment in their capstone class, channeling their ...


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