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updated Sat. April 27, 2024

Grantor: Robert Yaquinto Jr. Trustee, Caroline D. Wyly, Estate of Charles J. Wyly Jr. Grantee: 0955 Little Woody Creek LLC. Property: Fox Ranch A. Cost: $13,400,000. Grantor: Woody Creek Road Corporation. Grantee: 0955 Little Woody Creek LLC. Property: Fox Ranch D. Cost: $1,800,000.00. Grantor: SV ...

When Linda Hodges' husband died last year, she received an inheritance worth about $4 million, federal court records say. The Farmers Branch woman deposited the "cash hoard" into bank accounts, according to a civil forfeiture lawsuit. Her lawyer said in court documents that she was not aware of "any ...
Judge Scheindlin of the Southern District of New York recently rejected the SEC's attempt to seek disgorgement of almost $500,000,000 from Samuel Wyly and Donald R. Miller Jr., the Independent Executor of the Will and Estate of Charles J. Wyly Jr. (collectively, “defendants”). According to the SEC, this ...
The SEC Office of the Whistleblower post Notices of Covered Action where a final judgment or order, by itself or together with other prior judgments or orders in the same action issued after July 21, 2010, results in monetary sanctions exceeding $1 million.Subject to the Final Rules, individuals who ...
The S.E.C. can obtain an agreement to stop the statute of limitations, known as tolling, from those it is investigating, something it has done in the past. For example, in its insider trading and securities fraud case against Samuel E. Wyly, his now deceased brother, Charles J. Wyly Jr., and two other defendants ...
Most conservatives realized by the end of George W. Bush's term that he was a political faker. Sure, he put on a nice conservative act, but his record in office -on spending, immigration, and other issues dear to the conservative heart—made clear that he was really a water boy for multinational corporate ...
Sementara di posisi keempat, senilai US$31,7 juta, ditempati kasus SEC dengan Samuel E. Wyly, Charles J. Wyly, Jr., Michael C. French dan Louis J. Schaufele III pada 2010. Skema penipuan selama 13 tahun, untuk menahan dan memperdagangkan pulihan juta efek dari perusahaan publik yang mereka ...
Samuel E. Wyly, 75, and Charles J. Wyly Jr., 76, who through a lawyer called the charges “without merit,” have given millions of dollars to Republican candidates and organizations, but Sam Wyly this year was also named one of the world's 10 “greenest” billionaires by Forbes magazine. The S.E.C. case ...


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