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updated Tue. June 4, 2024

“I think the concern I have is that it is in everybody's power and agency to make a little change,” said Andrea Jung, the CEO of Grameen America, a microfinance business that helps women who live in poverty. “To wait for who? Wait for the CEO? Wait for the head of HR? Wait for policy? We're going to be ...
... and 32 percent female, with only 29 percent of leadership roles being in female hands. Among top-level executives, 5 out of 16 are women, among them retail head Angela Ahrendts and general counsel Katherine Adams. The board of directors has two women, Andrea Jung and Susan Wagner. Topics:.

ET Women's Forum: Grameen America's Andrea Jung says the world is betting on India to empower women ... MUMBAI: Andrea Jung, the first Asian-American woman to become CEO of a Fortune 500 company, told an audience of woman achievers that the world was betting on India to take the initiative to ...
MUMBAI: The growing number of women in revenue-generating roles and reporting directly to CEOs is a strong indicator that more and more women will find their way into the corner room at large global companies soon, according to Andrea Jung, president and chief executive office of Grameen America ...
Current directors Marijn E. Dekkers, Peter B. Henry, Susan J. Hockfield, Andrea Jung, Rochelle B. Lazarus, Steven M. Mollenkopf, James E. Rohr and Mary L. Schapiro will not stand for re-election. John J. Brennan will not stand for re-election at the 2019 Annual Meeting of Shareowners. A copy of the press ...

With the announced changes, some of GE's longest-serving members will depart, including Andrea Jung, the former Avon CEO who had been on GE's board since 1998, and Rochelle Lazarus, the long-time Ogilvy & Mather executive who had been a director since 2000. If the nominated directors are ...
“There are no good times to part ways with directors, and Flannery is making some adroit moves, sliding old bark if not dead wood over, like Andrea Jung and Rochelle Lazarus, both of whom reigned during a different era than we face today,” Cunningham says. “In bringing on Lawrence Culp and Thomas ...

“Someday a woman should run this company.” When Andrea Jung — long before she became the CEO of the beauty products giant Avon — heard the company's then-CEO utter those words during her mid-level job interview, she was looking at a plaque on the wall in front of her. It depicted four footprints, ...
After resigning as Avon's CEO nearly six years ago, Andrea Jung changed the direction of her career and in 2014 became president and CEO of Grameen America. The nonprofit lender specializes in small loans to poor women launching and running businesses, such as a cupcake bakery or a sewing ...
Ms. Jung's lecture, “Investing in Women to Lift Our Communities,” reinforced her commitment to support women through her own work as well as in her position as an influential woman in business. She shared stories of her journey in the business world and how now as CEO of Grameen America, she ...
This Avon lady will soon be knocking at another door. Andrea Jung, the former chief executive officer and chairwoman of the multibillion dollar beauty giant, has found a buyer for her $18 million Manhattan condo. Her 5,702-square-foot, five-bedroom Park Avenue duplex on the Upper East Side has just ...
“Women on boards lend us the culture around the board table but for that to happen you have to get the numbers first,” said Andrea Jung, chief executive of Grameen America and a member on the board of Apple. “You cannot start changing the culture unless you have the numbers — first one, then two, ...
Women from the corporate world recall their brush with a male patronising attitude. Andrea Jung CEO, Grameen America Having started off my career in the late 70s, there were times when the assumption was that a woman couldn't know as much as a man. That's changing, though. I remember being a ...
Shelly Lazarus (former CEO of Ogilvy & Mather), Steve Mollenkopf (CEO of Qualcomm), Mary Shapiro (ex-chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission), Peter Henry (professor at NYU's Stern School of Business), Andrea Jung (former CEO of Avon Products), Susan Hockfield (neuroscience professor ...


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